January 2016
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Turn resolutions into results

Many people resolve to improve their diet and get in shape in the New Year. But few stick with it. Constance Carlisle of Connected Fitness by C knows how to turn resolutions into results

Constance is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist in the Toledo area. She helps clients across the U.S. reach their health goals with customized nutrition and fitness plans. 
Staying healthy in our fast food culture isn't easy, says Constance. "We've all been conditioned to a certain type of lifestyle," she explains. "We believe that good food requires too much time to make, or that it isn't tasty or satisfying, but that's just not true."

Get insurance protection
You wouldn't dream of going without insurance coverage for your automobile or home. Your business deserves the same protection. For a relatively small monthly or yearly premium, business insurance will give you the peace of mind to know that your business could bounce back from loss. 
Business insurance isn't required by law, but some vendors and financial institutions require that you carry insurance in order to do business with them.
Your industry will dictate the type of coverage you need. But all businesses should carry Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance coverage at a minimum. CGL provides protection against bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by a business's operations, products or injury that occurs on the business's premise. 

Take control of your time
Who doesn't wish for more time in their day?  Small business owners especially feel crunched for time because they wear many hats while trying to grow their business. While it's not possible to add more hours to a day, it is possible to be more productive in the hours you do have.
Start the New Year off right with these tips for taking control of your time.
Tip #1 - Prioritize. Business experts talk about an 80/20 rule. Basically, 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your tasks. Figure out the 20 percent for your business. Every morning make a list of what needs to be done. The 20 percent tasks should be at the top of your list. Focus your energy on these tasks.

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