May 2, 2023

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Nearing the Finish Line


May has arrived and with it, the end of the school year is in sight. It's an exciting time for most students and faculty and it's important that we recognize the need for summer break. Science has shown that taking a break reduces stress and helps prevent anxiety and depression. This holds true for students and teachers alike, so encourage your students to take plenty of time to relax and enjoy themselves over the summer — and the same goes for you!

That said, we really wouldn't be doing our jobs as educators if we didn't point out that the risk of learning loss over the summer is real and we encourage you to do whatever you can to keep your student's brain engaged for the coming few months. Researchers estimate that most students start the academic year with achievement levels lower than where they were at the beginning of summer break. In addition, it appears the loss is greater in math than in reading.

As parents, guardians and mentors, we can all play a role in making sure that kids are getting academically stimulated over the summer, while also getting much-needed rest. So we encourage you to take advantage of many of the things offered locally. Our community is rich in interactive activities. The following activities should help you create a bucket list that is balanced and agreeable to everyone involved.

In the meantime, we thank you for all you have done to make the 2022-2023 academic year a success. Enjoy YOUR summer!

What's Happening in Our Schools


Tarhe student River Yzenski's dad, Mr. Travis, recently visited Mrs. Rarick's 3rd grade class and helped them with their life skill of folding laundry - military style! We are fairly certain this is a life skill we could all use! Do you know how to Ranger Roll a shirt? Learn how HERE.


Students had a great time recently combing environmental responsibility with their creative juices to design Earth Day posters! These posters emphasize the importance of clean water and conservation. They also explored the caring of plants.


Students recently got to learn about Sir Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion in a school assembly. Experiments and demonstrations included concepts of kinetic and potential energy, acceleration, gravity, friction and centripetal force!


Earth Day was honored by third grade students when they tackled the enormous job of cleaning up the playground areas. Our thanks for their efforts and for making our play area pristine!


April 26 was Administrative Professionals Day, recognizing the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists and other administrative support professionals. Central to any business, these professionals keep an office organized and efficient. And Gorsuch West honored their pros with a tasty meal at Deb's Corner!


The 7th and 8th grade choirs shared their talents and the gift of song to students at Tallmadge Elementary recently. Many thanks to directors David Bode and Amy Zeuch for coordinating this impressive choir!


Students in Baumgarder's Science class had an assignment they could really sink their teeth into! A unique way to illustrate the phases of the moon, they strategically removed the filling of sandwich cookies for each cycle! This is the kind of homework we like to repeat!


The senior construction students recently completed three replicas of actual Lancaster buildings to donate to Safety Town, including the new LHS. Members of the Lancaster Police Department came for the dedication. Safety Town will be offered June 5 - 9, 2023 and registration information can be found at HERE.


Lancaster City Schools Preschool is enrolling students for the 2023-2024 school year. LCS Preschool is a Center-Based Preschool Program that accepts students of all abilities. 

Ways to Get Enrolled:  

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