Update to Cumulative DOM Reset Policy for New Listings

Recently, MLS PIN updated its Days on Market Reset policy for new listings. When a listing has been off the market in ANY of the off-market statuses (including Under Agreement, Withdrawn, Expired, and Canceled) for at least 60 full, uninterrupted days, then Days on Market from the old listing will NOT be added to the new listing. The previous policy applied to only Expired or Canceled listings. (Sold or Rented listings do not need to be off-market for 60 days for DOM to reset.) All of our rules and regulations, as well as other recent updates, can be found on mlspin.com’s Rules and Regulations page.  
Picture This: 42 Photos for Your Client’s Listings!

Here’s a picture-perfect Pinergy update: A few years ago, we increased the maximum resolution of your client’s listing photos. As of just a few weeks ago, we’ve also increased the number of photos you can upload – from 30 to 42! That’s enough photos to highlight every water view, walk-in closet, and fireplace your seller wants to highlight. Uploading photos to the Photo Manager remains the same as before; now you simply have more photos at your disposal to entice buyers.
Open Houses and Broker Tours Are Now Searchable by Custom Dates

If you’re looking for Open Houses and Broker Tours being held on a specific date or in a specific date range, you’re in luck: Pinergy has added the ability to input custom dates and date ranges for “Listing Events” on the Search page. Simply choose “Date” or “Date Range” in the Listing Events dropdown menu and use the handy date picker. You can select any future date ranges, allowing you to schedule your time that much more efficiently.
A Popular Request Is Now Available: "Compact Format" for Photo Summaries

We’ve added a new option when emailing, printing, or PDFing Photo Summaries: Compact Format. Choosing this option results in printouts and PDFs with slightly smaller text, tighter spacing, and page breaks on longer remarks. To use this feature: Select your desired listings from your search results, select the appropriate action (Email, Print, or PDF), and then select the Photo Summary report format. Select “Compact Format” (right next to “Photo Summary”). Your reports will now fit on fewer pages, but will still have the look and feel of the updated Pinergy Search Results.
Feeling Nostalgic? You Can Now Email or Print Classic Summary Reports in Pinergy

Due to popular request, we have added “Classic Summaries” to the Email and Print options available from Pinergy’s Search Results. Classic summaries include the old-style Photo Summary, Showing Summary, and CMA Report formats. To access them, select one or more listings from your Search Results, select the “arrow” portion of either the Email button or the Print button, and then select “Classic Summaries” from the menu. From there, you may select your desired format. Please note: Pinergy can’t create Classic Summary PDFs directly, but you may be able to “Print” to a PDF if your operating system allows it. Also, when emailed, these old-style formats will not be sent as a hyperlink but will be embedded into the email, as they were in previous versions of Pinergy.
Save Space by Collapsing Search Criteria in Summary Views

If displaying your search criteria at the top of your search results uses too much space, try the new “collapse” feature. Click/tap the little chevron (it looks like an arrow) on the right-hand side of the displayed criteria to collapse the criteria section to just one line (maybe two on your smartphone). You’ll still see basic search criteria like Property Type(s), Status, and Price, but you’ll hide lengthy lists of Towns and Advanced Criteria. Click/tap the chevron to expand the section again. If you don’t want to see any search criteria at all, simply uncheck “Search Criteria” from the display options above your search criteria. 
Remine Webinars Make It Easy to Find and Track Leads

Remine (free for MLS PIN customers) exists to help you find and engage with new clients, and it does this via a variety of tools you can incorporate into your daily routine. A new website has just been released that will help you pick the exact tool you’d like to learn more about via individual 30-minute webinars. There are currently 5 classes being held 1-3 times per week: Remine: Let's Get Started, How to Find Listing Leads, How to Find Buyer Leads, Remine: Stay Engaged with Clients, and Market Through Remine with Rocket Print & Mail. Some tools require upgrading your plan, but you can get amazing insight and expertise using the plan that comes free with your MLS PIN subscription. Click HERE to review the classes and register today.
Learn How to Limit Your Liability and Save Deals with MyFloodStatus Webinars

Nobody knows the ins and outs of flood zones like the makers of MyFloodStatus, so they’re offering a webinar that walks you through the process on June 24 at 10:30 a.m. and June 26 at 9:30 a.m. (register HERE ). These 30-minute classes show you how to help eliminate the risk of liability, reduce flood insurance premiums for homeowners, buyers, and sellers, remove properties from High-Risk Flood Zones, and increase buyer activity for "low risk" properties in high-risk flood zones. With their help, you could win more listings, market more properties, and close more deals. Remember, MyFloodStatus reports are discounted for MLS PIN customers.
RatePlug Announces New Designs for Loan Calculators and Flyer Templates

The folks behind RatePlug have just released a new pre-approval request, new flyer templates, and a new professional look for their home payment estimates. The service is free to use, so there really is no downside. RatePlug users close an average of 15% faster by displaying property-specific payment calculators from your trusted lenders within property listings you send through Pinergy. It even accounts for special financing like USDA, VA, and FHA loan eligibility.  Click HERE to learn more and to set up RatePlug to help answer your buyer’s questions on home affordability.
Entering a Property as Multi-Family
Is It Multi-Family or Single-Family? Here's Our Recommendation 

MLS PIN sometimes receives feedback that properties listed in the “Multi-Family” category are not actually multi-family properties for sale. Each city or town may have its own regulations for what does, or does not, constitute a multi-family property. The listing broker should do all necessary research before posting a listing to the MLS system as Multi-Family to ensure that the listing is an accurate representation of the property. If you have any questions about whether it is appropriate to represent a given property as a multi-family, you should speak with counsel for guidance.
When (and How) to Report Your Listing as Under Agreement (UAG)

Please don’t forget to promptly report your listing as “under agreement.” If the seller is still allowing showings of the property and taking back-up offers, then you may use the Contingent (CTG) status. Otherwise, you must use the Under Agreement (UAG) status, even if there are still contingencies to be met. In any case, the appropriate status change must be input to MLS PIN no later than 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, after the seller and a potential buyer have executed and delivered a written bilateral offer to purchase (or a P&S agreement if there is no offer).
Employee Spotlight
Caring for Customers with Howie Rose 

Howie Rose was hired as a Technical Support Specialist for MLS PIN in 2013. Prior to that, he served in the U.S. Navy, completed his Computer Science degree from Sylvania Tech, and worked for decades at a multi-national contact center as a Field Technician, Technical Support Specialist, and Manager.  Today, as Customer Care Representative for MLS PIN, his job duties have branched out to include entering data and fielding enrollment calls, but his job still involves plenty of technical support and troubleshooting, which he loves. When he’s not helping MLS PIN customers, he’s often playing a round or two of golf on any of the beautiful local courses. Thanks, Howie, for being part of our team for the past 6 years!