MSS friendships truly stand the test of time...
December 2017

Bear with me, because this is a long story, but I hope you will enjoy it. At the MSS fundraiser in March of this year, I ran into Mrs. Marian Williams, who was attending with several of her children, all of whom graduated from MSS. She told me that she had recently seen an article in the Frederick News Post, in the "50 Years Ago Today" feature. Well, on March 6, 1967, the big news was that Katie Marshall and Beth Morningstar (MSS 1970) had fallen through the ice at Tom's Creek where it runs through the former St. Joseph's College campus and had been rescued by a Mount student. Of course I remembered this well-it was a fairly unforgettable incident. Mrs. Williams and I shared a laugh over this revisiting of my childhood bad judgment (honestly, I KNEW venturing onto that ice wasn't a good idea, but I did anyway---as did Beth!)
At home, I looked up the article online and sent a link to Nora Ligorano (MSS 1970), who had been with us that day, as had Susie (MSS 1969) and Jo Morningstar (MSS 1972). Well, Nora forwarded it to Beth, who forwarded it to all her sisters, and before you knew it, we were planning a reunion of the players on that fateful day. It took six months for us to find a date that worked for everyone, but finally we did, and the photo below shows us having a great time together. My sister Elaine (MSS 1975) joined us, as did Mary Morningstar (MSS 1973) and Nora came from Brooklyn and Beth came from Buffalo for the event. It was a fun-filled reunion as we reminisced and caught up with each other, since it had literally been decades since some of us had connected.

After lunch, Nora and I continued our "trip down memory lane" and headed up to Emmitsburg where we enjoyed a great visit with Lynne Phelan Robinson (MSS 1971), Carol Phelan-Marsh (MSS 1973) and Diane Deegan Bittle (MSS 1971) at Lynne and Carol's lovely home. An added bonus was when Mrs. Dottie Phelan came by to visit as well-what a treat to see her! While I've had the good fortune to stay connected with these folks through Mother Seton and the Mount, Nora had not, so that made the day even more special. And it all started because I ran into Mrs. Williams at the MSS fundraiser!  

(Left to right) Elaine and Kate Marshall, Nora Ligorano, Beth, Susie, Jo and Mary Morningstar
And, just to clarify, Beth and I were in no danger of drowning. As many of you know, Tom's Creek isn't very deep at that place, and the water only came up to our knees or so. And although the article in the FNP didn't mention this, the Mount student actually tumbled into the water as he tried to rescue us, and his girlfriend had to pull him out! (It was still very gallant of him to come to our rescue and we appreciated it!).
So, on to the activities of other MSS alums, who have real accomplishments to their names, not simply the notoriety that comes from falling through the ice into Tom's Creek 50 years ago!

May you all enjoy a happy and relaxing Christmas season, full of the blessings of family and friends!

Kate Marshall
MSS Class of 1969  
Classes of '14 & '15

Our Catoctin High School students are winning accolades and awards, and we couldn't be more proud. 

Starting off with the National Honor Society, the MSS Class of 2015 included four NHS inductees, Tara O'Donnell, Haleigh Bowling, Isabella  Alley and Adrianna Bussey

Class of 2014 inductees included Stephen Hochschild and Gabriella Ferarro, who is also a member of the English Honor Society and the National Art Honor Society. 

In addition, several alums were either inducted into Mu Alpha Theta, the Math Honor Society, or are currently members.

(Left to right) Stephen Hochschild, Jack Malachowski (inductee), Edison Hatter, Noah Wivell (Treasurer) , Alex Wivell (inductee), Grace Mazaleski (Secretary) and Kim Shields (inductee). All are members of  the MSS Class of 2014, except for Jack and Alex, who are MSS Class of 2015.
A parent of one of the NHS inductees shared this news with us, and added "MSS provided such an excellent education. MSS truly teaches the students that self-discipline and a strong work ethic really pay off."

Thank you---we strive to prepare our students for the challenges they will face after they graduate from MSS.
Hannah Hartness '15

Hannah (second from left) was on a team of four Catoctin High School students that placed 15th in the NATION in the Farm and Agribusiness Management competition, earning a silver placement as a team. Individually, Hannah also earned a silver placing-congratulations! 

Paul Nield '08

Kudos to Paul Nield (MSS 2008), who graduated from the Maryland State Police Academy on July 9, 2017, and is currently stationed in Prince George's County, MD. Paul is a 2016 graduate of the Mount. 

Edison Hatter '14

Photo by Dan Gross FNP
Edison Hatter (MSS 2014) isn't content to rest on his laurels, which include President of the National Honor Society at Catoctin High School and serving on the Citizens Advisory Council for the Frederick County Board of Education. He recently filed to run for a seat on the Board of Education in 2018. Edison is believed to be the first student to file to run for such a seat, but by the time of the election, he will have graduated. 

Good luck, Edison! We need people like you in government.

Nora Stocksdale and Mark Golibart '14

The MSS Class of 2014 had two members of royalty among them when they graduated almost four years ago. 
The past fall, Nora Stocksdale was crowned Homecoming Queen at Smithsburg High School and Mark Golibart was crowned Homecoming King at Fairfield High School. Still remaining good friends, they decided to come back to MSS together as king and queen to meet the students. Nora's mother, Rhona Stocksdale, is our MSS P.E. teacher.
Emilie Cecil '05

Congratulations to the Cecil Family! This past June, Emilie (MSS 2005) was married at St. Mark's Church in Catonsville. Sister Theresa (MSS 2007) served as her sister's Maid of Honor. Dad John serves on the MSS Board as the Chairman of the Finance Committee.  (Left to right) Theresa, John, Emilie, Jordan, Donna

Little Family donates $20,000 from golf tournament

Christmas came early at MSS this year! Members of the Little family presented MSS with the proceeds from the 10th annual 'Angels Above' Alumni Golf Tournament- $20,000! This brings their grand total of donations for the Jack and Shirley Little Scholarship Fund to over $116,000! Click here to see our tribute video to the Little family from our 12 Days of Advent Angels.
We are so grateful to have such faithful and supportive alumni! Thank you!

Standing in front of our 'Angel Wings' art project are  (Left to right)  Scott Little, Pam (Little) Bolin, Tony Little, Sister Brenda Monahan, and Jane Moore.
Catching up with the Durski Family

Anthony Durski (MSS 2001) and his wife Katie are the proud parents of Joseph, 3 years old, and Anna Louise, 6 months. Anthony works as a registered nurse at Holy Cross Hospital. 
Amanda (MSS 2003) married Timothy Magnanelli in July 2016 at St. Anthony Shrine. Amanda is a 5th grade teacher in Urbana, and she and Tim are expecting their first child this coming spring.
Michael (MSS 2005) has recently returned to Maryland after serving in the Army as a combat medic. He is currently majoring in nursing and is pursuing a RN-BSN degree.
And last but not least, Nicholas (MSS 2012) ) is majoring in Civil Engineering, starting out at Hagerstown Community College, where he is on the Dean's List, with plans to transfer to a four year college in the Fall of 2018.

The Durski Family at Amanda's wedding at St. Anthony Shrine (Back row, left to right) Michael, Anthony, Nick (Front row, left to right) Mom, Jennifer, Amanda and Tim, and Dad, Dan.

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