Fall 2016 - In This Issue:
Looking to buy new?

Updating or replacing your computer? Be sure to contact Metron Support Services to ensure a successful transfer of your Metron Imaging Software and Database.   

Click here for the technical requirements for a new laptop. 

Purchasing a tablet PC?  This document targets technical detail for tablets. 

Contact us if questions!
Successful backups.

Is your practice included in the 101,000+ successful Metron file backups we have recorded since we started offering this automated service in 2014??

If not, you should be!! Metron Back ME UP is a n onsite backup option available as part of your active Metron Support Services agreement.

Metron 7.40...it is here!

Metron 7.40 has been released. Here is just a sampling to be included in this Metron Software version:
  • Low Exposure Warning
  • Automated Stitching
  • Manual Stitching Feature
  • Metron Web-Viewer Features
Contact us if you are not updated to Metron 7.40. We want to make sure you are able to benefit from all the latest featues!
Watch for your Winter METRONews ...

The Winter METRONews will be emailed Tuesday, January 3, 2017.


Welcome all new Chiropractors!
Metron Imaging Software has features for you.
Good posture and a strong back are so important as we all go about our daily routines....work and play. Since so many people will suffer back pain in their lives, it is critical to properly diagnosis any issues in the early stages so everyone can return quickly to their active lifestyles.

Metron supports Guided Mark-Up to aid the practitioner in patient diagnosis of the spine including lumbar, thoracic or cervical. This training session will discuss the importance of the Metron measurements depicting an ideal spine measurement compared to your patient. The Max Cobb Angle is just one choice in helping to diagnose scoliosis.

View video. Video Length 10 minutes

The benefits of your loyalty.
The Metron Support Services Team is happy to support you! We also appreciate the support each doctor, technician, or staff assistant gives back to us. You truly do help us help you! 

So, what is in it for you? What are the benefits of Metron Support Services? Why is it great for your practice to remain supported throughout the years?

Here are just a few benefits you may or may not be taking advantage of:
  • LIVE Personal Support Services available daily
    Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST
  • Personalized Basic and Advanced Metron Software Training Sessions
  • Support Services Website
  • Online Training Sessions plus How-To Documents
  • METRONews - the quarterly newsletter packed with information including Practice Highlights and Best Practices tips...and other fun stuff!
  • Image Quality & Technique Assistance
  • Automatic Software Upgrade when available
  • Metron "Back ME UP" Service. Onsite, Automatic and Monitored by us. Call to schedule setup. 

    Questions?? Just contact usWe are happy to help
Metron Support Services
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Metron-MD is medical imaging software particularly focused on chiropractic and podiatry. 

It features world class imaging algorithms, calibration and measurement tools, multi-image stitching, report generation, full DICOM compliance, and more.