Attention, Rental Agents: Rental Beast "Apply Now" Tool Will Soon Be Part of Pinergy

A popular request is coming soon to Pinergy! In the first quarter of 2021, Rental Beast’s “Apply Now” button will be found in Pinergy’s Quick Links section of the Home page as well as in Pinergy’s “Tools” and in listing details where applicable. “Apply Now” starts an application process for your rental client who will receive an email invitation to complete the electronic application. An applicant can reuse applications for other properties, add cosigners to applications, and view application statuses by logging in to Rental Beast. Landlords get access to the application information and, where available, criminal background checks, credit reports, and eviction history. Rental Beast is free for agents to use, with prospective tenants paying a small application fee. Rental clients now can become home buyers later, and helping renters find apartments and homes is just good business. Rental Beast makes it easier with “Apply Now.”
Pinergy Mobile Set to Retire Within the Next Few Months

Pinergy Mobile, developed by MLS PIN in 2014 exclusively for mobile devices, is being retired and will no longer be part of MLS PIN’s suite of tools by the second quarter. While the product has served well, our efforts over the past few years have been focused on redesigning Pinergy to be responsive for all screen sizes (and adding new features while we were at it!). Pinergy’s Home page, Search, and Search Results now work similarly on all screens, and additional Pinergy modules such as Contact Manager and Listings Manager will soon get the same treatment. And of course, MLS PIN provides its customers with free access to Homesnap Pro, a fabulous app that features modern search capabilities, agent-only information, a safety timer, the ability to walk property lines using augmented reality, and more. Detailed instructions for setting up Homesnap Pro can be found HERE. With responsive Pinergy and Homesnap Pro, we’ve got you covered as you search and connect with customers, wherever your day takes you.® Syndication Change

Effective December 22, 2020, syndication to® will no longer be automatic, and MLS PIN Brokers will need to OPT IN to make their office listings available to consumers using the national website®. (If your office currently is opted in, it will remain opted in unless you specifically opt out.) If you are the Broker/Owner of your office, you still will be able to use a listing’s Syndication button to control its display on the® website.
MLS PIN's "New Agent Essentials" Webinar Covers Must-Have Pinergy Skills

MLS PIN has just introduced a new webinar designed especially for new agents. “New Agent Essentials” is designed to get new agents quickly up to speed using Pinergy, and it covers Searching, Search Results (finding, emailing, printing, and tracking listings), and Hot Sheets as well as Pinergy’s Options & Settings and Contact Manager. The next “New Agent Essentials” webinar is scheduled for Monday, December 21, from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (with breaks): register for it HERE, or click HERE for the complete list of MLS PIN courses and webinars. 
Resize Columns in Lined Summary Views!

Some column widths in Pinergy’s lined summary views will adjust automatically depending on the data being displayed. That’s a nice feature, but sometimes maybe you’d rather set the column widths yourself—and now you can! Click the new “resize columns” button (next to the green “columns” button) to modify the view’s column widths. Hovering over a column’s green-dotted boundary will reveal the “resize” cursor. Click and drag the boundary to resize the column. (Modified columns will be indicated by green headers.) Resize your columns and click the Done button to keep your changes, click the Cancel button to cancel your changes, or click the Reset All button to start your column resizing again. And remember that after clicking the Done button, you may click the gear icon to save your customized view if you wish.
Save Time by Setting Your Default Search Template in Pinergy

Now you can choose the property types, statuses, towns, and other criteria (and fields) to be used as the starting point for Pinergy’s Search! Simply select “Set as My Default Search Template” when saving your search, and it will load automatically whenever you begin a new search. Do you already have a saved search you’d like to use as the default? Then select the Load button, use the checkbox to select your saved search, and then select “Set as My Default.” The Clear Search button at the top of the Search page will let you “Clear All Search Criteria” or “Load System Default,” so it’s easy to bypass your default search at any time. To reset the default search template, either resave your default search (deselecting “Set as My Default Search”) or select “Load” and then “Reset Default” at the bottom of the window.
Get One-Click Search Results with Pinergy Home Page's Saved Search Widget

