Your Suggestions Are in the Pipeline for Pinergy Search

We take customer feedback seriously, and we’ve gotten a lot of positive comments as well as some helpful suggestions since the release of the new Pinergy Search and Search Results. We’re already busy putting some of those popular suggestions into future updates that will be released in the coming weeks. We’ll be adding a feature to Towns that will allow you to type in a comma-separated list of towns to select. To each Search box, we’ll be adding an eraser icon that will allow you to clear/reset your search criteria in the box. We’ll be changing the name of the Rental property type’s “Date Available” field to “Date Available (RN)” to clarify that the field refers to rental properties, and we’ll be adding the ability to search the field by any date range. Finally, we’ll be including field options when searching for Additional Criteria fields (e.g. searching for “trans” will return “Amenities: Public Transportation”). We’ve got more in store as well. And remember, if you can’t attend a live webinar for New Pinergy Search or Search Results, you may view recorded webinars HERE .
A New "Coming Soon" Status Has Released in Pinergy

We have officially released the ability to post listings as “Coming Soon” (abbreviated CSO). The rules regarding this status are outlined in our Coming Soon Listing Status Fact Sheet . For those offices who will be utilizing this new status, we have prepared a Step-By-Step Guide to the Coming Soon Status in Pinergy . Please refer to your Participant/Office Manager for your office’s own internal guidelines regarding usage of the Coming Soon status. Remember, your Participant/Office Manager must opt-in using the Office Management tool in Pinergy before an office can use this new status. If you have any questions, please contact our Quality Assurance team at
Congratulations to the 2019 MLS PIN Board of Directors

Congratulations to the 2019 MLS PIN Executive Officers: Chair Paula Savard (Aberman Associates, Inc., Lancaster) , President Kathleen Condon ( MLS PIN, Shrewsbury ), Vice Chair Mike Schlott ( Kinlin Grover Real Estate, Osterville ), Treasurer Ronald S. Rusin, Jr. ( RE/MAX Right Choice, Fall River ), Secretary Carolyn Chodat ( Classic Properties REALTORS, Medway ), and to all of the Board of Directors from the 8 regions in MLS PIN’s coverage area. A complete list of our Officers and Directors can be found on our website by clicking HERE . We look forward to a new year of success and to working with this talented leadership team!
Helpful Links for Training, Webinars, and Video

Remember that MLS PIN conducts regular webinars and hands-on training classes designed to show how different facets of the Pinergy system and third-party products work, and our online Training Library has access to tip sheets, videos, and pre-recorded webinars. Sign up to attend a webinar or hands-on training class HERE . Visit our Training Library HERE .
Homesnap Is Now Broker Public Portal
Opt Your Listings IN to Get Free Leads 

As many of you may already know, Homesnap is now the Broker Public Portal, a nationwide industry initiative to provide a search experience to consumers that features real-time MLS data and follows Fair Display Guidelines. MLS PIN has joined Broker Public Portal, along with 900,000 agents across the country, and its success depends on having complete listing data in those markets. When consumers see your listings on, the public-facing brand of the Broker Public Portal, they are connected directly to the listing agent at no charge.  IMPORTANT:  MLS PIN Participants or Office Managers must OPT IN to make their offices' listings available to con sumers using the Broker Public Portal via Homesnap. Otherwise, consumers who are sent links to these listings will be shown public records data instead. To opt in, the Participant/Office Manager must check the box for Homesnap in Pinergy’s Syndication tool. If interested, you may check out the Homesnap portal HERE .
April Showers Bring MyFloodStatus Reports

As Spring approaches, we’d like to remind you of a discounted service you have as an MLS PIN subscriber: MyFloodStatus. The experts at MyFloodStatus can tell you if the STRUCTURE sitting on the property is likely to flood - not just the property - potentially saving you from liability and your buyer client from costly insurance payments. The reports can be accessed from Pinergy's homepage’s Quick Links, from your own listings, and from listing details in search results (where clicking the “MFS” logo automatically autofills the address in Gold members can get 10 reports a month for the cost of just one! More information can be found HERE .
Remine’s Client Engage Takes Your Marketing to the Next Level

