Summer 2019 - In This Issue:

Give Something Away Day
Monday, July 15

National Drive-Thru Day
Wednesday, July 24
What is your favorite stop?

Sunday, August 4

National I Love My Feet Day
Saturday, August 17

Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
Friday, September 13
What's for dinner?

Autumn Begins
Monday, September 23
Holiday Support Hours

Metron Support Services will be closed Labor Day, Monday, September 2 so our team can enjoy the holiday with their family.

Normal business hours of 8:00 am-6:00 pm CDT resume Tuesday, September 3. See you then!   
Online Support Forms 

Want to submit your support request online? Have a Metron Software feature you would like to suggest?

Now you can inform the team at Metron Support Services using online forms available on the website! 

Go to the  Contact page and click the form you want to complete.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Watch for your Fall METRONews... 
The Fall METRONews will be emailed Tuesday, October 1, 2019. 
Summer could be the perfect time
Database Archive and Cleanup
Are you wasting valuable resources on your acquisition X-Ray PC (Disk Space, Memory, CPU) that causes your Metron Imaging Software to perform slow? Are you receiving constant notifications from our Customer Service Team that your disk space is low?

Think about the last time you tried to clean up your Metron Database....can't remember?
  • Do you have owners, patients or studies with no images in your Metron Database?
  • Do you have unnecessary cluttered records in your Metron Database that need to be archived or cleaned up?
  • Do you hate cleaning up the duplicate owners or patients because there's just no simple way to merge them without taking a carefully measured risk?
There are some good tools now in your Metron Software. So, if you think it is a lost cause, perhaps this is the year you need to devote time.  Call us to perform basic Metron Database archive and cleanup of your X-Ray files. You'll see the rewards in increased PC performance.

Get into the habit! Set an annual date on your calendar to call us at 1-877-638-3868 so we can archive your Metron Database and cleanup the unwanted records. We can then host a mini celebration when you completed the task!
Windows 7
Microsoft Support ending January 2020
As of January 14, 2020, updates and support will no longer be available for the Windows 7 operating system. Many of you have called in wondering what this means and if Metron will continue to work. 

The most important thing to know about this Microsoft announcement is Microsoft will no longer send security updates to Windows 7 computers. This means Windows 7 will be more vulnerable to external threats, and new protection improvements will not be offered.

Your Metron software will continue to function on your Windows 7 computer and we will continue to support you if you have any troubles with Metron.  However, it is a good idea to begin planning to move your Metron software to a newer, faster computer running Windows 10. Over time, even Metron, with its growing list of new features, will struggle to work well on older computers running Windows 7.  

Note: While the Metron software itself runs on Windows 10, your 
X-Ray acquisition hardware (DR Panel,  CR Scanner) may not be compatible with Windows 10. If you do not know if your X-Ray acquisition hardware is compatible with Windows 10, please make sure to contact us before purchasing a new computer as we will be able to check on the operating system requirements for your particular acquisition hardware.

When your practice does decide to upgrade to a newer computer running Windows 10, call us and we will help you migrate your Metron Software and database to your new computer.

Metron Support Services

Metron-MD is medical imaging software particularly focused on chiropractic and podiatry. 
It features world class imaging algorithms, calibration and measurement tools, multi-image stitching, report generation, full DICOM compliance, and more.