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Keep Tahoe Blue Advocacy Update | December 2017 
Spearheading transportation solutions for Tahoe
Advocating for solutions to traffic at Tahoe

Tahoe welcomes more visitors annually than the top five most visited national parks, with most arriving by car. Millions of cars clogging roadways robs locals and visitors of an enjoyable Lake Tahoe experience. Worse still, traffic degrades the clarity of Tahoe's famed cobalt blue waters. Find out how, and learn what the League is doing to find solutions now.clarity.

Upper Truckee Rivers in Meyers
League supports Meyers area plan
The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors will consider the proposed Meyers Area Plan on December 12. Under Tahoe's regional plan update, community area plans chart a course for how each community will plan its future while protecting Lake Tahoe. The League supports the proposed plan's vision for Meyers and its protections for the Lake. 

Shoreline Plan advances
Tahoe_s shoreline
Photo by Phoenix Anthony
The collaborative effort to develop a new Shoreline Plan for Lake Tahoe reached a major milestone earlier this fall with the kickoff of the plan's environmental review process. This Shoreline Plan will provide key guidance around the future construction of boat ramps, piers and buoys, while providing appropriate environmental standards to protect Tahoe's shoreline. The League is advocating for reduced impacts from boating and reasonable access during low lake level conditions, which are exacerbated by climate change.

Bijou Park Creek Watershed Restoration Project
Construction underway for the first new redevelopment project following the 2012 Regional Plan Update

When the League decided to support the 2012 Regional Plan Update for the Lake Tahoe Basin, one of the most compelling reasons was the new plan's emphasis on driving environmental restoration through private, lake-friendly redevelopment. After a slow start, construction is finally underway at the first such  commercial redevelopment site in South Lake Tahoe's tourist core. 

Keep polystyrene out of Lake Tahoe
Keeping polystyrene out of Lake Tahoe
This year alone, the League's volunteer cleanups removed 2,000 pieces of polystyrene from Tahoe's shoreline and neighborhoods. Disposable polystyrene products can include foam coolers and single-use cups. These products can pose a harm to wildlife when left on Tahoe's beaches. The City of South Lake Tahoe is considering options to reduce or end the use of many polystyrene products in the city. If you agree it's a good idea to find ways to keep polystyrene litter out of Lake Tahoe,   let the City know.  

Winter Wonderland
December 14 | 5:30 - 8:30 pm
League to Save Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe
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Peter Spain_s images
We love this profile of Tahoe photographer Peter Spain. For years, Peter has generously donated use of his extraordinary images of the Lake to support the League's efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue.
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Another successful #GivingTuesday on the books
Thank you_

We give thanks to you because you Keep Tahoe Blue. With your help we raised $33,807 in online donations. With the matching support of a generous donor, that means we raised a total of $63,807 for our programs to protect Lake Tahoe. Thank you!

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