We hope you’ve been taking advantage of the outstanding client-finding features of Remine, which is included in your MLS PIN subscription. Remine has more tricks up its sleeve, including their new “Client Engage” tool that will benefit both you and your clients (some features require upgrading your free plan). After accepting your invitation, clients can search using Remine’s state-of-the-art search engine, chat with you via Remine, and even schedule their own property tours. You get insight into their search activity and needs plus the knowledge that you’re at the center of the transaction. Learn more on Remine’s Client Engage page, and register for a Remine Client Engage webinar HERE
Homesnap Messaging Keeps the Conversation Organized

One aspect of Homesnap Pro you may not be aware of is its ability to organize your client messages in one place. Homesnap Messages are private, convenient, and work well with text messages and email: your client does NOT have to be using Homesnap to communicate with you. You can view all conversations you've had about a specific property from the property details page in Homesnap. You can view all the homes you’ve discussed with your buyer with one tap from the conversation thread, and all homes can be easily placed on a map. Consumers using Homesnap likewise can view all homes being discussed with one tap from the conversation thread or view them on a map. The property’s current MLS status is automatically updated, saving everyone time and headaches. Remember, Homesnap Pro is a free benefit for MLS PIN customers. Click HERE for more information.
Email, Print, or PDF Detail Reports from Summary Views

Pinergy’s search results summary views allow you to select one or more listings to email, print, or PDF in any of the detail report formats (including the Public Report and the Photo Gallery Report). From a summary view, use the checkboxes to select listings, then click the “arrow” portion of the appropriate action button (Email, Print, or PDF). At the bottom of the resulting menu, select “Listing Detail Reports.” In the popup window, use the “Report” dropdown menu to select your desired format, and then customize your report by selecting/deselecting options for Address, Photo, Office/Agent Info, etc. Now the selected listings are ready to be emailed, printed, or PDFed using the specified detail report format.
A Reminder of the Timeframe for Filing Listings

The MLS PIN Rules and Regulations require the timely filing of a listing for sale or exchange of a single-family home, residential condominium, 2-to-4-family residential building, or vacant land. Listings of such “mandatory” property types must be filed with MLS PIN in either the “New” or “Coming Soon” statuses no later than 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, after the listing broker receives the executed listing agreement with all necessary signatures. This obligation may be excused only if, by the same 24-hour deadline for filing, the listing broker instead has the seller sign either a Non-MLS Listing Form or a Delayed Listing Form and files the signed form with MLS PIN.
MLS PIN Streamlines Support with Customer Care Department

We are excited to announce an internal change that will make calling MLS PIN for customer support more efficient and streamlined. Recently, we combined three inbound call departments – Membership, Customer Support, and Technical Support – into one team, and the result is a new, unified department: CUSTOMER CARE. Your incoming support calls for joining the service, subscription changes, customer service, technical support, and Supra Lockbox System will be received by this centralized call center and handled according to tiered levels of support needs. You as an MLS PIN customer are our #1 priority, and our goal is to make reaching us as easy and helpful as possible! 
Employee Spotlight
Michael Koykka's Creativity Finds a Home in MLS PIN's Marketing & Outreach Department 

Creative Designer Michael Koykka has had art on the brain his entire life. In school, he filled his notebooks with cartoons and doodles, and when it came time to pick a career in college, he fell naturally into graphic design and visual communications. His past employment has included graphic and web design, teaching continuing ed, and tutoring students in design and music. For the past seven years, he has used his varied interests in music, writing, and visual design to help produce marketing materials, copywriting, and videos for MLS PIN. One MLS PIN advertisement he designed even won a design award in national graphic design magazine GDUSA! He is also part of the team responsible for the user interface of Pinergy’s ongoing responsive redesign. Buying a house last year gave him a new appreciation for the hard work and knowledge MLS PIN’s agents bring to each transaction! His spare time is spent in creative pursuits with his wife and two young children, and he enjoys travel, particularly when it involves roller coasters. A lot of work goes into MLS PIN’s content and branding in general, and Michael is a big part of the team that makes it all happen!