Winter 2016 - In This Issue:
A new year, 
a new opportunity, looking ahead.

All of us at 
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thank you for your business, loyalty, and support in 2015. 

Let's make it a great 2016!

Metron 7.40 coming 

Metron 7.40 Release is coming in early 2016! Here is just a sampling to be included in this Metron Software version:

Panel Connectivity Display
Low Exposure Warning
Automated Stitching
Metron Web-Viewer updated
Make a habit to reboot 

To keep all your daily software programs (including Metron Imaging Software), operating smoothly, make a habit to occasionally close/log out of all your programs and reboot your computer.  

This good advice can also be applied to iPads, Android phones, and more.   
Who has your  back? 

We do...and it is part of your active Metron Support Services!

Click here for additional information about backing up your Metron images and contact us to get set up!
The Best of 2015
A lot can happen in a year!
Let's review a few of the articles from what we believe to be the "Best of 2015." Great stuff from a year that is now a part of our history but forever building blocks for 2016 and future years.

Multiple Clinic Sites and Metron
View Metron images at any site and on multiple devices

Your clinic may have more than one physical location/site and each produces radiographs.  You may also want an easy way to view existing radiographs of site 1 while you are at site 2.  Or you could be at home or on a trip and want easy access to all images from both sites. 

Well, you can now easily access all of your images by installing and configuring Google Drive on your Metron Acquisition PCs.  Metron will automatically export X-Ray images to your Internet Google Drive.  With a normal speed Internet connection, an image will be available for viewing in just a couple of minutes from any other computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Why use a PACS?
Large database? Store and retrieve images with ease

DataLogixx C-PACS makes it easy to store X-Ray images from Metron as well as X-Rays from other radiology systems, MRIs, photos, CTs, and Ultrasound Cine-loops.
Why would you use a PACS? First, you may have a large existing database of X-Ray images and your practice produces a lot of X-Ray images every day.
Second, perhaps you have several viewstations with technicians simultaneously accessing the same image database during the day. This "high traffic pattern" could tax your acquisition computer (acting as the PACS) slowing it down and making it less efficient for each user.

Internet Speed Importance
Upload speed important for DICOM Send

Click here  for a tool which is very easy to use. Choose the city nearest you and let it run. 
Today's computer is almost useless without the Internet. A new computer is unfairly judged by the speed of the Internet connection it is tethered to. 

The US Internet speed averages for download and upload are 22.9mbps and 10.5mbps.  We often find practices with Internet subscriptions that do not automatically increase their speeds.  
Contact your ISP for a description of their automatic speed increase practices.  If you are well below the average, you will likely get a bump up just because you called and asked about it. 
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