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We have your
A Metron Database backup can be easy to setup and complete. If you are not already in the habit of performing backups, let's get you started!

Our Back ME UP service will back up your Metron image files to your external hard drive. It is automatic, monitored, and onsite in case you need it. Plus as a supported client, it is included in your Metron Support Services.

Questions? We have  answered a few for you here.
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How to verify success
Do you already have the Metron Back ME UP service? Want to verify you have a recent backup? 

Watch for your Spring METRONews... 
The Spring METRONews will be emailed Tuesday, April 4, 2017.
The Best of 2016
Another year in the books!

No doubt so much happened at your practice in 2016 and as you look forward to all that 2017 will bring,  let's take a moment to review a few articles published last year. 

Metron Web-Viewer Updates
Share images in multiple formats...including DICOM!

New image manipulation features became available in Metron 7.40. You and your recipient of the images are able to do more!

1. Zoom in or zoom out
2. Brighten or darken the image
3. Adjust the contrast
4. Easily reset the image to its original state by clicking the reset
5. Images are now larger on the screen
6. Download a single image or an entire study
7. Download as JPG or DICOM

NOTE: Your Metron System must be DICOM enabled for the DICOM capability feature.

Training Videos for Chiropractors
Good posture and a strong back are important for all of us.

Since so many people will suffer back pain in their lives, it is critical to properly diagnosis any issues in the early stages so everyone can return quickly to their active lifestyles.

Metron supports Guided Mark-Up to aid the practitioner in patient diagnosis of the spine including lumbar, thoracic or cervical. 

View your choice of online tutorial videos!

Training Videos for Podiatrists
Our feet are the foundation of our body and play an important role.

Generally the first to touch and the last to leave the "ground floor" each and every day, our feet deserve care and proper diagnosis when problems arise.

Metron supports Guided Mark-Up for five different measurements of the Foot AP including the Talonavicular Angle and MTP Joint Angle. The Lateral foot region is also supported.

The Benefits of your Loyalty
The Metron Support Services Team is happy to support you!

We also appreciate the support each doctor, technician, or staff assistant gives back to us each day. 

So, what is in it for you? Why is it great for your practice to remain supported throughout the years?

Here are just a few benefits you may or may not be taking advantage of in your practice.

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