Do you have a saved search that you run frequently? If so, then you should consider making it available from the Saved Searches widget on Pinergy’s Home page. This widget allows you to choose any or all of your saved searches to appear in it, and you may sort them either alphabetically or by “last used.” Selecting a saved search from the widget will display the search’s results without having to load the search criteria from the Search page first, making it even quicker and easier to see those listings when you sign in to Pinergy. And remember, you may rearrange the widgets on your homepage–just click in the gray bar and drag the Saved Searches widget to where it will work best for you.
InstanetFax to Be Sunsetted at the End of the Year

Fax machines were once indispensable, and real estate transactions relied on having access to these slow but useful machines. Faxing has become increasingly rare these days, having been replaced by email, PDFs, and transaction management software like Dotloop and FormSimplicity. With this in mind, MLS PIN has decided to discontinue a service used by less than 10% of our customers, the fax-to-email InstanetFax product, effective January 1, 2021. If you haven’t already, we recommend considering the convenience of consolidating paperwork into centralized services that handle your transactions digitally: links to Dotloop and FormSimplicity can be found on Pinergy’s Home page under Quick Links.
The Entire Cloud Agent Suite Is Free to Use Until February 2021
Try Cloud Attract, Cloud MLX, Cloud Streams, and Homebeat Before You Buy 

As an MLS PIN customer, you already get Cloud CMA for free, but the company behind that service is offering their entire suite of Cloud Agent Suite products for free until February 2021! This is the longest free trial ever offered by W+R Studios! There’s Cloud Attract for generating your leads via landing pages you can share on social media, Cloud MLX for Google-like listing searches, Cloud Streams for text alerts of listings in real-time, and Homebeat to schedule automatic, online CMAs that keep you top-of-mind with homeowners. It’s all been designed to help you give stellar customer service and win more listings, and it costs nothing for the next several months. Learn more, and sign up for free, HERE!
WDN vs. CAN: A Guide to Possible Off-Market Winter Statuses

As we come into the winter months, please make sure that your listing in MLS PIN is in the correct status, especially if the seller wants to take their property off the market over the winter. The Temporarily Withdrawn status (WDN) should be used if the seller and the listing broker have signed a temporary withdrawal of the listing while the listing agreement remains in effect. The Canceled status (CAN) should be used if the seller and the listing broker have signed either a termination of the listing agreement or (if the seller wants to Cancel in MLS PIN while leaving the listing agreement in effect) a Non-MLS Listing Form. If the seller wants the listing Canceled subject to a Non-MLS Listing Form, please remember to forward the signed, completed Non-MLS Listing Form to MLS PIN, by email to, within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after you Cancel the listing in Pinergy.
Thanks to Everyone Who Participated in MLS PIN's Blueberry Pie Contest

In early November, we asked our customers for their thoughts on our new brand, logo, and corporate website, with 10 random responses chosen to receive a delicious New England blueberry pie plus some MLS PIN swag featuring our new logo. We received nearly 500 responses (wow!), and the pies are in the mail to the lucky recipients. Comments from our customers ranged from “Very fresh and a much more contemporary look and feel” to “Navigating is as easy as PIE (get it?)” to “I love the friendliness and focus on all things New England.” We are fortunate to do business where real estate professionals support each other and their MLS and where New England pride is everywhere you look. Thanks to everyone who responded – and to the 10 winners of the pies, we’d like to say, thank you – and enjoy!
Employee Spotlight
Chris D'Amico, Customer Care Representative/Technical Support 

One of our most recent hires, Chris D’Amico, joined MLS PIN in October 2018 as a Customer Care Representative and Technical Support Specialist. Before joining us, he worked for Bose as a Technical Support Specialist as well as working as a sound technician for some of the area’s largest music venues -- perfect jobs for Chris, a music lover and drummer with his own recording studio. At MLS PIN, he “drums up” solutions for customers; common calls include help setting up new Contacts, searching within Pinergy for matches, cloning listings, updating licenses, and many more tech support and customer care issues and inquiries. Chris enjoys the supportive atmosphere at MLS PIN, and he finds the challenge of learning new skills and improving his customer service the best part of his job. Speaking of new skills -- Chris and his wife are expecting their first child! Congratulations, Chris; we hope you have a long and happy future, both at work and with your new family.