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Cynthia Aldinger
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What a blessed topic for our newsletter – Beauty ! It lifts it out of having a seasonal focus into something that offers us solace and spaciousness whenever we seek to find it. With both winter and spring woven into the following articles, we also find the gift of timelessness that lives in the overarching topics we are currently exploring over three newsletters – Goodness, Beauty and Truth. A few of our authors are already weaving this trio together in their stories.   THANK YOU to each of you for opening your heart to us.
In the name of Beauty, we are featuring Rosebud Preschool in Kimberton, Pennsylvania. In addition to being home to this amazing LifeWays Representative program, Kimberton is also one of the four locations in North America hosting our new Early Childhood Fundamentals Course (see details below) in August! We are super excited about this!

Again, I encourage you to take your time with this newsletter. We received an abundance of ...

To wonder at beauty,
Stand guard over truth,
Look up to the noble,
Resolve on the good.
This leadeth us truly
To purpose in living,
To right in our doing,
To peace in our feeling,
To light in our thinking.
And teaches us trust,
In the working of God,
In all that there is,
In the width of the world,
In the depth of the soul.
~ by Rudolf Steiner
Wool Felt and Drift Wood ~ Toy Making with Young Children
by Tracey Harrington
Beauty and the sense of the sacred go together. Beauty has to do with the way
the light comes through things and plays with the shadows and tones in and
around us. Quietly we are invited to pause for a moment and open our heart. It
nourishes our senses. As young children are playing or making their handmade
toys, attention and connection shines through them.

One day during the northern wildfires and the long two weeks of inside playtime due to air conditions... READ MORE
The Beauty of Pure Spirit
by, Kimberly Dorn
It was nearly 35 years ago when I walked into a Waldorf kindergarten classroom for the first time. Beauty met me at the threshold and beckoned me forward. The kindergarten was in a small “pioneering” school. The building itself, above a business in the midst of an urban setting, wasn’t pretty. The furniture wasn’t new. The carpet was shabby. Yet a rosy glow warmed me and the space was awash with veils of color.

Something that looked like an altar made me gasp at the mystery, grace and loveliness of nature that radiated from it. In every corner of the room true objects, true colors and true shapes fed my senses and instilled in me a feeling of peacefulness coupled with an impulse to step forward, interact with these surroundings, and engage with the beauty around me.

A person approached – this was the kindergarten teacher (on an Open House day with no children in the room). I asked her about the qualities of the space. She said something like, “In Beauty one feels well.” This moment changed the course of my life.

Beauty draws us in. It beckons us to engage. And so I did... READ MORE
Beauty of the Mohawk Language in our Early Years Program by, Otsistohkwi:yo/Melissa Elliott
by, Otsistohkwi:yo/Melissa Elliott
The history of education in my community, Ohswe:kon (or Six Nations of the Grand River Territory), is anything but beautiful. Education, as an institution, was introduced by the Government of “Canada” through the Catholic and Anglican church, with the sole purpose of assimilating our peoples and severing our connection to our land, families, and culture. Residential schools or government sponsored Boarding Schools operating from 1800s to the 1990s, were explicitly designed to “kill the Indian in the child.” Our languages, culture, and society were viewed as inferior, heathen, dangerous and a barrier to economic progress. As a result, children were ripped from our communities and taken to such institutions as “the Mush Hole” (or the Mohawk Institute, located in Brantford, Ontario) for “educating.” Children were abused, many died, and our own people even began adopting the belief that our peoples, languages, and ways are, in fact, lesser and a hinderance to our own progress.

With the trauma of Residential Schools still lingering in our collective consciousness, education has left an impression on our people that is cold, divisive and painful. So how do we, given this history and trauma, bring beauty to our youngest children’s education? This was a question that I held as I was tasked with developing the first Mohawk Immersion, Waldorf and Lifeways inspired preschool program at Skaronhyase’ko:wa Tsyohterakentko:wa Tsi Yontaweya’tahkwa ( The Everlasting Tree School) in 2017.

How do we, as Rotinonhsyon:ni peoples, define beauty? How do we carry this beauty in an educational structure as we work with our youngest children? Can this even be done within an educational structure? For those of us who teach at Skaronhyse’ko:wa, these questions inspire us to... READ MORE
Beautiful Crows
by, Megan Stair
I make it a point to take daily walks with my children. Though we live in the city, nature is always around us. Walking in nature with young children is both therapeutic and revelatory, mostly because nothing escapes a young child’s attention.

