Dear Madbury Properties Resident,

Thank you for another great year! Please read through the information and instructions below regarding how to properly execute the move-out process.

All leases end on May 24th, 2021. Residents and their belongings need to be fully moved-out of their units and keys turned in no later than 5:00pm on this day. If your entire unit has chosen to extend your leases and remain in your current apartment for the 2021-2022 lease term, you will not be required to move-out of your unit in between lease terms.

Any single residents renewing in the same unit without a majority of roommates also renewing, or residents switching apartments within our properties, are required to vacate in between lease periods for unit to be cleaned and prepared. We are NOT able to offer any storage options. No exceptions can be made to this policy.

All issued keys must be returned to our office at Madbury Commons or key drop off locations outside of each property no later than 5pm on May 24th, 2021. Keys will not be accepted after this time and fees will be added to the resident’s account for their replacement. Our key drop boxes will be placed outside of each property from May 20th-24th and will be accessible between 10am-5pm.

MOVING OUT PRIOR TO MAY 24 (what to expect)
An envelope for each resident with your name, apartment number, and bedroom letter will be included in the move-out packet which will be delivered and placed on the inside of the front door of each unit. Please put ALL keys provided to you when you moved into your apartment inside your envelope and return them to our staff or key drop off locations. For after-hours key returns please leave your sealed envelope containing your keys in our Madbury Properties Drop Box located to the right of the front door to our Leasing Office on the ground floor of Madbury Commons South Building. If applicable, one resident can place the mailbox key in their envelope and make note of the key enclosed in the envelope.

MAY 24, 2021 MOVE-OUT
Be sure to complete our digital Security Deposit Forwarding Form which can be located on your property website through our "Move-Out" menu option. There will be self-serve sign out tables in the courtyard of each property for residents to drop off their labeled key envelopes. Keys will NOT be accepted past the lease expiration date of May 24th and fees will be assessed for replacement.

Residents who moved out early and who will NOT be returning to Durham are welcome to mail their labeled keys and security deposit forwarding forms to our office address below:

DURHAM, NH 03824

Rosemary Lane
1 Front Door Key per resident
1 Bedroom Door Key per resident

Davis Court
1 Front Door Key per resident

Dennison Road
1 Front Door Key per resident
1 Stairwell Key per resident (excluding townhouse units)
1 Mailbox Key per unit

Mail Forwarding
Contact the local Post Office to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new home address by the lease expiration date. You can also visit to submit an online request to have your mail forwarded for a nominal fee. We will not be liable or responsible for any mail or packages that may be delivered to your unit after lease expiration date. Any mail items received for past residents are returned to the sender.

Once ALL residents and belongings are vacated, each unit will be inspected by a member of our Madbury Properties staff. Units will be assessed to determine maintenance and cleaning needs, in order to prepare the room for incoming residents. Staff will determine what, if any, charges will be applied to resident accounts. No individual inspection will be completed prior to all residents vacating the unit.

Remaining deposits will be returned to residents via mail within 30 days of the lease expiration date. A standard list of Charges for Repair or Replacement of items that will be used in calculating security deposit refunds is attached for your reference. Each resident must complete a Security Deposit Forwarding Form which can be accessed through the menu option labeled "Move-Out" on your properties website.

“Excepting only ordinary wear and tear from normal usage, you will be jointly and severally liable for all damages to the Apartment. In addition, you are responsible to us for any damages of any nature that result from your usage or the usage by your guests of any of the Community amenities and any of the systems or components located in the Community. If the party responsible for damages is identified, we may determine, in our sole discretion, to release you and other potentially responsible parties. We are not required to individually charge for damage in bedrooms or if responsible party is identified. Your obligations to pay the charges described in this paragraph will continue after the ending of this Lease.”

Eversource - If you are a resident at Davis Court, 5 Dennison Road, or Rosemary Lane, it is your responsibility to call Eversource and take the account out of your name, as of May 24th, 2021 (the last day of your lease). Eversource Customer Service can be reached at (800) 662-7764.

Comcast - If you are a resident at Davis Court or 5 Dennison Road, it is your responsibility to cancel your Comcast account and return the equipment to the nearest Comcast store.
If you are a resident at 22 Rosemary Lane, the cable and internet equipment is to remain in the unit. Any equipment that is missing, damaged, or not found in unit during inspection will result in charges for replacement.

Residents are required to return their unit in the same, clean condition it was received. Any further cleaning, repairs, and replacements will incur additional deductions from your security deposit. Our Cleaning Guide is included for your reference. In order to avoid additional charges against your security deposit, residents should clean according to the instructions provided.

Dumpsters: Beginning on May 14, 2021, an additional dumpster will be placed at Davis Court and at Dennison Road. Please break down bulky trash and place it as neatly as possible into this larger dumpster.

Planet Aid
Any sheets, blankets, clothes, or shoes can be placed in trash bags and put in the yellow Planet Aid dumpsters located in parking lot at Davis Court and Dennison Road. Please do not put regular trash in this dumpster.

Our experience has proven that following these steps will minimize the hassle of moving out for everyone, your cooperation is appreciated!  Contact our office at (603) 452-7030 email with questions regarding the move-out process.
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