July 4th Holiday
The City of Lincoln Park will be closed in observance of the July 4th Holiday.

Your garbage collection will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week.
From the Fire Chief - Fireworks Safety
The Lincoln Park Fire Department encourages everyone to be safe this year when using fireworks. With the advent of warm weather, many people are out enjoying the outdoors.

Make sure you're family celebrates responsibly, especially if you're near fireworks. Each year, thousands of people are injured while using fireworks.

Please consider the following safety tips:
  • Obey all local laws regarding firework use
  • Know your fireworks! Read all cautionary labels before igniting
  • Keep a close eye on all children at firework events
  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix
  • Only use fireworks outdoors in a clear area, away from buildings and overheard utilities
  • Never relight a "dud" firework. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket
Yard Waste Guidelines
  • Yard waste includes leaves, lawn cuttings, and shrub and tree trimmings.
  • Yard waste can be placed into biodegradable bags or containers of 35 gallons or less that are marked "yard waste" (50 pound limit).
  • Keep in mind, brush and limbs greater than 2 inches in diameter must be in bundles not longer than 4 feet in length, and not exceeding a total of 18 inches in diameter, or more than 50 pounds.
  • Compost stickers are available at City Hall and DPS.
  • Yard waste is collect on the same day your rubbish is collected.
Fireworks Regulations
As the July 4th holiday approaches, it's important to keep in mind the city ordinances:
  • Use is prohibited prior to July 3rd and after July 5th
  • Use is only permitted from 8am until 11:59pm on July 3, 4, and 5
  • Fireworks are prohibited until the next national holiday (Labor Day)

Remember, use fireworks with extreme caution and be mindful of your neighbors and other residents who may be sensitive to fireworks.

If you see/hear fireworks violating these dates/times, call dispatch at 313.381.1800 ext. 1
Council Point Park Clean Up
Looking for a volunteer event this summer for your organization or group? The City of Lincoln Park has partnered with Ecorse to help on the Ecorse Creek Clean Up event to occur on July 13th.

Those interested in helping can help collect debris along the creek bed, pick up trash throughout the park, and beautify the park.

Sign Up For Our Automatic Notifications
Did you know that you can sign up for automatic emails/ texts by enrolling in our E-Notify feature?

By enrolling, you'll be notified once new agendas or minutes are posted for several of our Boards & Commissions.

To enroll, simply select how you'd like to receive the updates and provide your cell phone or email address.
Curbside Etiquette:
Why Was My Trash Missed?
One of the most common reasons why our rubbish collection contractor misses pickups is because they simply did not see it!

It is important to place your cart so that the opening faces the street with the lid completely closed to avoid rubbish from falling in to the street. Be mindful to make sure the cart is not blocked by a vehicle or other curbside items.

Yard waste must be placed in designated paper yard waste bags or properly marked containers. Yard waste stickers are available at City Hall.

The yard waste truck will not stop to look in unmarked containers. All branches and twigs need to be cut in 3 foot lengths and bundled with twine. Filled bags must be less than 50 lbs. Please remember, dirt is not considered yard waste and will not be accepted.