September 2015
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Smart Business Family Business Conference 2015

Every family-owned business needs a succession plan. At the Smart Business Family Business Conference held on July 22 in Toledo, local experts shared advice on how to lead your business into the future.

The panelists stressed these key points:
1)      Develop a succession plan and revisit it every 3 to 5 years. Always communicate your current thinking early and often to all family members.

2)      Involve third party facilitators. The facilitators should know you and your family well and understand your business. But they should be independent experts that can negate some of the emotion that can arise in planning for family businesses.
Voces Latinas   
Maryori Rios, voice of the Latino community
Tony and Maryori (Marjori) Rios, husband and wife entrepreneurs, are th e v oice of the Latino community in Northwest Ohio. "We are so proud to be Hispanic ," says Marjori. "Our most important goal is to keep our culture alive and to educate people about the different Latino countries an d cultures."

Tony Rios Enterprises, Inc., provides video, photography, music and voice over services to clients. The company also produces a weekly television show "Voces Latinas" that airs on Buckeye Cablesystem Channel 69 on Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 7 p.m.  

id y our company do business with the state of Ohio this y ear? If not, you are missing out on an incredible opportun ity. We can help. Make an appointment with the Northwest Ohio MBAC today.

The state of Ohio procured $228.5 million worth of products and services
Portia Ash
Northwest Ohio
MBAC Director
from over 325 minority-owned companies across the state of Ohio in 2015 under the Minority Business E nterprise (MBE) program. At the MBAC, we can help you ge t your business MBE or EDGE certified.

We also have a procurement database to help you identify state agencies  with dollars to spend in 2016 on the products and services you offer. And, we can walk you through the process of submitting bids for your business to work with the state.

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