Living In Place Newsletter
November 2015
Inaugural CLIPP training in Denver a huge success!

Here are some comments from attendees:

"I am excited to share the passion of the Living In Place Institute, I learned so much."
Mary Fisher Knott, Mary Fisher Designs

"The value is the added expertise I can bring to my clients. The Living In Place Institute concept is an additional value to the relationship with my clients.  CLIPP covers it all, aging-in-place, universal design, CAPS. "
Jan Neiges, Jan Neiges Design

"I never knew there was so much information that could make such a difference to my clients."
Barbara Barton, Barbara Barton & Associates

"This is the best education I have ever attended, my support for the Living In Place Institute will become even greater"
Gunnar Baldwin, TOTO, USA

"This course is comprehensive, well thought out and highly valuable to designers, contractors and other industry professionals."
Bruce Ramsay, Garaventa Lifts

"Very instructive, very worthwhile, I would recommend it to anyone."
Miles Grant, Genesis Homes

"I really enjoyed learning the tips, tricks and techniques of CLIPP! I highly recommend this course."
Marcia Reece,  Entrepreneur

"The most educational classe I have attended. I am better prepared to help my clients and help myself on all levels."
Leslie Oldham, Coldwell Banker Realty

Upcoming Events

Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP)    
November 12-13-14, 2015 (7:45am-5pm) 
H osted by Roth Living 17801 E 40th Ave, Aurora

This national certification course will take you beyond aging-in-place and universal design. 

Included is a disability experiential lunch session, led by an occupational therapist and a professional chef.

Attendees for November and February include:
  • Mitzi Beach, Designer, national speaker - Mitzi Beach Designs
  • Mary Jo Peterson, Designer,national speaker, author - Mary Jo Peterson, Inc.
  • Nathan Colburn, Owner, Accessible Systems
  • Robert August, Owner, North Star Solutions
  • John O'Meara, Key Account Manager, Hafele
  • Plus designers, occupational therapists, real estate agents, home inspectors, builders, remodelers and vendors from around the country


16 CEU Approved
The CLIPP course is approved for 16 of ASHI continuing education credits
2.4 CEU NKBA Approved
Upcoming Events

The Benefits of Designing to Live in Place    
November 12, 2015   (5pm-8pm)
Hosted by Capco Tile, 5800 East Jewell Ave, Denver, CO

Improve your business potential through designing all homes for accessibility, comfort and safety, regardless of the homeowners age or needs. This dynamic and entertaining seminar will take you beyond aging in place and universal design.Learn the principles of living in place design, how these principles will enhance your business, and how a standardized assessment is critical to improving your clients independence, comfort and dignity.

American Society of Interior Designers

ASID Logo          CEU Approved
Submitted by Ed Novik

90% of the homes over 10 years old have smoke alarms that may not work properly in a fire. 

  • Annual Battery Replacement - some brands twice per year 
  • Cleaning - When changing the batteries vacuum or use compressed air, the kind used for cleaning computer keyboards.
  • Testing - Before finishing the annual maintenance, push the test button on each alarm in the house
  • Home Alarm Systems - Consult with your monitoring company for maintenance
  • Every 10 Years - Recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), mark the replacement date on the alarm near the battery
  • Types of Alarms - There are two types of smoke alarms: Ionization alarms (more responsive to flaming fires) and Photoelectric alarms (more responsive to smoldering fires)
  • Wired Interconnected Alarms - Newer building codes require that all alarms will sound together
  • Wireless Interconnected Alarms - Great for older homes where re-wiring for wired alarms would be very expensive or simply not practical. 
Ed says,  "When in doubt, change it out!"