One morning, I noticed my sixteen-month-old son pointing at a crow. Transfixed, he stared at the neighborhood crows as they perched on the telephone wires, preening. That night in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about the look on his face. His face was so awe-stricken, so lit from within that one would think he’d just witnessed beauty personified. Then, as the crows took off toward the high branches of an oak, how his body shook with giggly joy!

What did he see in them? Crows were, to my mind, pesky city birds with shrill voices and a predilection for trash. What’s more, I’d never even noticed the crows in our neighborhood. For four years I’d walked the same stretch of neighborhood with my children; for four years I’d never noticed the bevy of crows that swooped down from the telephone wires to amuse and delight my tiny son.

The next day, I told my son we’d look for the crows on our walk. Right away, he noticed the crows sitting in the large oak. He began cawing and pointing feverishly, his attention completely occupied, his eyes large and limpid. The crow swooped down and landed a few feet from us, catching the sun, displaying the ebony iridescent sheen of his feathers. Together, we stared at the magnificent creature, laughing at . .. READ MORE
Beauty Can be Found in All Things
by Erin Houlihan
As an adult, I am continually grateful to spend my days with children who are still so strongly connected to the spiritual world. The mysteries and the magic of life is so much more accessible for them, in turn making it more available for me. I want them to believe in what is unseen, and so know, as the adult in their presence, I have to truly believe myself, or at least be open to the possibility of finding hidden gifts in our challenges.

With news of the day in our outer world, mixed with a shifting, somewhat uncomfortable transition in my own personal life, this task has certainly not simply been reflexive and assumed. And yet I continue to teach and be with young children so it is my responsibility to stretch myself and authentically find the beauty amidst the discomfort. But really the first step in doing this is embracing the challenge. With the children, this can be practiced when... READ MORE
Prelude to Winter & Winter Beauty
by Terry Rozhon (Mr. Terry) at Kinderhof Waldorf School, North Egremont, MA  
Prelude to Winter: A parade of lanterns through the woods, fairy houses and fairy fires light it up (magic), bonding at the bonfire, cider the children made and song, "This little light of mine."

Winter Beauty: When the room is dark, the harpist plays and the angel leads each child on a spiral to the light. Slowly the room illuminates and we see the glow on each child's face and know the beauty in the warmth of a silent night. Ten children in a circle tapping their drumsticks in rhythm to "Pa rum pa pum, pum." Eyes wide open, ears engaged to the puppet show..where do the bears go come winter!

When icicles hang on the Magnolia branches, ready for the taking--winter popsicles.

The breath of children napping under down rainbow beds, silent as the falling snow.

When the no man becomes the snow man.

When the child puts on his/her own coat, mitts, hat and boots with some
willing to help.

Where building blocks are chunks of snow and sand castles become snow castles until like, "MacArthur's Park," they melt in the dark.

Where children form a train on sled and slide down the hill in perfect unison, only to crash, roll and laugh at the station.
When you go caroling in the woods, knock on every door (tree) and sing ,"Joy to the World."
Cultivating Beauty in our Children’s Lives
by Sharon Lacay
This past December my son’s teacher led his class into a dark Eurythmy room and sat the parents around an outer circle. Our children were welcomed to sit closer to the arrangement in the middle of the room. Their little round faces sparkled with wonder reflecting the golden light from a grouping of snow colored candlesticks. One by one, holding hands with their teacher, they were given a candlestick and guided towards a green spiral of fir branches. A guitarist began stroking strings, echoing their gentle steps through the darkness. I remember my son glancing up towards me, his face in subtle awe. My heart was overflowing with pride as I saw a flash of all the leaps and moments that will merge together to become his full life. When he reached the center of the spiral, he lit his candlestick and retreated around the labyrinth, this time with his own clear sense of pride.

I cannot think of something more alluring than a child experiencing beauty with all twelve senses, within a single instant. The experience of watching him complete his very first spiral walk was the type of moment that brought
Discovering Beauty ~ Reflections of a teacher, parent, and a lifelong student of life’s wonders
by, Daniela Sales
Life on our dear Earth is truly a marvelous adventure. Along its course we will find ourselves in most interesting, and often rather magical moments. If we are ready to embrace their miraculous nature, we will be blessed with the experience of true Beauty. Beauty that is not easy to share through a photo, Beauty that is known with our full being when we are in its presence, Beauty that fills our soul with hope, love, and a sense of joy, Beauty we have no choice by to write with capital B.

