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Support Services Tips

Metron Web-Viewer User ID
The User ID can be customized at the time the X-Ray images are being sent to an independent viewer.

As an idea, use your client's  phone number since it is unique for each patient. Use dashes or merge the numbers together. 

As a reminder, no spaces are allowed in the User ID configuration.
Best Practice 
Exit out of Acquire Mode  when you have completed taking  X-Rays either for a patient and at the end of your work day. 

You can do  this by clicking the Study List button to return to the Metron Study List screen.
Is your practice included in the 235,000+ successful Metron image file backups we have recorded since we started offering this service in 2014?

If not, you should be!! Metron Back ME UP is an automated, onsite backup option available as part of your active Metron Support Services.  It is monitored by your Metron Support Services Team and we will alert you if we notice multiple missed backups.

Click here for more information and then give us a call for set-up!
How do you use Metron? What is your best X-Ray story? Here is your chance to share how you are using Metron and tell us about your practice. Maybe you are being creative with Metron...tell us about it! We just ask for a few minutes of your time. 

Contact us to be featured in the METRONews Practice Spotlight.
Watch for your Winter METRONews... 
The Winter METRONews will be emailed Tuesday, January 8, 2019. 
Metron Image View Options
View X-Ray Images on Tablets to Cell Phones

Have you ever wondered if you could view your Metron images on another device without the Metron Imaging Software installed?
The Metron Web-Viewer is a great feature because you can post images and reports which can be viewed on any device, anywhere. Once posted, you can view the images and reports on tablets, phones, laptops, and servers just by going the website portal
The best part...it is FREE!

Why would you post images? Many reasons! Sharing is caring! 
Plus you can share images with the guided or free markup detail displayed. With that information, you can emphasize areas of interest. Add voice annotation to the image file recording a message for your patient. Posting reports about the study is a definite value as well since you can include the guided markup table of parameters.

There are two approaches to use this feature: 
In Practice Use. If you have several exam rooms and you would like to view X-Ray images with your patients, you are able to do so. Or if the doctor would like to look at the images on his/her own office or home computer before consultation.
Sharing images outside the office with a client or referral clinic. With this method, you will create a unique user ID - preferably the client phone number. (See the Support Services Tip in the left column.) Doctors or technicians would post images and reports either when they receive a request from their client or after the study is completed.  Metron users call, email, or text their client providing the Metron Web-Viewer website, User ID, and password for client access. 
You can post as much and as often as you would like to the Metron Web-Viewer. Just remember after a week the images and reports will automatically be removed. 
With the Metron Web-Viewer, you can bring your practice up a notch by sharing valuable Metron X-Ray image information with your patients. Click here for an instructional document.
Your Support Services Team
Meet Erin and Eric!

ALWAYS happy to help!

Hello! My name is Erin and I have been working with the Support Services Team for almost two years in multiple roles and I am super excited to be returning to a Support Services Representative position!

I have spent most of my working career in the customer service field. I strive to ensure helpful and exceptional service on every call to provide you with an enjoyable experience. 

Outside the office I enjoy my family time which includes my favorite guy Cody, caring for our two daughters, and a dog named Ryder. 

Oh, and I do love sports - participating and as a spectator. The Milwaukee Brewers are a fan favorite and I enjoyed a trip to Miller Park this summer! 

I look forward to your calls!

Erin - Support Services Representative 


Hi! I was born in Green Bay and have lived here my entire life, except for just one year when I lived in Houghton, MI while attending Michigan Tech. I graduated from St. Norbert's College, and have since been working in Information Technology. 

What do I like to do when I am not helping our wonderful clients? I love enjoying the outdoors with my dogs Jericho (Jerry) and Maisie (Mase). Both are bully breed mixes that I rescued from local shelters. Jerry is about 6 years old, and Maisie is 3. 

I am a car enthusiast, particularly older cars, and have recently finished working on a 1970 Chevy pickup that I enjoy driving.

I also enjoy working in the garage, and riding an array of motorized sports vehicles including my motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile. Wisconsin is a state you can enjoy during all four seasons!

Eric - Support Services Technician Lead

Metron Support Services
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