Looking for More STEM Content to Engage and Inspire Students?
Through an exclusive partnership between Ambassador and ProPrep, educators can supplement their print and digital course materials with customized STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) content designed with student preferences and learning goals in mind. Faculty can specify which kinds of videos, tutorials and study guides they want to include in their courses, aligning the topics with their textbooks and syllabi. 
Outsourcing Course Materials Operations: More Affordable Than You Might Think
While outsourcing is widely accepted at schools of all types and sizes, it is one of those services that often stirs emotions. It allows educators to tap into industry experts and improve operational efficiencies while generating revenue for the school, yet the uncertainty of relinquishing control and the misconceptions of increased costs can be downright scary.

 Our new white paper explores the considerations and costs involved, so you know what to expect. 
OER: Have You Thought About the Management and Maintenance Involved?
Open Educational Resources (OER) give faculty the opportunity to create custom content collections. Yet this seemingly "free" approach isn't necessarily free, and the planning, selection, management and maintenance necessary for a successful OER program can't be overlooked. Check out our article in EDUCAUSE Review. 
Don't Overpay for Direct Digital Content
Ambassador's Pub PinPoint solution takes the guesswork out of embedded direct digital content costs, accessibility and license or access durations, ensuring schools do not overpay, while content providers receive accurate payment. 

Learn how our SourceOne Platform manages and translates data from the school’s SIS, LMS and digital content metadata into enrollment-based financial analytics and reconciliations for students, while also identifying duplicate access of the same digital content. Check out our article in Career College Central. 
Did You Know?
Ambassador’s Online Bookstore was designed with a mobile-first, responsive layout, providing users with a mobile-friendly experience. There is no difference in functionality between using the Online Bookstore on a laptop/desktop and a mobile device. Additionally, a shortcut “app” icon to our Online Bookstores can easily be added to any tablet and cell phone home screen.
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