It is remarkable to observe how fully young children embody a sense of true wonder about the world, and every day their bright eyes and warm open hearts inspire me to keep my own wonder alive. As a parent and a teacher, I feel continually blessed to have the most amazing moments in each day keeping me in the presence of lovely and timelessly beautiful things, beings, places, and experiences. Our presence as teachers and parents is so important to the children in our care, and a part of our responsibility to them is to... READ MORE
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
by, Madrone D’Ardenne
We have all heard the expression, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” To me, what this says is that each of us has our own unique way of experiencing pleasure, joy and inspiration through the senses, mind and spirit. When we recognize and admit the experience of beauty consciously, we honor a part of our soul, and sometimes the soul of another.

There can be many kinds of beauty— simple, terrible, awe-inspiring, heartwarming to name a few, and each can reflect a unique part of our constantly growing soul capacities for consciousness, connection and creativity.

The great philosopher and mystic Meister Eckhart said, “When the Soul wants to experience something she... READ MORE
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Rosebud Garden Preschool
Kimberton, PA
Every day at Rosebud Garden , we live life with intention and make decisions with a commitment to bring beauty into everything we do. Acting with intention in every aspect of daily lives helps us better focus on what we are striving to achieve. When we strive to cultivate an eye for beauty and keep this at the heart of our everyday lives, we live with intention and purpose. It leads us to greater fulfillment, greater joy and greater peace!
At Rosebud Garden we carry beauty with us, from the materials we select for our classrooms – wood, wool & cotton to name a few – to how we serve our food. When adults consciously present children with beauty, it is a gift we can give without explanation. It simply becomes the way we live and what we do. When children are surrounded by beauty, they feel it and it becomes a part of who they are.

Beauty nourishes every part of us and is deeply felt on a soul level. Our senses are nourished and our bodies are enlivened.

Beauty in Order
In Rosebud Garden, the children arrive each morning and are welcomed in the coatroom. The beauty of the coatroom can be seen and felt by its order. Simple beautiful rugs lay on clean floors swept the previous afternoon. Children’s boots are in order above their cubbies. Coats and jackets hang neatly on each child’s hook and baskets holding extra clothing are neatly tucked in place.

In the playroom, toys await the children’s hands and imaginations. Every toy has a place where it ‘lives’ and as with everything in the classroom, has been neatly ordered the previous day. Baby dolls rest together, wooden ducks and turtles wait in the pond ready to be played with again and play kitchens covered with beautiful plant dyed silks are ready to be unveiled and for the kitchen to once again be opened for another day’s tea and cake time. Order is welcoming, calming and restful to the eye and there is beauty in ... READ MORE

Want to know more? Visit Rosebud Garden Playschool online
Meet Chinyelu Kunz
Rosebud Garden Farmhouse
Chinyelu is a lead teacher in the Rosebud Garden programs. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the New York Institute of Technology, and her Master’s in Architecture from California Polytechnic University in Pomona, California. Chinyelu has also received Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training from Sunbridge Institute in New York, as well as a LifeWays Certificate in Human Development.

Chinyelu works with LifeWays North America to develop healthy programs in Rosebud Garden and adult training programs for early childhood teachers, parent educators, parents and caregivers.

“What I like best about teaching at Kimberton Waldorf School are the amazing children and families, the wonderful colleagues, the beautiful campus, and the incredible curriculum.”
WELCOME: NEW LifeWays Representatives
WELCOME! Outside Kids, an Ocean Forest Kindergarten in Atlantic Beach, FL
We believe a deep connection to nature in a young child will be a source of strength confidence and joy for a lifetime of learning and caring for our earth. MORE INFO
WELCOME! Paradise Farm Education Program
in West Bend, WI
When folks come to Paradise Farm they have an opportunity to deepen their experience with hands-on learning, reap what they have sown, and eat what they have harvested. They get to know the plants and animals at the farm. It is truly place-based education at its finest.  MORE INFO
LifeWays Representatives are highly regarded and offer the wonderful opportunity for students to visit places where they can see The Living Arts in action. Their approach to working with children and families is based on concepts taught in the LifeWays Early Childhood Certification Training with particular emphasis on Rudolf Steiner’s research on human development and care of the senses. All primary caregivers in LifeWays Representative locations have completed the LifeWays training, or its equivalent, or are currently enrolled in LifeWays training. Becoming a LifeWays Representative brings many benefits !
If you’ve been thinking about taking the LifeWays Certification Training, there is no better time to do it.
We’ve been waiting for you. Won’t you join us?
Open new opportunities - both professionally and personally - in the fields of early childhood, parent education and after-school care. Or enrich your life as a parent!

Our one-year , part-time curriculum includes over 200 onsite hours , with independent study and personal mentoring between sessions. It can prepare you to open or transform your own in-home program , classroom or early childhood center. Many parents also enroll to deepen family life.   

