We're Putting the Final Touches on Our New Brand and Website
And It's Happening in Less Than a Week 

In just a matter of days, we’ll be releasing a new logo, brand identity, and mlspin.com corporate website (remember, Pinergy will remain unchanged). You’ll notice a more modern and clean logo and theme for MLS PIN and a new and easy-to-use company website simplified to make finding resources and essential information easier. It will be completely responsive, working as beautifully on your phone and tablet as it does on your desktop, and it will feature improvements in registering for courses, viewing and searching rules & regulations, and much more. Look for the new brand in our forms, marketing materials, tradeshow booth, and anywhere you come into contact with us – whether virtually or (hopefully someday soon) in person – as we redouble our efforts to be the MLS that drives your success. 
Just-Released ADA-Compliant VOW Views Give Your Clients an Impressive Experience!

We recently released new VOW views to display property matches to your Contacts. In addition to being ADA compliant, these responsive views are an upgrade in both looks and performance. To use the new card view, select “Card View” at the top of the line view when signed in to a VOW as a Contact. The top of the card view page has an option to return to the line view. It also has options to switch between “summary view” and “detail view” for the cards, each card including options for favorite, showing request (featuring the new Request a Showing form), delete, mortgage calculator, map location, share, and email agent. The detail view adds photos and the option to flip the card (to display Remarks). Select the photo to open a large photo carousel, or simply use the left and right arrows to scroll through the listing’s photos on the card. Select the address section in any card to display the new property details view from which you may examine the property matches individually or return to all matches. Likewise, selecting an address or description from the line view will display the property details view. Your clients are going to love these new and incredibly enhanced VOW views, so be sure to add your customers as Contacts in Pinergy!
Pinergy Now Has the Ability to Text You When Listing Statuses Change

Now you can receive automated "status update" notifications via text for up to 50 watched listings with Pinergy’s Listing Watch Text Alerts! (This video shows how.) To set up text alerts, select the Listing Watch Text Alerts tab in Pinergy’s Options & Settings, and submit your mobile phone number for authorization (you’ll confirm via text message). (Once your phone number has been authorized, you’ll have the option to disable text alerts between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.) To add a listing to your Listing Watch, select the bell at the top of a listing details page. Then select the text bubble to add alert notes if you’d like (these notes will be included in the update texts). You may view/manage all of your watched listings by selecting “Listing Watch” in Pinergy’s navigation bar. Act quickly when time is of the essence! Take advantage of Listing Watch Text Alerts to be notified immediately when a listing’s status has changed.
Pinergy Switches to Google Maps for Directions, Summaries, and Rosters

Pinergy now uses Google Maps to provide driving directions and more. Select up to nine listings at a time (smaller devices may be limited to three), select “Directions,” and let Google Maps show you the way to go. From any of Pinergy’s responsive summary views, you may select a listing’s address to have Google Maps display its location. Google Maps is used in the Agent/Office Rosters as well. Select “Driving Directions” to see how to get from your location to the chosen office. Select “New Window,” and Google Maps will map the location of the office for you. Google Maps also provides walking directions and more, so be sure to take advantage of these features—conveniently from Pinergy!
Check Out the New 1-Line w/Photo Search Results View!

Pinergy now makes it easier to display a thumbnail photo with the 1-Line view in Search Results. Simply select the 1-Line w/Photo view! (It appears immediately after “1-Line” in the list of available summary views.) And like the other line views, this new view can be customized and saved to your Custom Views if you wish. Happy viewing!
Additional Power-Production Listing Fields Available Now

When your listed property has capabilities to generate electric power, you want to share those details. Pinergy has made it easier to do exactly that with the addition of a new Power Production section containing five new listing fields: Power Production Type, Annual Power Production, Annual Power Production Description, Power Production Capacity, and Power Production Install Year. (Select the Power Production help icon for definitions of these new fields.) Now when you add to your listing one of the solar PV or wind turbine options (which have been relocated to this new section), you can enter the power-production details—without having to add them to your Remarks. And these new fields are all searchable, too, so be sure to take advantage of them when listing or searching for properties that can generate their own power!
New Feature Puts Stats in Pinergy's Search

