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The Maine legislature has mandated that all community public water systems, and non-transient, non-community schools and child care facilities sample their finished drinking water for PFAS.

If your system is required to test for PFAS in accordance with LD-129, we can help! We have partnered with an accredited lab to be your local contact for all PFAS Analysis. We have sample bottles on hand and can get you test kits as soon as you need them. No need to worry about shipping or thermal preservation failures. We have numerous free shipping locations throughout Maine and utilize courier services to the subcontract laboratory. We provide analysis by both accredited methods EPA 537.1 & EPA 533. All sample results can be directly reported to the Maine Drinking Water Program to ensure you are in compliance with the rule.

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PFAS Pricing

EPA 533 - 25 Compounds $350

EPA 537.1 - 18 Compounds $275

All prices include analysis of a field blank which is required by the State of Maine.



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