Wow Your Clients with Amazing (and Free) Cloud CMA Reports

The official release of FREE Cloud CMA for our customers is less than a few weeks away. This is one of the most exciting 3rd party tools we've ever offered, and for most of you, this doubles the value of your subscription. For those new to the product, Cloud CMA offers fast, accurate CMAs, Buyer Tours, Property Reports, and Listing Flyers that you can save, email, and share as PDFs and interactive presentations. You can customize themes, layouts, fonts, and more and choose to include pre-written articles like "Intelligent Pricing and Timing" and "Showings/Open House Checklist." Cloud CMA will not replace Pinergy's CMA product, but we will integrate Cloud CMA into Pinergy via the main navigation, as a link on the Tools page, and as an option under Quick Links. Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement and more information in your email and on the Pinergy homepage coming soon, and in the meantime, check out the product HERE or register for a Cloud CMA webinar to be held the week of March 26 HERE.
Are Flood Zones Impacting Your Transactions?
Learn How to Eliminate Error and Confusion with a MyFloodStatus Webinar

Nearly 100 MyFloodStatus "Flood Zone Determination" reports have been created by MLS PIN customers since we unveiled our new partnership with them. These discounted, structure-based flood determination reports let you know the true flood status of any property and offer accuracy, protection, and peace of mind. View their newest webinar HERE for more information. Remember, we've placed a MyFloodStatus logo in Pinergy's Quick Links (you may need to click "Add/Remove Items" at the bottom of Quick Links to see it). Clicking this logo automatically signs you in to MyFloodStatus, where you can begin the process of ordering your discounted reports.
Listings Sold? Social Shares?
In Case You Missed MLS PIN's 2017 Year in Review

MLS PIN (and our customers) were busy in 2017, and we have the numbers that prove it. Find out how many new listings were entered into Pinergy, how many searches were made (quite a few!), and much more, in a fun, easy-to-read format. Click HERE for the online version. Here's to an even more successful and busier 2018!
Changes Coming to Syndication Management

Some new features are coming to Pinergy's Syndication Management this summer. Brokers/Managers will soon be able to manage syndication settings on a listing-by-listing basis via a new "Syndication" button on each on-market listing in Pinergy's Listings Manager. Brokers/Managers will also be able to display only "opted in" or "opted out" marketing partners in the list of 3rd party publishers in Tools. There will be other changes, including an improved navigation, to look forward to: watch Pinergy's News & Notes (and your email) for details and a final release date.
Why Aren't Homesnap Users Seeing Your Seller's Listings?

If consumer users of the popular Homesnap real estate app aren't seeing your listings, have your broker opt IN to the service through Pinergy, as they would for any 3rd party syndicator. Brokers simply need to go to Pinergy's "Tools" tab, click "3rd Party Data Transfers," and click on "Homesnap." Once the box is checked, all current listings will be searchable by consumers using the app. Remember, Homesnap Pro is an excellent tool for your real estate toolbox: it searches and displays agent-only information on any property and lets you see other agents' activity as well as communicate with clients, schedule showings, create Rapid CMAs, and perform many other invaluable tasks - all free, compliments of MLS PIN. More information can be found HERE.
Market Yourself with Homesnap Pro's New Ads on Google

The folks at Homesnap have added Google to their suite of marketing services for agents, making it very easy to market listings and recent sales in Google Search, Gmail, and Google Display Network. Like their Facebook ads, the process is seamless and Homesnap Pro does all the heavy lifting, from creating the ads and selecting the keywords to optimizing the campaigns. Now you can run customized, targeted and automated Google Search, Gmail, and Google Display ads to connect with potential customers right in your neighborhood. Homesnap Pro is the only company serving real estate agents that has this kind of partnership with Google. If you're keeping track, this means you can use Homesnap Pro to promote yourself on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze. Check out their video HERE on how to promote your business using Homesnap Pro Ads on Google!
Offers of Cooperation and Compensation Through MLS PIN
What You Need to Know!

As a reminder, all offers of cooperation and compensation through the MLS must be "unconditional." This means, for example, that you as the listing broker can not require cooperating brokers to register their buyers with you as a condition to setting up a showing. In addition, even if your seller instructs you to use a third-party portal to submit offers, you still have certain obligations under MLS PIN's Rules and Regulations. While you are permitted to mention in your listing that offers "may" be submitted directly via this third-party portal, you can not mandate that cooperating brokers use this portal directly. To do so is to add a condition to the unconditional offer of cooperation and compensation. Rather, you must be prepared to make accommodations for those circumstances where a cooperating broker chooses not to use the third-party portal. The bottom line is that no conditions may be placed on the offer of cooperation, or accompanying compensation, to other MLS participants. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance Department at 800-695-3000, option 6 or email
Get More from Listing Reports

Pinergy's listing reports include a number of icons that link to additional information. Three of these links can be used to access property-related information residing either in the Find Application or in RPR® (REALTORS® Property Resource). At the top of a listing's detail report, you'll find two "magnifying glass" icons. Clicking the first one will take you into the Find Application and display Find's Community Report for the property's ZIP code. Clicking the second icon will take you into the Find Application again, this time displaying Find's property information. Once in the Find Application, you will have access to all of the various tools Find has to offer. If you are a REALTOR®, clicking the next icon will take you into RPR (you may need to sign in, but you'll have the option to "Keep me signed in for 2 weeks"). RPR will display the property information automatically, and you'll have access to all of the various tools RPR has to offer. So take advantage of the many features built in to Pinergy's listing reports. More information is just a click away!
Check Out Those Quick Links!

Your customizable Quick Links widget on Pinergy's homepage may include links to a number of useful resources, and some of those links you may not find elsewhere in Pinergy. These include links to DotLoop, the Down Payment Resource dashboard, Fannie Mae's HomePath for Short Sales, Homesnap Pro, the InstanetFax Cover Sheet, MyFloodStatus, PC Connection, RE Technology, RealSatisfied, and the Find Application. Also included are links to other features like Market Reports, Public Records, and such. Adding Quick Links to your widget is as easy as clicking the blue "Add/Remove Items" button at the bottom of the widget, selecting the options you wish to display, and then clicking the green "Save" button at the bottom of the widget. So check out those Quick Links! You may not know what you've been missing.
Employee Spotlight
Deborah Stephenson Celebrates 20 Years with MLS PIN

Deborah Stephenson has been helping customers at MLS PIN ever since there WAS an MLS PIN; 20 years to be exact. She started out as a Membership Assistant, and over the years she has worked her way up to Membership Manager, where she answers Membership department calls, sets up new offices, branch offices, and office name changes, as well as company acquisitions. The position calls for a real people-person, and Deb fits the bill - customer interactions are often the highlight of her day. When she's not fielding calls, she enjoys traveling, home projects, and spending time with her family (especially her grandson). Thanks, Deb, for two decades of solving enrollment issues and answering calls with a smile.