This Issue is Dedicated to the 
Memory  of Paul Steven Janney 
November 12, 1987 - February 25, 2017

Paul was born on November 12, 1987, our third child.  A few months earlier, when we told Bob and Patty Ladd that Dana was expecting, Bob said, "You're going from a man on man to a zone defense."  His dimples and personality were soon evident. I remember a first grade parent teacher conference with Miss Lund. We sat down and she begins with "Paul, Paul, Paul, we just love Paul."
Oh, some teachers tried to make him more serious and somber, but they had little success.  A few years later we had another conference and this teacher was more concerned.  She said her style was developed from the French educational system. I asked if she knew that France had lost World War II and we had to bail them out of World War I?  Sometimes, I did not endear myself to his teachers.
Paul's childhood was filled with friends and sports.  He was an all-star baseball player, playing catcher and pitcher.  He loved to catch and hated to pitch. Even with all his talent and ability, he did not like being alone on the mound with all eyes on him.
Paul's high school years were perplexing on many levels. He began to push the envelope, asking hard questions about life and God.  He wasn't denying, he was just questioning, refusing the easy or "right" answer.  Compliant was not an adjective used to describe Paul.
After high school he came to work for the family business. He began where we all began, picking up a route in the morning and running specials in the afternoon. But it was still hard for Paul to conform to a schedule and everyday boundaries. And the holes were getting a little deeper and getting out was becoming more difficult.
A few years ago I told him he needed to get a job outside of the family business and work at a place that did not have his last name on the door. He went to work for UPS in south Orange County. He was promoted a couple of times and enjoyed the anonymity. And then he came to me and said "Dad, I am ready to come back."
About 18 months ago we began the implementation of a new business model. And Paul found his niche.  Pushing the envelope became a positive attribute, asking the tough questions essential, and answering them crucial he found something he could be passionate and purposeful about. 
About this time Paul began to be involved in the California Association of Legal Support Professionals. He was amazed that competitors in a profession could come together and discuss a bigger picture and a greater good. Dave Nill, Michael Belote, Mike Kern, Jenny Blevins, Jeff Karotkin,  Tom and Wendy Bowman, Larry Kirlin, Robert Porambo, Chad Barger,  thank you for seeing in Paul what we all knew was there.  Thank you for challenging him and mentoring him. 
His brother Matt, speaking at Paul's Memorial Service, said "He loved to help people and to make people happy. And along with the afore mentioned attributes, he was a great guy and a fun person to be around. All of these things are great but I feel he was missing one thing, the ability to make a good decision for himself.  He knew what to do for everyone else's problems and how to help but was lost as to how to just help himself.  SO, if I can get preachy for just a second, don't wait till tomorrow to make the change that you know you need.  Accomplishment feels so much better than the alternatives."
While we now remember Paul for his accomplishments, we want his potential to be remembered and continued. We thank CALSPro for establishing the Paul Janney Memorial Continuing Education Fund. Paul knew that continued learning was essential for future success.  Donations can be made through the CALSPro office and will be used to strengthen our Continuing Education Cornerstone.
Paul's Memorial Service was held on Sunday, March 05 in Whittier.  It may be viewed at was a time of worship and truth, with Paul being remembered well.

Steve Janney
Thoughts and Memories from CALSPro Leadership

Someone once described the difference between wit and charm this way: Being witty makes you feel like the smartest person in the room.  Being charming makes everyone else feel like the smartest person in the room. Charisma by definition is a charm that can inspire devotion in others.  Paul Janney had charisma. I felt it the first time I met him and so did everyone else. Having the opportunity to attend meetings and sit on committees with Paul, I can say he inspired me to do better. He will be missed.
Paul had a special zest for life that was quite contagious and it's very difficult for me to write about Paul in the past tense. He was like an oak tree that was just beginning to branch out. Work- family- CALSPro. I feel truly honored to have been able to call Paul a close friend and feel cheated that I didn't have the opportunity to watch this oak tree continue to grow. The world lost a good man way too soon.  My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with the Janney family and Lisa.
Robert Porambo
A few short sentences about Paul that could go on forever. There were so many positives that I experienced about him, but here are just a few:
  • Even though Paul only knew me for just over a year he treated me like a life long friend.  
  • You could not help but notice his infectious smile and his obvious intelligence.  
  • Paul stood over me like a protective big brother even though I was 10 years older than him.
  • He commanded attention even from us seasoned members with no effort.
  • You could not help but be attracted to Paul because he was so welcoming. 
I will truly miss him.

Ken Hastings
We had the pleasure and were extremely blessed to work so closely with Paul over the last 18 months. We were all touched by his warm and friendly personality and his passion for his family and the Janney & Janney business. Paul cared deeply about the high level of service they provide, and was excited that he was a key part of their future, as well as, the future direction of the industry. He was always eager to learn new things, develop professionally, and prepare himself for the future ahead.  Paul's smile, passion, and energy will be greatly missed by everyone.
Rapid Legal / LegalConnect
Getting to know Paul Janney these last years was a blessing. He attended board meetings at first with his father and was always respectful, kind, amiable, and positive.  I was impressed when he was elected to the board this past year and felt proud of him. As the youngest men on the board of directors, I think there was an instant camaraderie between us and he spoke to me ardently about CALSPro involvement, making changes, and our role as future leaders.  It was exciting to have his young and passionate personality on our Cont. Education Committee and Paul quickly succeeded in finding a venue for our first CCPS workshop of 2017. Although we came from competing legal support companies, he talked with me about joining efforts, mutual business matters, committee teamwork, and hanging out as friends. Paul was a teammate and even though I am terribly saddened by his quick parting, I am forever grateful for the short time he was present in my life and the bond we all shared with him at CALSPro. 
Kristian Pujol
All of us at the CALSPro Central Office wish to acknowledge Paul Janney and the entire Janney family for allowing us the opportunity to know such an extraordinary young man.  Although his time with us was way too short, he made his mark on CALSPro and his memory will be forever treasured. The Paul we were getting to know was exactly as he was described at his service: open, generous, with a huge heart, and respectful of everyone he met.  With caring thoughts to all of you, Mike Belote, Jenny Blevins, Stephanie Schoen, Tricia Schrum, Nathan Carlson, Natalie Thurn, and Michael Cochran.
Paul Janney was a man with passion for life and for our profession. After many years of knowing his father Steve Janney, I didn't expect anything less. Paul was not afraid or intimidated to speak his mind and put himself into the spot light. I will truly miss our talks about life, family and business. I can't wait to see you again and I'm honored to have been your friend.

Chad Barger
My personal conversations and dealings with Paul were always so uplifting, kind, supportive, creative and ones that truly had the best interest of all of us in mind.  As fellow board members he approached me of his own initiative and drive to help me with the things we worked on for our organization.  Unfortunately, we will never really know the impact he was going to have on our industry but we move on remembering him and emulating those characteristics that make us better. Many thanks to Steve and Dana for allowing us to share in the fruit of their labor, I know they are proud of their son, and so they should be.
Tom Alkema
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