We encourage our members, volunteers, LLH committees, task forces and interest groups, as well as community partners to send in material to share in CONNECTIONS. If you would like to submit material for CONNECTIONS, you’ll find the schedule at the end of this publication. To submit materials email to Thank you!





Good Morning, everyone.
This month feels particularly special, as we enjoy the simple pleasures of the season. July is a month of fireworks and fireflies, outdoor picnics and barbecues, walking along the lake trails, enjoying gardens filled with beautiful colors and fragrant blooms, and most importantly, spending time with family and friends. I’m hearing from members who are traveling a bit and others who have family members visiting for the first time in many months. 
With summer in full force, LLH is also moving along with plans for the future. The Strategic Planning Task Force has been meeting for weeks as we explore ways to build upon our firm foundation and envision new directions in which to grow and deepen our connections with the broader community. The Fundraiser Task Force is putting the finishing touches on the Fall dinner dance, Blue Jeans & Bow Ties, as well as planning another amazing auction. New programs are in the works, and we continue to develop policies and procedures that will serve us well as we move forward. 
While we are enjoying the feeling of normalcy and the rewards of being diligent throughout the pandemic--as well as being fully vaccinated--we know that, as a country, we are not out of the woods yet. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the situation and seek guidance as we go forward.

As always, if there’s anything you need, or if you would like to talk, please let me know.


If you’d like to make a donation to Love Living at Home or donate to the LLH Financial Assistance Fund, click on the link below. Thank you for your generosity.




Cassie Besemer joined Love Living at Home as the Assistant to the Executive Director in October 2019. Her responsibilities include coordinating supportive services, volunteer recruitment and training, and assisting with administrative tasks. Prior to this position, Cassie spent over seven years in healthcare at Cayuga Medical Center and Cayuga Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as a certified nursing assistant, working extensively with older adults and diverse populations.

Cassie is currently enrolled at Keuka College and anticipates graduating in June 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. In May 2019, she received her associate degree in Human Services from Tompkins Cortland Community College.

A native to the Ithaca area, Cassie currently lives in Trumansburg, NY with her husband, two children, and their dog. In her free time, she enjoys history, travel, hiking, and camping with her family.



 Upcoming Programs

Complete information on in-person programs, as well as links for Zoom programs, will be sent out to LLH members in the Wednesday morning, Program Update email as well as the morning of the program.
If you want to register for an in-person program, please sign up early, because in-person programs are currently limited in size.
Current Events
Happy Hour
Women Walking
Men’s Walkabout
Stories Of Our Lives
In-Person Meet & Mingle
Discover Cayuga Lake On The MV Teal
Johnson Museum Presentation
The Art of Trivial Connection
Foodies Interest Group

July Birthdays
Peter Burford
Sherry Burford
Sally Dullea
Renee Freed
Irene Kiely
Barbara Nosanchuk
Carol Mallison
Phyllis Rappaport
Anne Rodda
Charles Walcott

July Month-long Observations USA

National Ice Cream Month


Pick-up a copy of the new Recycling Guidelines for Tompkins County at the Customer Service Counter of any local grocery store or access it on line at In addition to clear lists of what you can and cannot recycle curbside, check out the additional items you can recycle at the Solid Waste Center. (Bet you didn’t know that textiles and clothing are accepted!)

Now that we’re venturing back into restaurants, why not bring along your own container for any leftovers and avoid unnecessary plastic or Styrofoam? Oh, and while you’re at it, bring an extra container for the friend you’re dining with.

Recently we created an up-to-date comprehensive Recycling and Downsizing Directory. The Directory has information on how to recycle electronics, sports equipment, Styrofoam, tools, jewelry, household furnishings, hearing aids and much more.

LLH members as well as non-members may request an electronic or hard copy of the Directory by contacting Cheryl at or at 607-319-0162. LLH members may also contact Cheryl if they are interested in joining or getting more information about the Environmental Interest Group.


