February 2016
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One-Stop Shop for Electronics Repair

All his life, Tyrone Hoskins has fixed things. Whenever a family member, friend or neighbor needed a cell phone, stereo, or computer repaired, they turned to him. Today, Tyrone is turning his technical know-how into a business-Cellular Emergency Room.   

Tyrone's business is located at 4226 Airport Highway and a satellite location at 4318 Monroe Street will open in early March. His store offers cell phones, accessories and cell phone activation plans. In addition, it's a full-service repair shop for every type of electronic equipment and appliance out there-from cell phones to televisions, computers to I-pods, stereos to video game systems.


"We're a one-stop shop," says Tyrone. "We fix just about everything, and if we can't fix it, then it's time for the garbage."

Tips for a Winning Web Site
Every small business needs a well-designed Web site. An on-line presence gives your business credibility, helps you land customers, and attracts business partners or investors, says Dr. Mingli Xiao, senior instructional designer , adjunct and graduate faculty, at the University of Toledo. 
Dr. Xiao shares the following tips for creating a winning Web site that stands out from the rest.

      1.) Start small. You don't need a complicated Web site starting out, says Xiao. She suggests hiring a Web designer or obtaining a Web site from a service like WiX or Shopify. "The premade Web site hosts are easy, ensure user friendliness and professionalism, and are low-cost," she says.

How to access capital

Getting capital can be a huge hurdle for entrepreneurs and small business owners-especially those just starting out. But whether you need working capital or capital for fixed assets, a traditional lender isn't your only option. 

  Many small business owners strike out when approaching a bank for a business loan. The reasons vary, says Allen McConnell, manager of the Minority Business Development Division for the state of Ohio's Development Services Agency. Banks often require too much collateral, need a business to show a track record of profitability, or require a borrower to have an excellent personal credit history, he explains. 

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