March 2016
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Dream Big, Think Global

Susan Bernard is the founder of SPB Global, a fast growing electronics distributor and sourcing firm based in Perrysburg, Ohio. As a Hispanic woman entrepreneur, she's proof that when believe in yourself and the American dream, there's
no limit to what you can accomplish. "As the child of immigrants, I've learned that you are not
 defined by your past, but by the potential of your future
," she says.

During the recession in 2009, Susan was laid off from an executive position in the electronics industry. She took the news hard, not just because of the financial impact on her family, but because she had poured her heart into her work. 
Everyone handles adversity differently. When Susan is dealt a setback, she grows stronger and looks for opportunity. She allowed herself one week to mope, then she got busy pursuing her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
Create a Safe Work Environment

Make safety and loss prevention a priority at your business. You don't have to hire costly consultants, you can utilize the many services offered through the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC), says Bernadette Delgado, BWC service office manager in Toledo. 

Most small business owners feel a deep sense of responsibility toward their employees, says Delgado. "The last thing they would ever want to happen is for one of their employees to be injured or even killed at work." 

Additionally, workplace safety directly impacts the bottom line. Substantial costs are associated with replacing an employee who is injured and unable to work. 

The Ohio BWC is an excellent resource for small business owners who want to create a safe work environment and prevent losses, says Delgado. "We are here to help at no cost. Don't wait until you have a claim to reach out to us." 


Finance Advice

Do you have a clear financial picture of your business-its past, present and future? The most successful entrepreneurs do, says Jim Weber, CPA, founder and business consultant at Weber O'Brien Ltd., in Sylvania, Ohio.

"How can you know where you're headed if you don't know where you are?" says Weber. "And how can you know where you are if you don't know where you've been?"

Weber has more than 40 years of experience serving as an advisor and certified public accountant for entrepreneurs and startup companies. "Finance is the difference between life or death for your company," he says. "Don't make it an afterthought and don't hide from reality. Reality is a good thing. A smart person wants to know the facts and to analyze the facts." 

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