Post Your Virtual Open Houses and Broker Tours in Pinergy

Pinergy’s Open House and Broker Tour options now include virtual events (via Zoom, Facebook, etc.) as well as in-person events. When adding a virtual open house or broker tour, you will include the URL for the online event. This information will be available to Pinergy users and to all data access customers, allowing third-party sites like to display a link to your event (though there is no guarantee that any particular site will display an event link). This brief video demonstrates how to post a virtual event to your listing. You may edit previously-posted open houses and broker tours to take advantage of this new feature, so be sure to update your listing’s event information if necessary. Both in-person and virtual open houses and broker tours may be the new normal moving forward, and we hope this new Pinergy feature helps you navigate these changes!
New Cloud CMA Live Turns CMAs into Virtual Listing Presentations

Just in time for the new virtual marketplace, the makers of Cloud CMA have unveiled a free new tool, “Cloud CMA Live,” that turns their CMAs into interactive presentations that can be integrated into Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more. You can update comps on the fly, draw on your presentations with the telestrator tool, add videos, and share market data on interactive maps. Try it out now by accessing your Cloud CMA account through Pinergy’s main toolbar and selecting “View Live” in your list of recent reports. CMA Live is separate from their “View Slideshow” tool, which is still available. More information can be found HERE . Cloud CMA Live is free to use for MLS PIN customers. 
Learn How to Host a Virtual Open House with Homesnap Pro in Minutes

Creating Virtual Open Houses is a necessary skill, and the folks at Homesnap Pro are here to help with their Homesnap Stories feature. Click HERE to register for a webinar where you’ll learn how to host a virtual open house and more using the Homesnap Pro app that’s free, compliments of MLS PIN. More than just a video presentation, Homesnap Stories allows you to add themed stickers, music, and voice narration, and it features easy sharing to Facebook and Instagram. Immerse potential buyers in your listings remotely, and safely, with Homesnap Stories.
Pinergy Now Autosaves Listing Data

Autosave has been added to Pinergy’s Listings module. You’ll find the Autosave option at the top of the page when editing an offline listing. With Autosave enabled, Pinergy will check your listing data periodically and will autosave your offline listing if you’ve made any changes to it. Entering your listing’s street name signals Autosave to begin monitoring your editing session. (The listing agent must be indicated as well.) Although you may disable Autosave whenever you’d like, using Autosave can save you time and effort if something interrupts your listing input process.
New Custom Download Feature in Pinergy's Search

We’ve added a Custom Download option to Pinergy’s Search. (Select “Download Results” at the top of the Search page to find it.) Unlike the Download option in Search Results, this new option allows you to download up to 10,000 listings at a time (no CSOs or auctions) directly from the Search page! You can save multiple download layouts, too! Once you download your listings, you can easily import the data into other programs (like Excel, for example) to run your own custom reports.
Get More Listing Exposure by Opting IN to Broker Public Portal with Homesnap

There’s a lot to like about Broker Public Portal with Homesnap and even more reasons to opt your office’s listings IN to this popular (and free) consumer real estate search app. We’re talking Fair Display Guidelines, free leads to agents, property history, property boundaries, satellite imagery, school zone searches, built-in private messaging, and more. A recent update to the pro version features lead-generating tools like property heatmaps and filters for your priority zips! And, unlike some other portals, there are NO third-party ads: consumers are connected directly to the listing agent at no charge. But to realize these leads, MLS PIN Brokers or Office Managers must OPT IN to make their offices' listings available to consumers - otherwise, potential buyers see only the property’s public records data. Opting in is as simple as heading to Pinergy’s “Tools” and checking the box for Homesnap in Pinergy’s list of Syndicators. Check out the Homesnap portal  HERE  and the Homesnap Pro “University” page  HERE
Webinar Office Visits Temporarily Replace In-Office Visits

Do you miss having the option of live office visits? We do too, but until that time comes, our Outreach team is offering webinar office visits with our expert trainers on any Pinergy-related topics you feel would benefit your agents and administrative teams. Ideas include searching, managing contacts, or listings management in Pinergy; 3 rd -party tools like Cloud CMA or Remine; and the very popular topic: "What's new?" Brokers should email with an idea of what you’d like your office to learn, when you’d like the webinar to happen, and how many will attend (we can accommodate 2-100 attendees). We’ll follow up to iron out final details, and once the webinar is scheduled, we will email instructions and the login link to each attendee. Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the webinar for reference. We look forward to providing an informative webinar to your office and to "seeing" you once again! 
A Reminder: Virtual Tours in Pinergy May Not Be Branded

Just a recap that, with the increased popularity of virtual tours, there are specific guidelines for posting a tour link to your listing. If you post a link to the “Virtual Tour” section (or to any other publicly visible field of your listing), then neither the tour itself nor the page on which it appears may contain or link to any identifying or contact information for yourself or your brokerage. If your tour contains or links to any such information, you may post a link to the tour only in the listing’s Firm Remarks or Special Showing Instructions (as these two fields are visible only to other agents on a “full” report in MLS PIN). Check out a short video on how to  Add a Virtual Tour to Your Listing  in Pinergy, or view our simple Posting a Virtual Tour Flyer . For YouTube users, please be sure to check out the YouTube instructions for how to  Create an Unbranded YouTube Channel for Virtual Tours Please bear in mind that although MLS PIN, as a courtesy, is providing basic instructions by which you might create an unbranded account for posting a YouTube virtual tour, you as the listing broker would be solely responsible for ensuring that your tour fully complies with our Rules and Regulations and with any other applicable laws.
Employee Spotlight
Teamwork Makes Things Happen 

Like most of the country, MLS PIN staff have settled into the new routine of social distancing and for the most part working remotely. Although we miss seeing our co-workers and customers face-to-face, we have found this new reality to be rewarding. In most cases, our days are busier than ever, and Zoom has been an essential service we never knew we needed. Nothing has stopped us from business as usual, and every department team member has pulled together. Development and QA, for example, have released an amazing 15 system enhancements and have squashed 6 bugs since the stay-at-home order in late March. Our Customer Care, Quality Assurance, and Accounting departments have taken over 16,000 calls from customers all over New England! Our Marketing and Outreach team members have hosted nearly 90 webinars for more than 2,100 attendees; a total of 4,155 registrants received their recorded webinars via email afterward. They’ve also kept the communications, news, and how-to guides and videos flowing. Our IT department has been making the process run smoothly. In general, every department has done an outstanding job of making sure MLS PIN customers and the real estate industry are being supported in this crucial time. We’re so proud of our hardworking staff, 3rd-party vendors, and, most notably, our customers. Working together, anything is possible, and any obstacle can become an opportunity.

We look forward to brighter days for everyone in our industry!