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Keep Tahoe Blue Summer Kickoff
Keep Tahoe Blue Summer Kickoff Party

Celebrate the start of the Tahoe summer! Mingle with outstanding people, learn more about the League and help us celebrate our core volunteers at our annual Summer Kickoff. Enjoy great tunes, free food, beer and wine as we kick off another bright summer of Keeping Tahoe Blue. 

Traffic, development and setting a high bar to protect Lake Tahoe
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Harmful legacy developments have to be improved if we are to be successful in restoring the Lake's clarity to its historic levels. Did you know that Lake-friendly private redevelopment is one key mechanism to get this job done? 

Tahoe elementary school students protecting Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Lake School students

How many fourth-graders does it take to protect Lake Tahoe? Only 25 if they are the no-holds-barred, Lake-saving students of Tahoe City's Tahoe Lake Elementary School. Read on about their exploits, as well as the many second-graders who became watershed-savvy heroes as they took part in Outdoor Explorer! 

16th Annual Snapshot Day a

Snapshot Day

More than a hundred community members waded into high, fast-flowing creek waters on May 14 to help assemble a snapshot of the health of Lake Tahoe's watershed as part of the 16th Annual Snapshot Day, organized by the League to Save Lake Tahoe. 

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What Keep Tahoe Blue merch would you like to see?
Last month you told us our Keep Tahoe Blue stickers are your favorite item in our store and told us you would like to see KTB bike accessories. Stay tuned for more KTB gear coming soon!

Looking further back, a year ago you told us that summer is your favorite season at Lake Tahoe. Let us know what you plan to do in Tahoe this summer.

Tahoe Talks
June 7 | Noon - 1:30 pm
Fairway Community Center, Fireside Room
330 Fairway Drive, Tahoe City, CA
Hear from local experts about trash cleanups, recycling efforts and recent messaging campaigns to encourage locals and visitors to clean up their act to protect Lake Tahoe.

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Tahoe Bike Challenge Bike Path Cleanup
June 11 | 9:30 am - noon
South Lake Tahoe
Join us as we celebrate the Tahoe Bike Challenge with a community bike path cleanup event! With locations from Meyers to El Dorado Beach, you can hop on your bike and meet us for a fun- filled morning. After the cleanup, join us for an outdoor lunch celebration at our South Lake Tahoe offices.

Tahoe Talks
June 15 | Noon - 1:30 pm
Lake Tahoe Community College, Aspen Room
One College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Learn how aquatic invasive species threaten the ecology and water quality of Lake Tahoe, and steps you can take to prevent their spread.

Eyes on the Lake
Aquatic invasive plants are threatening Lake Tahoe, and we need your help to prevent their assault on Tahoe's waters. We need your "Eyes on the Lake." Do you enjoy swimming, boating, snorkeling, fishing, or just viewing the Lake's natural beauty? Attend one of our free trainings and learn how you can protect while you play.

June 21 | 5:30 - 8 pm
South Lake Tahoe
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June 29 | 5:30 - 8 pm
Tahoe City
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Black bear near Taylor Creek_ South Lake Tahoe
Explore Tahoe: How to live in harmony with Sierra Nevada animals
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
May 6, Sierra Sun
It's springtime again, and young wildlife are emerging from their dens and nests and beginning to learn the ways of the world across California and in the Sierra Nevada.
May 28, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Tahoe needs progressive change - and soon. Tahoe Prosperity Center and the League to Save Lake Tahoe will continue to collaborate towards our shared vision where Tahoe's environment, economy and communities all thrive. Our organizations will not agree on every individual project, but we are united in the belief that lake-friendly redevelopment needs to be accelerated.
Tahoe Blue Vodka pledges $5,000 in matching funds to support beach cleanups
Support our beach cleanups_

There is no better time to become a Keep Tahoe Blue member. From now until July 15, Tahoe Blue Vodka will match your gifts, dollar for dollar up to $5,000, to support our beach cleanup efforts. Last year Keep Tahoe Blue cleaned over 16 miles of Tahoe beaches, collecting over 5,000 pounds of trash. Become a member today and double your support!

Keep Tahoe Blue Beach Towel

While out keeping your Eyes on the Lake, don't forget your Keep Tahoe Blue beach towel! These towels are ultra-soft, extra-thick and a foot longer than most so you can stretch out and relax in the Tahoe sun. All proceeds benefit efforts to protect and preserve Lake Tahoe now and for future generations.