Beaver Ponds was recently awarded a $7,000 grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation.  We are very grateful for this support as it is about half the funds needed to build two protective greenhouses. 

These structures will
help ward off zealous, opportunistic, and hungry critters (like the tenacious squirrel pictured above) and hail storms from destroying our crops, as they have done the past two growing seasons. 

In addition to providing added protection to our crops, the greenhouse will extend our growth season to ten months, serve as a live teaching model for greenhouse construction and use, and provide fresh veggies and food for our community - as well as seeds!
If you would like to help support this $15,000 project, please click here to make a donation. 

There is a place to designate "Greenhouse" on the donation form.  You're welcome to send a check to: PO Box 995 Fairplay, CO 80440
Big thanks to our first $1,000 donor toward the project:
Dan & Nancy Chatt!
A Message to You from Beaver Ponds New Executive Director   
Greetings from Beaver Ponds ~

You are receiving this message because you are important to the success of Beaver Ponds!

As the new Executive Director, I look forward to working with all the amazing supporters of Beaver Ponds, like you.  Our mission, to provide environmental education that gives individuals of all ages the tools and knowledge to become better stewards of the earth, is deeply important. 

The land upon which Beaver Ponds sits is sacred in and of itself.  The waters of Sacramento Creek run cleaner and more untouched here than in many rivers of the state.  We are at the headwaters of the great Platte - which provides water to residents in Colorado and Nebraska before flowing into the Missouri River. 

Our forest management plan creates a baseline which can help monitor the changing climate and the effects of economic growth.  Our renewable and sustainable energy systems and regenerative agriculture are models and teaching tools for people from all around the world. 

Visitors who come to Beaver Ponds find renewal in their spirits and are exposed to resources that expand their wisdom and intellect around the stewardship of our environment.  What we do here at Beaver Ponds is essential work and I am so pleased to be a part of this team.
Colorado has changed much in the six generations that my family has been here.  And it will change much in the decades to come.  We at Beaver Ponds will help shape the hearts and minds of those who will create that future. 

Over the coming months, we will be inviting you to participate in helping us design and implement the next steps in our journey.  We look forward to your input and participation!  Please don't hesitate to call me with your ideas or thoughts.  I am deeply grateful to be part of this next phase in the life of Beaver Ponds. 
You can reach me at palexander@beaverponds.org.

Executive Director

PS - Have you checked out our blogs lately?  Here is our latest, "Chronology: Two Years in Review."  It is all about the dendro and herb chronology scientific studies Beaver Ponds has helped facilitate the past couple years.  
Proud to announce our new partnership with
~ SnowSchool ~  

Thanks to a generous grant from the Summit Foundation, Beaver Ponds was recently able to purchase equipment and develop programs for winter educational experiences for kids.


Equipment includes high quality MSR snow shoes, poles, collapsible snow shovels and snow analysis gear. Lesson plans were created with our partners from SnowSchool that include snow analysis, animal adaptations in winter, and fun winter games.  So far this year we have provided two programs. The first was a snow analysis excursion with the South Park Boys and Girls Club. This involved a snow shoe excursion, digging a snow pit and analyzing snow for temperature,  water content, depth and texture. The kids analyzed the snow, captured data, drew pictures of snow crystals and presented their findings back in the classroom.  The group discussed why snow pack and quality is important to the quality of our watershed.   The second group included seven kids from cityWILD in Denver.  This groups did a snow show tramp to a quiet part of the forest and learned about winter adaptations of animals, observed snow fleas and snow scorpions and discussed the importance of our headwaters watershed to their drinking water in Denver.

Beaver: Nuisance or Opportunity? 
Co-Hosted by Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative 

Join us March 16th, 7pm at the Alma Town Hall for a very exciting talk by master beaver re-locator and Denver local Sherri Tippie. 

Swing by Beaver Ponds for a meet and greet between 5-6:30pm, before heading to the Alma Town Hall.  Meet Tippie, our new Executive Director - Paul, and our new chicks that just arrived this week!  RSVP at info@beaverponds.org so we can plan our light refreshments accordingly. 

Relocating Beavers with Sherri 

Relocating Beavers with Sherri
Sherri Tippie, the top live trapper of the species in North America, rescues unwanted beavers in the Denver suburbs and then places them with farmers and beaver enthusiasts who eagerly provide new homes for them. Whether displaced from their pond, now part of a new housing development, or singled out for gnawing on trees at a gol f course, Tippie has relocated over 1,000 beavers to date and her chief priority remains to keep families together. According to Tippie, "We're asking so much of these animals and we're displacing them. They've moved into a place where they should be and we don't want them there. So if we're going to mess around with them then we need to treat them as well as possible and then put them at a place where they can live out their lives."

Sherri was featured in a PBS nature documentary called "Leave It to Beavers" and it can be viewed here.

We are thrilled to have Sherri join us for this lively and engaging talk about our namesake.  This event is free and open to all ages!   
Can't make it?  Watch our Facebook page for other 2017 events.


The highlight of the day is sure to be the "Animals Need Water Too!" program that starts promptly at noon.

Nature's Educators is bringing along their bald eagle or osprey feathered friends and other critters like a water snake for a not-to-be-missed hands-on program!
Water is such an important resource.  Plants and animals all need water in order to survive.  However, there are some animals that depend on it more than others.  During this unique program, meet some of the wildlife species that live in or around water.  Find out how they use the riparian e cosystem to live, eat, and play their own important role helping keep their habitat functioning.

Schedule of Events

Noon: Animals Need Water Too!

2pm: Live toe-thumping music

Guided ecology hikes around the interpretive trail all day on the hour.

BYOT (or scarf) and make your ve ry own tie-dye out of nature-derived dyes!

Celebrate our earth and learn how to become a better steward of her this year and every year to come!
that you can share with your students, friends, family, and other who might be interested in joining in the fun.
Upcoming Events at Beaver Ponds
16th - Meet and Greet at Beaver Ponds with Tippie, our new ED, and baby chicks!  RSVP at info@beaverponds.org so we can plan accordingly with light refreshments, 5-6:30pm.  We'll head over to the Alma Townhall thereafter.

16th - Sherri Tippie, of " Leave it to Beavers" fame  is going to speak at Alma Town Hall on March 16th at 7pm. The name of her talk is "Beaver: Nuisance or Opportunity?"

22nd - Celebrate Earth Day at Beaver Ponds, Animals Need Water Too!!!

27th- Open House, enjoy a visit and special FREE programs!

24th - Free Public Day, Open to visitors between the hours of 11am - 3pm. 

22nd - Free Public Day, Open to visitors between the hours of 11am - 3pm.

August - Beaver Ponds First Annual Fundraising Event, Details coming soon!
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