The Three Best Stretches For Walking: Stretch Coach
8 Ways Walking Can Boost Your Physical And Mental Health: AARP
Tips To Improve Communication With People With Hearing Loss: Cleveland Clinic


What to Know About The Delta Coronavirus Variant: AARP
International Travel During COVID-19: CDC


Nariman B. Mistry
1937 - 2021


Membership Information 2021
Trial Membership
 Trial Membership allows new members to join for up to 6 months at no cost. New members will have full access to LLH programs and services as well as a 25% discount for a YMCA membership. Over the first few years many have thought of joining, but have not for various reasons. The Trial program hopefully provides incentive to experience the benefits of our great community and then become long-term members. Perhaps you, or someone you know, have an interest in trying out LLH and meeting new people. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to give LLH a try. 
Membership Fees
Individual membership — $450 Annually
Household membership (2 or more). —$575 Annually
Monthly installment Payment Option
NEW: A discounted rate for a multi-year membership
  • Two year agreement at 5% off
  • Three year agreement at 10% off
Our Sponsored Membership Program is dedicated to providing membership to all who may need help with the annual fee. This is completely confidential.

Why do we have membership fees?
When LLH was just a concept, the Membership Committee did extensive research on membership fees, contacting many of our counterparts across the country through the Village to Village Network.   We discovered that successful/sustainable “villages” hired, at the very least, an Executive Director (ED) and an assistant. We also learned that there was a wide range of membership fees.
LLH settled on a mid-range fee, knowing that it would not cover our yearly expenses. This meant that the Development Committee would have to build a donor base and actively seek grants. In addition, we would be dependent upon volunteers to do a myriad of tasks, including: providing member services, planning programs, writing grants, organizing community information meetings, working on task forces to organize the annual meeting and plan the annual dinner dance, getting out the newsletter and serving on the board and committees. Our volunteers who perform all of these tasks, whole-heartedly believe in the LLH motto of “neighbors helping neighbors” and the goal of building a strong and vibrant community.
We have some members who have never requested a service and attend only a few programs each year. They say that they are paying it forward, knowing that when the time comes, LLH will be there for them, their family and friends.
In sum, LLH keeps its membership fees as manageable as possible through fundraising and the hundreds of hours of work provided by members and volunteers each year. Membership fees cover only 46% of our annual budget.  Finally, from the very beginning, LLH leadership has been committed to offering financial support. The fee is not a barrier to membership, because confidential financial assistance is available through funding from grants and charitable giving.

To join, or for more information, contact the office directly by calling 607-319-0162 or email the office at
By joining our community you will be able to forge new relationships, to stay connected to the broader community, as well as benefit from the many services our volunteers provide. We hope you will choose to continue living life to its fullest in our community of “neighbors helping neighbors.”

If You Are 62 Years Of Age Or Older
And Live In Tompkins County
Please Consider Joining Our
Caring - Connected - Community

or call the office at 607-319-0162


LLH provides a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for those in our community who are willing to share their time and expertise. LLH volunteers give as much time as they wish according to a schedule that suits them. Volunteers do not have to be members and members do not have to volunteer. Anyone 18 or older may volunteer. All abilities are welcome. We find that those who choose to volunteer, find it highly rewarding. Through the volunteer experience, we are fostering a Caring – Connected – Community.

To become an LLH Volunteer or to discuss the many volunteer opportunities:
  • Call the office at 607-319-0162. Our staff is happy to answer any questions or make recommendations that would fit your interest and availability.
  • Complete the Volunteer Application – Log onto and click on “Volunteer". The application can be completed online.

LLH Members Receive 25% Discount on YMCA Membership

LLH members will now receive a 25% discount on their YMCA membership, which will give them full access to member amenities and services. A new online only Y membership option will soon be available as well, for individuals who wish to participate in virtual group fitness classes instead of coming to the Y in person.

If you have any questions about our arrangements with the Y, please contact Cheryl at or 607-319-0162.


Finger Lakes Trail – Go Finger Lakes
Immersive Van Gogh Digital Art Shows Comin To Nearly 30 U.S. Cities
Watch Richard Branson Fly To Space (Virgin Galactic Unity22 Supercut)
Announcement: The Great New York State Fair 2021
NY State Fair History
Ithaca Neighborhood Walking Map

Cornell's Mundy Wildflower In-Person Garden Tour
Men's Walkabout


Blue Jeans & Bow Ties
Saturday, October 23, 2021
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Parrilla at RaNic
(formerly the Country Club of Ithaca)





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