Here is your Legislative Update and Action Alert from Tennessee Conservation Voters

Legislative Update and Action Alert
Before we begin, we would like to thank all of you for making Nature Votes 2017 such a big success!

Your support means a lot to us and we will work hard every day to make sure that we earned it.

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This early in the year, many bills are being delayed and many other bills haven't been fleshed out by their sponsors. Rather than try and unravel what is being deferred and what bills are actually about what they say they are about, we want to talk about an upcoming legislative push to make renewable energy more affordable for the average person - Property Assessed Clean Energy.

Download next week's calendar  here.

Download current bill list is  here.

Property Assessed Clean Energy
  • SB794/HB464, introduced by Steve Dickerson and Rick Staples, would enable local Tennessee communities to set up a financing mechanism to improve dwellings and businesses. This mechanism will allow property-owners to obtain private financing for qualified energy efficiency, water saving and renewable energy improvements that can be paid back with savings on utility bills.



  • PACE programs are 100% voluntary!
  • PACE covers everything from solar panels to weatherization upgrades to water-heaters and more!
  • PACE empowers business and home owners to make much needed efficiency upgrades without an exorbitant upfront cost.
  • PACE encourages capital investments that stimulate the economy!
  • PACE generates demand for local goods and services, this creates local jobs!
  • PACE legislation has been enacted in 32 states and has generated billions in economic activity - let's bring some of this money home!
Action Needed!

Will you commit to being part of the solution?

Bills don't pass in Tennessee without constituent support. As of now, many legislators don't know about PACE. Drop them a line and change that! This bill is just good government. Not only does it cut down on unnecessary energy and water usage, but it creates jobs and economic activity. That is something that everyone can get behind!

(PS, please let us know that you contacted your legislator. We want to keep track of who has been contacted so we know who to focus on.)
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