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Metron Web-Viewer User ID
The User ID can be customized at the time the X-Ray images are being sent to an independent viewer.

As an idea, use your clients's phone number since it is unique for each patient. Use dashes or merge the numbers together. 

As a reminder, no spaces are allowed in the User ID configuration.
Updating your computer? 
Updating or replacing your computer? Be sure to contact Metron Support Services to ensure a successful transfer of your Metron Imaging Software and Database.    

Click here for the  technical requirements for a new laptop. 

Purchasing a tablet PC?   This document targets technical detail for tablets. 

Contact us if questions!
How do you use Metron? What is your best X-Ray story? Here is your chance to share how you are using Metron and tell us about your practice. Maybe you are being creative with Metron...tell us about it! We just ask for a few minutes of your time. 

Contact us to be featured in the METRONews Practice Spotlight.
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Make Metron Your #1
Your Primary Source for Diagnostic Images

Does your practice have multiple X-Ray systems using different programs to acquire and store your images?  It can be cumbersome to have your images spread across different platforms, taking up valuable time searching for the right set of radiographs.  

Metron works with most X-Ray devices and can provide a central location for all of your images to be stored, also giving you access to the great Metron features you already enjoy...such as Guided Mark-Up and the MedViewer (Metron Web-Viewer).  

If you would like to learn more about how Metron can be your main source for all your X-Ray, please contact our Support Staff.
Why use a PACS?
Large database? Store and retrieve images with ease

Metron originated as the best image acquisition software in its class. Over the last several years, we have grown Metron into a DICOM communications hub. Metron supports nearly all of the major DICOM function and PACS roles.

PACS "Picture Archiving & Communications Systems". 

DICOM " Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine" is the standard method of communications and image file transfer between computers within medical practices. The purpose of DICOM is to help facilitate the transfer and share of digital images between systems that are not from the same manufacturer or supplier...or even in different locations, at independent companies, and users.
While Metron's lead role is "Acquisition", consider looking into the advantages of combining images from other acquisition sources into Metron.  Use Metron as your PACS; combine the different modalities (image sources) into one common database.  This approach simplifies staff use for image retrieval and report generation.   In some cases, it is even possible and beneficial for you to use Metron software to improve the performance of other existing X-Ray acquisition systems.  
Why would you use a PACS? First, you may have a large existing database of X-Ray images and your practice produces a lot of 
X-Ray images every day.
Second, perhaps you have several viewstations with technicians simultaneously accessing the same image database during the day. This "high traffic pattern" could tax your X-Ray acquisition computer (acting as the PACS) slowing it down and making it less efficient for each user. A dedicated PACS database provided on another computer gives added space to store and access your images separate from your daily  X-Ray acquisition activity. 

Integration  is the keyword with PACS and DICOM working as important pieces.   Practices will always be challenged to pick the right amount of integration - too much and you have more complexity and expense than you need - too little and you suffer from staff inefficiencies and medical practice deficiencies.  Metron is both a product and a service.  

Contact us to help assess your options and make good choices.
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Metron-MD is medical imaging software particularly focused on chiropractic and podiatry. 

It features world class imaging algorithms, calibration and measurement tools, multi-image stitching, report generation, full DICOM compliance, and more.