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May 2016

At last month's annual conference of the American Occupational Therapy Association, there were two big prize winners who visited the Living In Place Institute booth.

  Samia Rafeedie
The first winner was Samia Rafeedie, Assistant Professor of Clinical  Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science at University of Southern  California. She won an IPad Mini.

The second winner was Cheryl Miller, 
National Director of Therapy Operations at HealthSouth  Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital, Sunrise Florida.  She won a Washlet® bidet style toilet seat, donated by TOTO®.
Still a few days 
left to enter...

This is a tremendous marketing opportunity to earn national recognition for you and your company. We encourage you to submit several of your projects, especially in the aging-in-place/universal design category. Let's all suggest to them that next year this category is changed to the positive Living in Place category!
The Living In Place Institute has been selected by Remodeling Magazine to participate in this year's Design Awards. Our  Co-Founder, Erik Listou, has been selected as one of four national judges.  CLICK HERE  to read more.

Entry date May 10th - Click HERE for more info

Three important questions when recommending grab bars.

Q. Are you recommending grab bars because an individual in the 
home has a specific need?
A. If there is a specific need, only a qualified medical professional can properly identify where grab bars should be placed, as well as other specific information such as weight requirements, diameter,angle,texture, etc.

Q.  Who is installing the bars? 
SecureMount ®  by Moen
A.  Only a trained professional can properly in stall a grab  bar. They know
 that the LAST PLACE to install a
 bar is in the studs! We reco mmend using hangers
 made specifically for the purpose and will hold the proper weight specified by the medical professional. We recommend using the SecureMount® system by Moen. Inexpe nsive, easy to install and made to hold up to 300lbs.

Q.  Who decides what style,color,etc.
A. Only a design professional knows how to discuss with the individual what style, color, etc to use.

TIP - Create a team of CLIPP professionals to make proper decisions about accessibility, comfort and safety!

Next CLIPP Training May 17-18
(CLIPP is Certified Living In Place Professional)
May 17-18, 2016  Kansas City, KS
Certified Living In Place Professional  ( 2 Day Certification Training) 
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June 14-15 West Hollywood, CA
June 22-23 Atlanta, GA
July 21-22 Pine Brook, NJ
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August 3-4 Denver, CO  ( Hurry , still six $100 Scholarship savings available for  NKBA Rocky Mountain Chapter members)
August 12-13 Philadelphia, PA
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October 27-28 West Hollywood, CA
November 8-10 ( resort on the beach) Playa del Carmen, Mexico  (Class 8am-noon, then have fun on the beach!)
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