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A Message from the GRSRS&EC President
Dear Golden Friends:


I am very excited and thankful to announce that the February Silent Auction was a true success and that the GRSRS&EC Program has now achieved two major goals for 2016.
  1. We will supply all the food, canned food, all prescription diets, high quality kibble, home-made meals to tempt the ill Sanctuary residents, and nutritious treats for the entire year 2016 for all the Lynne Glennon Senior Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors and Isolation Unit residents.
  2. We will supply the funding for all the electricity, air-conditioning and heat for the year 2016 for the Lynne Glennon Senior Sanctuary and the abutting Isolation Unit.
Each and every one of you have helped to make this possible.
Some Golden Friends worked to spread the word about our fundraising activities near and far, some craft oriented people donated their own personal creations, others bought and donated items for fundraising events, many vendors donated their products and other Golden Breed Clubs, Rescue Groups and Training Clubs spread the word about the program and its goals to their clients and friends.

Working together has enabled us to make this joyous announcement about the goals that have been fulfilled for 2016 and we now will start raising funds to be able to continue offering these programs and our new 2016 THIRD GOAL as described below, in 2017 and beyond.

The THIRD GOAL, which will be funded by a fall fundraising auction event "Golden Puppies helping Golden Oldies" will pay for a product such as Cosequin DS or Dasiquin for big dogs to insure that every Sanctuary resident receives an oral joint supplement every day unless contraindicated by their medical condition or potential drug interactions with their other medications, and that a bottle of the product of choice will be sent home with each adopted Sanctuary resident to give the adoptive family a start on this therapeutic or preventative regime in their new home.

If treatment with injectables such as Adequan is necessary for the comfort of any Sanctuary resident we will pay for this therapy too.
Thanks to Lynn Braga and her vigorous outreach work at finding wonderful dog coats at discount prices, together with funding from the Friends of Golden Oldies who donate monthly to the GRSRS&EC Program, we were able to, shortly after last month's snow storm, provide a quality fleece lined, waterproof outdoor coat for EVERY resident of the Sanctuary. We also supplied some fleece coats that can be used indoors at the Sanctuary to protect operative sites that have been shaved.
Other activities this coming year will be the opening of the SKY BLUE PINK CHILDREN'S FREE LIBRARY to assist with humane education for children ages preschool through grades two and the start of the Puppets in a Box Humane Education Program too. This is all part of our Preventative Rescue Program which in time will continue to expand.
This has been and will continue to be a busy program. We may be small in numbers, but we are fierce in providing lifelong stewardship of our beloved breed now and in the future.

Have a Golden Day from everyone at GRSRS&EC!
Joan Puglia, 
President and Founder

Help Keep the Sanctuary Goldens Comfortable!

Recent severe weather, multiple below freezing temperature days and significant snow storms with gale force winds have made it clear that an Emergency Generator is not a luxury but a necessity for the GRSRS&EC supported Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Golden Retrievers and Puppy Mill Survivors, plus the abutting Isolation Unit. Residents of these two facilities are truly the most vulnerable of the rescue program's residents.

Steps have been tak en by the GRSRS&EC Program to provide this life-enhancing and even life-saving equipment for the Sanctuary and Isolation Unit that will automatically turn on to meet the extreme cold, flooding or hot weather events that make existing utilities not workable.  Bids were received and evaluated and the cost for an automatically self-starting generator big enough to serve both facilities, the Propane line, cement pad, and facility hookups is $7,000.


Scientists Found a New Bacteria Causing Lyme Disease: Borrelia Mayonii
Researchers at the Mayo clinic were testing blood of people with suspected Lyme, and came across unexpected findings in six of 9,000 patients tested between 2012-14. The samples of DNA in their blood didn't match that of Borrelia burgdorferi. The researchers named the newly identified species B. mayonii, after the Mayo Clinic founders.

So far,  the new species has only been found in the Midwest-about 25,000 blood samples from residents of 43 other states were tested, with no positive results. Of more than 100,000 patient specimens, 102 tested positive for  B. burgdorferi.

Dr. Bobbi Pritt explains that the Mayo lab offers the standard two-tier testing for Lyme recommended by the CDC and the IDSA-antibody testing that we know misses a lot of cases, and did in half of these patients. Additionally, their lab offers PCR testing, which can detect very low levels of bacterial DNA. But  Lyme is still difficult to diagnose, with less than 50% of patients who even have the classic bull's eye erythema migrans rash having detectable levels of the bacterial spirochetes. Dr. Pritt cautions, "Most cases of Lyme disease don't have sufficient levels of bacteremia to make PCR testing of blood a sensitive method for diagnosis."

New species, worse symptom pattern

Lyme causes an estimated 300,000 cases each year in the US., and an additional 85,000 in Europe; the burden appears to be growing rapidly.
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