There is STILL TIME to save with early registration for upcoming trainings.
See below for details and links!
Sacramento, CA - begins 6/11/2019
LifeWays Certification Training ~ Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, California near Fair Oaks Village, a lovely village with free-range chickens! We will also have two retreat weekends at White Feather Ranch in the Sierra foothills!

Training Dates:
June 11, 2019 (Orientation Evening)
June 12–15, & 17-20, 2019
August 2-9, 2019
November 8-11, 2019
February 8–15, 2020

Contact: Sarah Riffle , Student Services Director,  916-743-7272
Jacksonville Beach, FL - begins 8/2/2019
LifeWays Certification Training ~ Jacksonville Beach, FL

Join us in sunny Florida! In this unique location, you’ll enjoy learning from experienced teachers and inspiring colleagues in the field, while walking on the beach during your lunch break! Jacksonville Beach is a choice vacation destination. Make a family holiday of your training time!

Enroll by July 21, 2019 and save $225!

Contact: Kyle Schaller , Student Services Director

San Francisco Bay Area, CA - begins 8/24/2019
LifeWays Certification Training ~ Bay Area, CA

The Bay Area training meets in the San Francisco Bay Area, eighteen Saturdays over 11 months (all day, 8am to 5:30pm). In addition there are three long-weekend retreats for cooking, gardening, outdoor observation, circle games, wet felting, puppetry, storytelling and more.

Enroll by July 15, 2019 and save $225!

Contact: Kate Hammond , Student Services Director
Looking for creative financing options to cover your tuition?

Start by visiting the Admissions and Fees page on the website for the application along with ideas and inspiration for payment options.

Allison Cruse, Boulder, CO LifeWays student shares with us her experience using Crowdfunding to raise the money she needed.

I think that the seeds for my fundraising campaign were actually planted awhile before I applied for LifeWays and officially created my Indiegogo campaign. I began talking with friends and family about the program and about my hopes for all of the amazing opportunities we could bring to children and families in our community. I talked with the parents of little ones who have been a part of our co-op efforts for many years, and new parents who were concerned about childcare/education opportunities in our town. Several people suggested raising funds and using community support to help pay for the costs of the program. It seemed like there was definite interest and support, so I applied for the Boulder LifeWays training and ...

Students from all over the world come together in LifeWays Online Courses! Join in the lively conversations as you learn alongside caregivers and parents from France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Iran, Nova Scotia, Portugal and more!
NEW! LifeWays Early Childhood Fundamentals Course
outdoors summer
Are you a new assistant or a parent volunteer in a LifeWays program? Will it be a little while before you can enroll in the full LifeWays Early Childhood Certification Training or a Waldorf Teacher Training? 

If so, this Early Childhood Fundamentals course
might be for you!

This unique experience offers:

* Immersion : a five-day in-person retreat to fill your toolkit with the basics of child development, care and education. Choose from four locations: Portland , OR; Milwaukee , WI; Kimberton , PA; or Ashville , NC

* Understanding : explore the work of early childhood with five mentoring sessions through the course of the year.  

* Connection : Students from all four locations will then join in the online course and mentoring sessions.

Your entire tuition paid for this course can be applied to the full LifeWays training!

Just opened March 1st!
The Living Arts Through the Seasons
Deepening the Development of Your Family Culture
Join our thriving community of parents, creating unique family cultures through connection in everyday home life. Get clear on who you want to be as a parent and how you want to spend your time in simple meaningful ways.

Themes in the SPRING edition include:
March: Clarity
April: Creativity
May: Renewal

By connecting to the rhythms in nature that exist all around you, and creating time to connect with your own intentions, you can embody the qualities you wish to cultivate in your parenting. Our warm and respectful community of parents and teachers are here to inspire, listen and share.
This self-paced course includes activities, stories and songs, craft tutorials, journal pages, daily planner, seasonal calendar, and more all under the guidance and magic of The Living Arts and includes a tutorial for creating a Parenting Circle in your own community with others who share your parenting values! .

Scheduled Courses
  "Friends, thank you. Your course has been my refuge for the last month. I started with a grumble of an overwhelming life and piles of "do this" balanced on my head and shoulders. But my soul needed this nurturing. Each article, the laughter in your videos, the cumulative wisdom, churned my thoughts and settled my busy limbs. "
~ Ren, Hawaii, regarding The Living Arts (scheduled) online course
LifeWays Online Courses are bursting with value!
* Learn with friends: enjoy a discount for your group of 5 or more!
* Come on back: repeat any course at a steep reduction (publication and certificate not included)!
* SAVE: Staff and Parents of LifeWays Representative programs receive 25% off!
Inspired Homemaking
with Rahima Baldwin Dancy

April 3 - May 11, 2019

Imagine a home life that is nourishing for every member of the family, including yourself!

