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How do you use Metron? What is your best X-Ray story? Here is your chance to share how you are using Metron and tell us about your practice. Maybe you are being creative with Metron...tell us about it! We just ask for a few minutes of your time. 

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A New Year has arrived
Take advantage of these training opportunities included with your Metron Support Services.

Welcome to a brand new year!! Now that we have celebrated, we are happy to dive into 2018 helping you continue to navigate and take advantage of all the Metron Imaging Software offers to your patients and staff.

Are you new to Metron Support Services or just recently completed your basic training and are comfortable navigating the Metron Imaging Software?   Perfect first step!

However, do not forget to contact us when you are ready to take on your Advanced Metron Software Training Session. This is LIVE phone training available with one of our Metron Support Services technicians for as many doctors and staff who would benefit. It is generally planned for one hour or less and can be personalized for you so let us know the Metron Software features you would like to cover.  

Also, have you hired new staff to your practice since first implementing the Metron Software? Contact us to set up the Metron Basic Training to provide anyone on your team the opportunity to learn the basic process steps and features of the software. It can also be a refresher session for anyone.

Both training sessions are included with your annual Metron Support Services and can be scheduled at a convenient time and repeated as best for your practice. Good Internet connectivity and speaker phone capabilities are a plus for these sessions.

Winter Walk Day

The United States should follow in the footsteps ( literally) of our northern neighbor and participate in the "Winter Walk Day". 

Wednesday, February 7 is Winter Walk Day across Canada. The day provides the perfect opportunity for parents, children, 
co-workers, and neighbors to get outside and stretch their winter weary legs! Even if you can just take the time to walk 15 minutes, it can be enough to get the habit started and encourage yourself to walk further and longer each day.

This simple exercise can often be overlooked and is easy to ignore - especially during the long cold winter months. Walking helps to maintain healthy bones, joints and can even lower your blood pressure. 

So, bundle up and go for a walk wherever you live! Your body will thank you.
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Metron-MD is medical imaging software particularly focused on chiropractic and podiatry. 

It features world class imaging algorithms, calibration and measurement tools, multi-image stitching, report generation, full DICOM compliance, and more.