Pinergy’s Search Results lets you run listing statistics for up to 500 listings at a time via its Stats button. Now you can run listing statistics for up to 100,000 listings at a timeright from Pinergy’s Search page! Enter your search criteria and click the new Stats button at the top of the page. Group listings by status, town, beds, baths, and more. Switch from averages to medians if you’d like. And when grouping by status, you may choose to view summary charts, detail charts, or no charts at all. You also have options to print or PDF your statistics. So, when you want to run listing statistics for more than 500 listings at a time, take advantage of the new Stats button on Pinergy’s Search page!
How to Attach Your Coming Soon and Deferral of Showings Forms

If your new listing will be Coming Soon and/or showings will be deferred, then a completed, signed Coming Soon and Deferral of Showings Form should be attached to the listing within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of posting the listing. To attach your completed form, navigate to Listings, locate your listing in either the On Market tab or the Offline/Partial tab, and then click its Documents button. Click “Add Document,” and browse for and select your completed document. Then select “Coming Soon and Deferral of Showings Form” for the Type of Document, select your Privacy Settings, and click the Attach button. Click the “I Agree” button, and your form will be attached to your listing. It might sound like a lot, but it’s actually a quick and easy way to submit your required form. We prefer to not have these forms emailed or faxed, so we thank you very much for your cooperation in submitting them to us via Pinergy!
Website Accessibility and ADA Compliancy

There’s been a lot of talk recently about website accessibility and ADA compliancy, and MLS PIN has been working to ensure compliancy for its websites. All future releases will be ADA compliant, and we recently released new VOW views to display property matches to your Contacts. In addition to being ADA compliant, these new views also look and perform better than the older views used by your Contacts to display and work with their property matches. We’re also in the process of adding compliant “alternative text” (used by screen readers) for images in IDX, but please note that if you have customized your VOW, you should verify its ADA compliancy.
Remember to Disclose a Property's Availability for Showings

A friendly reminder that while MLS PIN has temporarily suspended the requirement that “active” listings be available for in-person showings during the state of emergency, your listing in the MLS should include any notes concerning the property’s availability for showings. In particular, you should disclose on the MLS listing sheet if the property is unavailable for in-person showings or if there are any health and safety restrictions that would apply to showings of the property.
Brokers: Custom Webinars for Your Whole Office? Let's Make It Happen!

How’s this for convenience? Our Outreach team can create a custom webinar for your whole office, from 2 to 100 attendees, on just about any topic related to Pinergy or our 3rd-party offerings. Show your team the ability to really wow their buyers with professional CMAs and presentations from Cloud CMA, or use Remine’s map interface to easily spot potential clients in their neighborhood. Not to mention MLS PIN’s own product, Pinergy, which is full of ways to personalize their experience and pinpoint those hidden gems when searching. Whether it’s managing contacts, inputting listings, searching and refining search results, running reports, or using any of the tools available to you as an MLS PIN participant, you can boost your team’s knowledge by contacting us at training@mlspin.com with your preferred topics, attendee count, and approximate timeframe that works for you.
Employee Spotlight
Doug Jackson, Customer Experience and Technical Writer 

Doug Jackson has been with MLS PIN for nearly 19 years, and his industry experience goes back even further. He worked 5 years for the Greater Springfield Association of REALTORS® and then worked 7 years for an MLS vendor, eventually becoming the on-site Systems Support Rep for Bay State MLS and then MLS PIN. In 2002, Doug started at MLS PIN in Tech Support and then moved into Customer Service/Training before becoming one of our first regional Account Representatives, providing training and office visits for MLS PIN customers. In his current role as Customer Experience and Technical Writer for Marketing and Outreach, Doug works with Marketing and Development to improve Pinergy and other MLS PIN products and services. He provides written content for Marketing, collects customer feedback through events and focus groups, and provides customer training via in-person classes, webinars, and videos. Doug keeps busy when not at work by producing musical projects for himself and others, serving as President of the Wilbraham Choral Society, and publishing the Reed Organ Society Quarterly magazine. For almost 20 years, MLS PIN has relied on Doug’s creativity and technical abilities, and he’s a big part of what makes MLS PIN such a customer-focused company.