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Spotlight A Team Member
If a staff member has given you exceptional service or you really enjoyed a virtual event, please share your feedback with us!
Celebrating National Donut Day
In honor of National Donut Day on June 5, we’re sprinkling you with a chance to win a Dunkin Donuts gift card! Please email or comment on the National Donut Facebook post your favorite donut. THREE lucky winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 4th. We have over 100 submissions so far!
New Friendships
So many new friendships have formed via online and we have so many new faces moving in! Please head over to the Residents Only Facebook Page to see the new friendship posting.
June Birthdays
Do you have a birthday in June? We would love to give you a virtual shout out! Please email your birthday.
Oh...It Went Viral
The Cereal Box Hack
Cereal is a breakfast staple in many households, but those cardboard boxes aren't exactly  ideal for long-term pantry storage . The flimsy cardboard flaps tear easily and never seem to stay closed after opening. The result? An unappealing look and cereal that dries out way too fast. If you're tired of ripped box tops and stale breakfast, here is the hack for you. Click Here to view the hack!
Whipped Coffee
We raised our eyebrows at first, too, but this stuff -- made from instant coffee, sugar and hot water -- looks absolutely delicious. So if you’re missing your favorite drinks, especially if they’re sugary or creamy, it’s worth giving it a try. Click Here to view the latest coffee trend!
Better Homes, Gardens, Tips & More
How To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry
Say good-bye to jumbles of cereal boxes and towers of canned goods. Conquer your culinary clutter with our five-step plan to restore your kitchen's order. Click Here to see how!
Beautification Award
We have noticed several of you sprucing up the landscaping of your home lately so let's make a contest out of it!

All quadrants of Victoria Park are welcome to participate.

We know that beautifying your home takes some time so we are giving several weeks to complete your project.

Please submit a before/after photo to by July 6 and your neighbors will vote!

Winners will be given a generous Lowes gift card!

*Please make sure you adhere to all ARC guidelines and any major changes have to be approved by the ARC. Guidelines can be found on *
Flower Arranging Tips
A florist at heart? These 10 tips will help your flower arrangements last longer and have a professionally polished touch.

Tip 1: Put flowers in water as soon as you get them home. Fill buckets with tepid water, add floral preservative, and then add flowers

Tip 2: Cut an inch off the stems using a sharp knife, especially if the flowers will sit a while before being arranged. The fresh cut will help the stems absorb water better. Click Here to view more tips.
DIY Home Projects
Have you found yourself redecorating your house a trillion times and putting those creative thinking caps on to spruce up something new in your home?! We want to see! Prizes are involved!
Please email your DIY projects by July 6.
Garden Party
When warm summer evenings inspire you to head outside for cocktails and appetizers, the season's riot of fresh herbs picked from ports on the back patio or from the local farmers market are just what you need to brighten happy hour. Gather up your family and head out back!

Send in your Garden Party photos to by June 15 for your chance to win a prize!
Know Your Weeds
Once you understand what kind of weed you're up against and it's primary method of spreading, you'll know the best technique to use to fight it with. Boiling water, liquid soap, and vinegar, if applied often, can set back weeds that grow in cracks between pavers, but for the rest of the garden, physical obliteration is the only way to deal with invaders. Don't let these pesky plants crash your garden party! Click Here for your weed guide.
Keep Those Kids Busy
Cardboard Box Painting
Have you done some online shopping lately? Put those boxes to good use before throwing them out! You can break down the boxes, tape them to your fence, lay them in your driveway or even in your backyard and let your kids paint away!
Easy Activities
Popsicle Bath : Let your child take a bath while eating a Popsicle. The mess is contained & the kids are happy.
Toy Parade : Tape lines on the carpet and set out some tiny toys to have a giant parade.
Play with Ice : Experiment with ice. Fill a bin with ice and add water. Ladle the ice, mix, scoop, and smash it. 
Whipped Strawberry Milk
*recipe serves 4*
8 Tbs. strawberry Nesquik powder
2 Cups. heavy whipping cream
1-2 Cups. almond (or any) milk