Join  Rahima Baldwin Dancy   online for this five-week class in which you will build up a picture of your home life. Explore what is working for you and what isn’t on the physical, rhythmical, emotional, and spiritual levels of your home  more.

BONUS: LIVE Conference Call with Rahima!
Discipline with Loving Awareness
with Cynthia Aldinger

May 1 - June 1, 2019

The time-tested tools available in this course have served as inspiration to parents, caregivers and early childhood teachers for two decades.

Includes FREE audio download of Cynthia’s lecture, The L.O.V.E Approach to Discipline .
The L ivin g Arts
Cornerstones of Care for the Young Child
(birth – six) and for Yourself
with Cynthia Aldinger and Mary O’Connell

September 11 - October 12, 2019

15 hours of Continuing Ed

Join Cynthia and Mary for a four-week course exploring ways to use the Living Arts as the cornerstones for a solid foundation of learning for the young child and enrichment for your own life. Each week we will explore one of the Living Arts in detail and you will learn how to bring these activities into your life with young children, whether at home or in programs.

Includes The Living Arts Journal for your exploration of the concepts!
On-Demand Courses
Creating Your Family Culture
An Elemental Approach

Created by Mary O’Connell for parents of children from birth to 21.

We don’t always pay much attention to culture, but it’s always there. It holds us, sustains us, and informs the way we act, feel and think about the world. Wouldn’t you love to create the conditions in your home that help each family member live your shared values in a positive way with life-affirming practices?

The course uses the four elements of earth, water, air and fire as a starting point from which to create your own positive family culture based on your values.
Healthy Home Rythmns

This popular online course, developed by Kerry Ingram at Mothering Arts, supports you to create a balanced home rhythm rooted in presence and joy.

Create a more connected home life with the help of this inspiring, step-by-step, course that you can do any time and access again and again as the seasons—and your family—change.

Create time for fun, home-care, family traditions, self-care and nourishment.
Creating Home Away from Home :
A Course for Home Childcare Providers

This on-demand, at-your-own-pace, online course will help you open your own early childhood program at home providing relationship-based care steeped in LifeWays Principles.

25 CEUs

$99 for the online course, OR
$199 for the online course AND three (3) hours of private consulting (phone or video conference) with Mary O’Connell to assist you with your unique childcare business needs.
Parenting and Partnering with Jack Petrash

Can We Really Do This Work Together?
Couples Parenting, Co-Parenting, Single Parenting, Grandparenting, Multi-Family Parenting – All Are Welcome!
Join Lifelong Waldorf Educators for an engaging evening of content and conversation!

April 17, 2019 4:30-8:30 p.m.
in Fair Oaks, CA

ESSENTIALS of Homecare by Jeanne Schirm
"This is the book that I would like to tuck into the apron pocket of every LifeWays home caregiver. Now expanded to be a comprehensive support for creating healthy environments and tending to the healing processes of body, soul and spirit in both youngsters and ‘oldsters’. It’s a handy reference for preparing baths, poultices and wraps, now supported by a collection of carefully selected articles on homecare. ESSENTIALS of Homecare is a treasury of knowledge and insight that is the fruit of Jeanne Schirm’s life work as an anthroposophical nurse." 

Susan Silverio ,
Waldorf kindergarten teacher and LifeWays lead teacher

BUY IT HERE or EMAIL THE AUTHOR for bulk purchases
Whidbey Island Waldorf School is hiring!
Whidbey Island Waldorf School is seeking an early childhood nursery teacher with a focus on care for children from birth to 3 years old and their families. This position will include being the lead teacher for the Nursery class for children 1 - 3 years old from 8:15am - 12:15pm and facilitating a parent/ child program for children from birth - 3 years old from 9am - 11am. There is also a focus on outreach and parent support as this position is often the first school experience for families. Currently, the position is expected to be .8FTE with 3 days of Nursery classes and one parent/ child class each week.

Our School and Its Unique Island Location
Our school’s rich Waldorf tradition, high caliber teachers, engaged parent body and beautiful island location all combine to make us a “destination” school. Founded in 1985, the Whidbey Island Waldorf School is located on the south end of Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. Our school’s buildings are set amidst 100 acres of ecological trust forestlands where our classes often walk and study. Our island location offers a peaceful, family-oriented atmosphere with beaches, trails and easy access to several national forests.
For more information, visit .
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