Brokers: Schedule a Custom Webinar for Your Whole Office
You Choose the Topics, Let Us Handle the Rest 

We offer a service you may not know about. Our Marketing and Outreach team can create a custom webinar for your whole office on any Pinergy-related topic you’d like. Need ideas? Maybe your group needs refreshers on the latest techniques for managing Contacts, inputting listings, searching and refining search results, or running reports. Or how about classes on wowing buyers with professional CMAs and other Cloud CMA presentations or generating leads using Remine’s data-driven maps? Boost your team’s knowledge by contacting us at with your preferred topics, attendee count, and approximate timeframe that works for you. We’ll see you and your team… virtually! 
More Listing Documents with Increased Storage Capacity in Pinergy

You now can attach up to 15 documents to your listing. That’s five more than before! Storage capacity has increased as well. So attach that feature sheet, brochure, floor plan, lead paint disclosure, seller’s disclosure form, association document, rental document, utility document, flood zone determination report, and/or any other document you want to make directly available from your listing. And remember that you set the privacy for each attached document, so you determine who can access it.
View FEMA Flood Zones in Pinergy's Map Search

Selecting the new Flood Zones layer in Pinergy’s Map Search will display color-coded FEMA flood zones on the map. Clicking on the map will display flood zone details for that area, and from there, additional flood zone information is just another click away. When viewing parcels on the map, clicking a parcel will display its tax information, boundary measurements, parcel area, property history, or flood zone information—whichever you choose. Don't forget: Map Search layers are available even when no search criteria have been specified!
"Mixed Use" Option Now Available for Land and Commercial/Industrial Listings!

We’ve updated our listing forms for both Land and Commercial/Industrial property types, adding “Mixed Use” as an option for Type of Land and Type of Commercial. So perhaps your listed land is residential and agricultural or your listed commercial property is commercial and residential. You don’t have to choose one type or the other; select “Mixed Use” whenever multiple types apply. “Mixed Use” is also an option when searching by Type of Land or Type of Commercial, so take advantage of the new option when listing or searching for land or commercial/industrial properties in Pinergy.
Create a Mobile-Friendly Hot Sheet from a Search

To create a hot sheet that takes advantage of Pinergy’s responsive listing views and other Search features, use the Additional Criteria section of a search to add Status Date. Enter a timeframe like YESTERDAY +, and you’ve got a hot sheet! Select your property types, statuses, towns, and other criteria, and then save your search. Next, navigate to Pinergy’s Home page and select your search to appear in the Saved Searches widget. (You can move the widget, too, if you want.) Your new hot sheet will appear on Pinergy’s Home page, and your mobile-friendly results will be just a click or tap away!
Use Listing Carts to Organize Listings

With Pinergy’s Listing Carts, you can select listings from virtually anywhere in Pinergy and then place them into a cart for future reference. You might make a cart to hold a client’s favorite listings. You might make a cart to collect comps for a CMA. You can add listings from a cart to a Pinergy CMA, and you can send listings from a cart to Cloud CMA. Listing carts have access to all of the options found in Pinergy’s Search Results (Stats, View, Email, Print, PDF, Map, Recommend, Download, Directions, and Cloud CMA) plus options for removing listings from a cart and adding listings to another cart. You can have up to 100 carts with each containing up to 500 listings, and you’ll be able to rename, delete, or empty any cart. So whenever you want to organize a group of listings, put them into a listing cart!
Receive Text Alerts for Status Changes

Use Pinergy’s Listing Watch Text Alerts to receive an automated text message when the status changes for any of your watched listings—up to 50 of them! (This video shows you how.) To set up text alerts, submit your mobile phone number on the Listing Watch Text Alerts tab in Pinergy’s Options & Settings. Once your phone number has been authorized via text messages, you’ll have the option to disable text alerts between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. To add a listing to your Listing Watch, select the bell at the top of the listing details page. Select the text bubble if you’d like to add alert notes to be included with the alert texts. Use “Listing Watch” in Pinergy’s navigation bar to view/manage all of your watched listings, and use Listing Watch Text Alerts to be notified immediately when a watched listing’s status has changed.
Specify Full Street Addresses for Accurate Data

When you are inputting a listing, please remember to specify the full street address, including the suffix, if any. For example, entering a listing’s address as “10 Maple” can confuse agents and appraisers alike if there are both a 10 Maple Street and a 10 Maple Lane in that town. Inputting the full address helps everyone to correctly identify the listed property. It also helps to ensure more-accurate search results when subscribers are searching for a property by address.
What—or Who—Is Supra? 
A Quick Primer on This Innovative Supplier of Electronic Lockboxes 

Some of our customers may be unfamiliar with Supra, so we’d like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with this longtime MLS PIN partner. Supra provides electronic lockbox systems to more than a million keyholders, with over 3.75 million BT LE lockboxes currently in use. These lockboxes ensure only authorized people can enter the property, while notifying agents when showings begin and end via their easy-to-use eKEY app. There’s lots more to know: you can view a short orientation video HERE, or read more and sign up for the Supra eKEY app HERE. Questions can be sent to
Dive into an Online Pinergy Class This Summer

Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned veteran, you can pick up some time-saving and client-pleasing tips by attending our summer webinars. Pinergy is full of recent updates to streamline your workflow (text alerts and listing carts, anyone?), and you can learn about those and more by attending classes on searching, managing listings and Contacts, creating CMAs and market reports, and more. We also cover 3rd-party products like Cloud CMA (for professional CMAs and other reports) and Remine (for finding qualified leads); both are free with your MLS PIN subscription. For a comprehensive overview of all things Pinergy, sign up for New Agent Essentials. For any course, read more and register HERE. Heat up your summer sales with information you can use all year long!
Understand Your Property's Status with This Handy Flyer
Do you know the differences between the seven on-market Pinergy statuses? How about the seven off-market ones? Our “What’s Your Pinergy Status?” flyer will tell you the differences between statuses and the unique circumstances that apply to each status. Find out why you might want an “Under Agreement” (UAG) to be “Contingent” (CTG) instead, how many days after expiration you have to reactivate a listing, and more. Download it HERE.
Duplicate Filings: Double Trouble?

In many cases, it is a violation of MLS PIN policy to file two or more concurrent listings of the same property for sale. Even in those few cases where a duplicate “active” filing is permitted, only one listing of the property may be closed out as Sold once the property sells. There can be fines for repeated violations of this policy, so please be careful before posting multiple listings of the same property to the MLS system. If you have any questions about whether it is permissible to post a duplicate listing in a given case, please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance department at or 800-695-3000, option 6.
Employee Spotlight
Deborah Michaud Retires after 37 Years in the MLS Industry 

Debbie Michaud has been our Facilities Manager and the Executive Assistant to our CEO for as long as there’s been an MLS PIN. But as of May 28 and after a long and successful career, she’s officially retired. Debbie supported not only our CEO but also our executive team and board members with travel and board and committee meetings. She was a liaison to our shareholders, and she also coordinated building maintenance and upkeep with many vendors, making sure our corporate office was always in great shape. She did all of this with an eye for detail, a touch of class, and an ever-present smile which we will miss greatly. Debbie is looking forward to enjoying time with her husband and six grandchildren and has plans this summer to take long hikes with friends and day trips to New Hampshire and Maine. In the fall, she’ll kick off her newly found freedom by flying off to sunny Antigua in the Caribbean with her husband! To many of us, Debbie was not just a co-worker or colleague; she was a good friend who brightened lives, both in and out of the office. We wish her a long, busy, and happy post-work life and many trips back to Shrewsbury to visit!