Combine the strawberry Nesquik and heavy cream.
Whip on medium-high speed for 2-3 minutes until thick and creamy.
Fill glasses halfway with ice and then pour them halfway full with milk of choice.
Top with whipped strawberry goodness and stir!
Health, Beauty & Fitness
Fitness Facebook Pages
Monday  - Tone & Trim 3.Go Live at 9AM Yoga Live at 7PM
Tuesday  - Express Workout (prerecorded via Tone & Trim 3.Go)
Wednesday  - Tone & Trim 3.Go Live at 9AM
Thursday  - Express Workout (prerecorded via Tone & Trim 3.Go)
Friday  - Tone & Trim 3.Go Live at 9AM

No social media? No worries!
Tone & Trim 3.GO via YouTube
Creating Healthy Habits
  1. Move your body no matter what
  2. Put your phone down
  3. Healthier eating choices
  4. Take a break!
  5. Eat your fruits & veggies
  6. Meditate
  7. Drink all the water you can
  8. Shut those eyes
  9. Take that first step
Click on the Facebook icon below to see all that I have in store for you.
Daily posts are made, prizes are given and some pretty cool surprises are revealed.
Come participate and stay connected to your neighbors. When adding this page, please submit your address and the name on your closing documents.
If you do not have social media and wish to get involved in these virtual activities, please email me to participate and to stay connected.

Lifestyle Director, Justine Tucker
Weekly Fun
Coffee Talk with Justine
Meet me every Monday morning for Coffee Talk. I post a question and then you have all week to submit your answer. The winner drawn at random is picked the following Monday. You have a chance to win a gift card to our local coffee shop, Trilogy!
Kid/Adult Book Fair
Every Tuesday kids can submit their book of choice. The winner drawn at random is picked the following morning and the book is delivered to your home. Same goes for adults on Thursday's!
Dinner Time
Every Wednesday evening we share what we are cooking up for dinner! See you Wednesday for some great dinner ideas shared by your neighbors!
Pizza FriYAY
Every Friday evening a family drawn at random is picked for a pizza dinner from our local pizza restaurant, Bronx Pizza. All you have to do is submit your favorite pizza to be entered into the drawing. We have over 500 submissions so far!
Furry Friend Projects
Show those furry members of your family some love. These super simple DIY pet projects are easy for anyone to do and the perfect way to pamper your pet!
Click Here for project ideas.
Whether it's recreating our favorite  restaurant's recipes at home  or  whipping coffee , a lot of us are cooking and baking at home more than ever. According to a food study looking at cooking during the novel coronavirus pandemic, half of Americans are  more confident in the kitchen  thanks to the increased time in the kitchen. And more than  60% of Americans  are looking for recipes using ingredients on hand.

Click Here for the 11 most recently googled recipes.
Giving Back
Doing what we do best as a back! Please join me in bringing hope to our neighbors in need by making a gift through the Victoria Park Virtual Food Drive. So many people in our community are struggling just to meet their basic needs, like nutritious food. Thousands of seniors, children, families, and others are counting on the support of caring people like  YOU  just to get by.

Please  click here  to donate whatever is laying on your heart to give.

We have raised  $2,488.00  so far!
Meet Your Lifestyle Director
Thank you so much for adding the Victoria Park Residents Only Facebook Page. We now have over 900 residents on it! With so many of us learning about one another virtually lately I thought I would introduce myself to you.

Justine Tucker here, your Lifestyle Director! I have have worked for Victoria Park for 8 years and look forward to more time spent with you. I am a momma to a very energetic two year old little boy named Easton and a wife to a Volusia County Sergeant. I was born and raised right here in DeLand and I graduated from UCF (Go Knights!) with my Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management. When I am not planning events you can catch me at the beach!

Nice to meet you! I look forward to meeting you in person, soon.
We Will Get Through This Together. Just Hang In There A Little Longer With Us!
Lifestyle Director, Justine Tucker |