Counting Down the Days Until New Pinergy Search
Responsive, Modern, and Updated Features

Your clients' best options will soon be easier to find. On January 24, 2019, Pinergy's Search function will get the same treatment we gave the homepage: modern, easier to use, and mobile-friendly. We've designed the new Search with two goals in mind: make it easier to use and more powerful. What's easier? Menus drop down without clicking, towns are selected with a single click or tap, and Additional Criteria shows clearly what you've selected. What's more powerful? Location-based searching, new options for saving/loading/attaching searches, enhanced sorting and column views, better stats/charts, improved downloading, and a revamped map view. We've rewritten and expanded all help text and made it easier to find. Keyword searching is more flexible. Long-time Pinergy users will quickly get used to the new design, which looks and works the same on your laptop, tablet, or phone. We could go on, but the Quick Tips Search Flyer, Quick Tips Search Results Flyer and this short Introductory Video will give you an idea. Check your email and the Pinergy homepage for continued details, links to classes, and a release date. Be sure to register for classes and webinars, and check your email and the Pinergy homepage for continued details and information. And in the meantime, happy searching!

Cloud CMA's Redesigned Site to Become Permanent on January 1

When Cloud CMA announced their updated site last September, they gave users several months to switch back and forth to get used to the new look and updated features. Starting on January 1st, the change will become permanent. For those of you who haven't switched, click the yellow link in the top-right corner of the Cloud CMA (classic) page. Cloud CMA remembers your preference. Once you switch, you can start enjoying the modern design and updated features like Improvements to interactive CMAs and Buyer Tours, auto-populating subject properties with public records data, selecting comps on a map, and new modern theme designs. All of this is spelled out in this BLOG post. Remember, Cloud CMA, formerly a paid subscriber service, is free for all MLS PIN customers.
Describe Your Listings Better with These Just-Added Fields

A collection of new fields has been added to Pinergy's listings, and our forms have been updated accordingly. Room features now include three new "lighting" options (sconce, pendant, and overhead). Options for beadboard, crown molding, vestibule, breezeway, archway, pedestal sink, and double closet have been added as well. Interior features now include five "Internet available" options (broadband, DSL, fiber-optic, satellite, and unknown). Other fields have been added, too, so be sure to download the latest forms at Forms and Flyers on our corporate website so you won't miss any exciting new features!
New Training Sites Announced for January
Located in Haverhill and Falmouth

In our ongoing effort to offer a great training experience, we have opened two new training locations. We'll be training our GNR customers at the Best Western Merrimack Valley in Haverhill, Massachusetts (set your GPS for 401 Lowell Ave). In addition to Hyannis, our Cape Cod customers can attend classes at the Holiday Inn - Cape Cod, 291 Jones Road in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Click HERE to register for classes (many of them are new) at these and other convenient locations throughout the state.
Winter Wonderland of Training at These Homesnap Pro Webinars

Just in time for the Holidays, Homesnap is offering 3 festive webinars to sharpen your skills. There's " Oh What Fun, Are These Four Tools," where you can learn how to snap a house, search by commute time, view school zones, and share your customized Homesnap link (plus a bonus tool for iPhone users: walking property lines using augmented reality). There's also " Give the Gift of Homesnap," where you can learn to share Homesnap with your clients (and get them off of other national search portals). Finally, there's " Holiday Homesnap Hacks," where you can watch Homesnap masters do things like Swipe to Share, use Stealth Mode, and perform other useful hacks. Just for attending, you'll enter a $300 VISA gift card raffle. Remember, Homesnap Pro is free to use, courtesy of MLS PIN. It's the gift that gives back all year 'round.
Coming Soon: A New "Coming Soon" Status!

The topic of "Coming Soon" listings has become very important to many of our customers. We've heard your concerns, and we're currently ironing out the final details for adding a brand-new Coming Soon status to Pinergy in early 2019. Stay tuned for more information regarding this new status and when it will be available, what it will cover, rules and regulations, and how it will work.
What's the Proper Procedure for Recording a Sale Price?

When you update a listing to the Sold status, you will be prompted to input the Sale Price. Per Section 2.5 of the Rules and Regulations, this price should be whatever price was reported to the Registry of Deeds. Also, please remember that as a matter of MLS PIN policy, a sale may be recorded in the database only once. So, if you have input the same property under two different listing numbers for whatever reason, you should cancel all but one listing of the property once it sells.
Handling Unauthorized Access of Mechanical Lockboxes

We've received reports of recent instances of possible misuse of non-electronic (mechanical) lockboxes. Although MLS PIN doesn't offer any type of non-electronic lockboxes for use (nor do we support their use, as we prefer to offer only the more-secure alternative Supra Electronic Lockbox System), we feel the need to clarify what should be done should a mechanical lockbox be accessed by anyone other than an authorized, licensed real estate professional. An example may be that potential buyers gained access to a listed property via a mechanical lockbox without their real estate agent accompanying them. Such instances should not be reported to MLS PIN; they should be reported to the Massachusetts Board of Registration, which enforces the statutes and regulations for real estate brokers and salespersons and can invoke disciplinary actions pertaining to the real estate professional's license (click HERE for more information). We hope that you find this useful should a similar situation arise in your business.
Use Remine's Smart Filters to Target Opportunities

Your free Starter plan with Remine gives you access to a number of smart filters. On the Discover page, these smart filters make it easy to focus your property searches based on MLS Status, Last Sale Price, Ownership Time, Mortgage Rate, Mortgage Age, Sell Score, Land Use, and Building Type. (Additional smart filters are available with upgraded plans.) When you find properties of interest, you may track and label them. On the Track page, you may filter your tracked properties by the labels you've assigned to them, and you also may use the smart filters to target any desired group of tracked properties--even if you didn't use the same filters to find the properties originally. For example, if you did not select properties to track using Sell Score, you still can filter your tracked properties by Sell Score. This would allow you to print mailing labels (or download property records) pertaining to only those tracked properties expected to sell sooner than other surrounding properties. You can use any combination of smart filters, so be sure to use them on the Discover page and on the Track page to help you target opportunities!
Employee Spotlight
Linda VanCamp Retires After 19 Years with MLS PIN

Linda VanCamp, MLS PIN's Membership Representative and Department Clerk, has announced her retirement after nearly two decades. Her main responsibility was to assist customers with keypad lease, lockbox purchase, and other Supra-related issues. She worked with the state licensing department, updated license information in our database, and handled membership updates such as addresses, numbers, and designations. All of us here will miss her dedication, sense of humor, and her unique fashion sense and way of coordinating entire outfits and accessories! Linda returns the sentiment, saying, "I will miss everyone here. I couldn't think of a better place to retire from!" She looks forward to sleeping in and avoiding Route 20 during rush hour. Linda's plans include dining out, movies, audible books, and spending time with her family. We wish her all the best and hope she has a long, happy retirement.