March 2019 Edition
DeKalb County Community Foundation
What Gives!
Happy almost spring! We have some exciting content in store for you this month, including the introduction of two new Funds and a first look at our full 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner video. Enjoy!

Thank you for your continued generosity and support of our mission to enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County.
Future Teachers to Benefit from New Scholarship Fund
Introducing the Gregory B. Widerberg Memorial Scholarship Fund, awarded on an annual basis to a graduating DeKalb High School senior majoring in education.

As a teacher, Greg taught PE and coached football and basketball. During the last 5 years of his career, Greg taught adaptive P.E. to children with special needs from pre-school to high school.

Criswell Spirit of Giving Lives on in Scholarship Fund
We are pleased to announce the Chuck Criswell Memorial Scholarship Fund. Awarded annually, this new scholarship is intended for a Sycamore High School graduate with a track record of service to the community who has intent to enroll in a trade school, college, or university.

With this scholarship, the celebration of Chuck’s life and his desire to give back to the community will live on each year.

2019 Recipients of the Excellence in Education Awards
Congratulations to this year's Excellence in Education Award recipients! Each received an award for playing an active and inspiring role in their school and community. Award categories include Pre- K–5th grade teacher, 6th–8th grade teacher, 9th–12th grade teacher, support staff, and administration.

Thank you to Yvonne Johnson for her generosity and desire to recognize quality educators in DeKalb County.

Thank You Kevin Buick!
Please join us as we say THANK YOU to Kevin Buick for his time and service on the Community Foundation Board of Directors representing Sycamore (2010-2018).

“I love communities that embrace their past and place expectations upon their citizens to lead and contribute toward its collective good. Sycamore does this well. But even more, Sycamore treats optimism and positivity as a civic virtue which I feel is rare these days, and something to be treasured.”

VIDEO - 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
If you missed the 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner or if you have a favorite part you wish to watch and/or share, we are happy to announce that it's available online!

Feel free to watch the entire video or easily jump to a specific section by clicking on segment links available in the video description text. There are 19 segments to choose from including the Recognition of Charlie and Mary Roberts, Celebrate Thank & Give With Doug Roberts, 25 Years…3 Executive Directors, and much more.

Thank You Kevin Fuss!
Please join us as we say THANK YOU to Kevin Fuss for his time and service on the Community Foundation Board of Directors representing DeKalb (2012-2018).

“Even though I represented DeKalb, the title ‘DeKalb County’ in the Community Foundation’s title puts a great challenge to each Board member, a challenge to look beyond the city or town they represent and think about the entire county.”

Scholarship Opportunities Available
Students are encouraged to apply online for a Palmer Family Music Education, Harold P. Wells, or CHS Elburn scholarship. All three scholarships are administered through the Community Foundation. Application deadline is Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Nonprofit Registration Open for Give DeKalb County
Nonprofit registration remains open for Give DeKalb County through Sunday, March 31, 2019.  Held on May 2, 2019, this 24-hour fundraising event allows donors to support participating nonprofit organizations by making donations online or in-person. All donations are amplified by a bonus pool!

Questions? Contact us.  We're here to serve you! 
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