MLS PIN to Get a Brand New Brand in Early 2020

MLS PIN, like the real estate industry, has gone through many changes since our incorporation over 22 years ago. To reflect those changes, we’ve partnered with a smart and talented industry consultant to up our game with a new logo, corporate website, and brand to be unveiled early 2020. The website ( , not Pinergy) is being redesigned as we speak to be easier to use, work well on all screen sizes, and offer an abundance of helpful information and resources. Our new slogan will reflect our deep New England roots, and the branding represents our technical and sophisticated side but is also welcoming and fun. The logo symbolizes your connection to the data and relationships that drive your business. Taken as a whole, the new brand represents a bright future, an opportunity to continue to be the MLS that supports and partners with you on your path to success. We’re wicked excited for the future!
Contact Match Notifications Get a New (Responsive) Look

We’ve recently made some changes to the contact match notifications your customers receive via email. These new emails feature a more modern layout, prominent photos, more data, a handy “Go to Listing” button, and a highlighted Open House section. Most importantly, the emails look just as good on a phone as they do on laptops and desktops. This update is live now and is just the first of many VOW improvements coming your way from MLS PIN.
Coming Soon: Pinergy's Listing Carts!
Organize Interesting Properties for Later Viewing 

Pinergy is about to receive a major new feature: Listing Carts. With listing carts, you will be able to select listings from virtually anywhere in Pinergy (Contacts, Listings, Search, Map Search, CMA, Property History, Hot Sheets, and Carts) and then place those listings into a cart for future reference. Carts will have the same options found in Pinergy’s Search Results (Stats, View, Email, Print, PDF, Map, Recommend, Download, Directions, and Cloud CMA) plus additional options for removing listings from a cart and adding listings to another cart. You’ll be able to keep up to 100 carts, each containing up to 500 listings, and you’ll be able to rename, delete, or empty any cart!
NAR Board Approves Clear Cooperation Policy

The NAR Board of Directors passed the Clear Cooperation Policy, which will take effect on May 1, 2020. Although MLS PIN is not NAR-chartered and, therefore, it is not required for us to administer this new policy, the MLS PIN Board of Directors and senior management will follow this update closely to determine how it may affect MLS PIN customers and what action we will take. Please watch for updates in the weeks and months to follow. For more information on this important NAR-passed policy, please click  HERE.  
Participants/Managers - Here's How to Ensure Your Office Roster Is Up to Date

Participants and Managers have the ability to verify their office roster or to specify how Managers and Administrators appear on the public roster by accessing Office Management under Tools in Pinergy. Next to each contact in your office(s), you’ll be able to choose whether they are visible on your office’s public roster by using the “Display” checkbox. You can then choose a Title for Managers from the drop-down list to specify how they are labeled. Keep in mind that these changes are for display purposes in Pinergy only and do not affect the contact’s permissions or our internal MLS PIN records. You can also use this convenient tool to validate your office roster is correct. See an Administrator or Personal Assistant who is no longer with your office? Let us know by sending an email to It’s very important to keep this information up to date!
Discovering Homebuyer Assistance Programs with Down Payment Resource

You’re probably familiar with Down Payment Resource’s green “$” logo at the top of listing reports that alerts you to which financial incentives apply to those properties. But did you know you can get the full list of all active programs in your state? Just log in to your Down Payment Resource account by clicking the Quick Link in Pinergy’s Home Page, and click the blue “Search Programs by Name” button. Choose the state you do business in (Massachusetts alone has 83 programs), and browse every program by name. Click the most interesting ones for full details, including websites, flyers, and contact information. You may find incentives you never knew were available in your own city or a program that would be perfect for your next buyer!
A Reminder on Showings, Lockboxes, and Supra Keys

We would like to take this opportunity to address a few types of situations that may arise with showings of listed properties. If you are the Listing Broker, you are obligated to make the property available for showings by all MLS PIN Subscribers, even if the property is on an electronic lockbox. If a given Subscriber does not have a Supra electronic key, you must be reasonably prepared to let that Subscriber into the property for a showing. Also, please do not share your Supra electronic key with another Subscriber as it would violate your Supra lease agreement (more information available HERE ). Finally, if you have reason to believe that any unauthorized access to a property has occurred, we recommend you promptly report the issue to local law enforcement and to the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons (click HERE for more information).
It's Been How Long Since Your Last Pinergy Class?
Register for a FREE Class Here 

After the last present is unwrapped and the last slice of pie is gone, we hope you have a bit of post-holiday quiet time. If so, we recommend taking another look at our free training classes (click HERE for the entire class list). If it’s been a few years since your last class, you may have missed out on some important new features, processes, and third-party tools. We gave Pinergy’s Search and Search Results a major overhaul less than a year ago, for instance, and you could be missing out on some of the customization options available with the upgrade. We’ve got classes on Contact Management , Listings Management, … and if you’re feeling ambitious, make a day of it with our new “ Pinergy Boot Camp .” Learn how to save time and give your clients outstanding service at free training classes near you!
MLS PIN's Requirements Regarding Active Listing Showings

When you have an “active” listing in MLS PIN, you are required to make the property available for other Participants and Subscribers to show to potential buyers. There is a limited exemption whereby after a listing is posted in the New status, the seller may request a deferral of showings for up to the first 7 days. (This deferred-showings exemption may not apply to certain listings that were first posted to MLS PIN in the Coming Soon status.) Outside of the limited exemption for deferred showings noted above, the listing broker must make arrangements (including, where necessary, a procedure to be followed if a particular broker or salesperson is unavailable) to show a property to cooperating brokers and to present written offers to the seller as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance department at or 800-695-3000, option 6.
New "View" Stats in Cloud CMA

As you probably know, Cloud CMA (included with your MLS PIN subscription) gives you the tools to create customized CMA, Buyer Tour, Property, and Flyer reports. All reports may be shared as PDFs; CMAs and Buyer Tours also may be shared as interactive slideshows. A new feature now tracks how many times a report/slideshow has been viewed, when it was last viewed, and when it was last updated. All you have to do is hover your pointer over the report card to see this information, so now it’s easy to see how actively your customers have been viewing the reports and/or slideshows you have shared with them!
Employee Spotlight
Jeyachithra "JC" Gopalsamy

JC Gopalsamy has been one of MLS PIN’s Senior Application Developers for over 8 years, helping to develop the Pinergy system you rely on daily. She’s been coding and developing for much of her career, however: before joining us, she helped develop solutions for the healthcare and finance industries. At work, she enjoys the support she receives from her team and the challenges each day brings, including the company’s ongoing efforts to make our system fully responsive and ADA compliant. Off duty, she enjoys hiking, sewing, and family time. Our thanks to JC (and the whole Development team) for turning the ideas and needs of the real estate industry into working tools our customers can use. The best is yet to come!