Go West Young Woman! 
Cyneatha visits West Coast

An impromptu Sunday lunch after church with folks from First Mennonite Church, San Francisco, along with several guests who attended the service just that Sunday to hear Cyneatha share her vision for our churches

In January, Mennonite Women USA executive director  Cyneatha Millsaps visited the San Francisco Bay area. She told board member Janet Kroeker (pictured far back left) to fill her schedule, so Janet set up as many as three meetings a day.  Says Janet, 

"I don't know where she got all that energy, but she met women (and men too) for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, after-dinner drinks . . . Anytime, anywhere. She traveled back and forth to the East Bay, and drove down to the South Bay. She preached on Sunday morning and led a congregational conversation after church. 

"Cyneatha did get in a few tourist hours, but mostly she worked. While her time here was specifically a listening and learning tour, she taught and raised funds merely by being present with us. We are forever enriched."

Cyneatha's West Coast trip also included time in the Seattle, Washington, area. Thanks, Cyneatha, for dedicating your inspiring energy to us! 
Trauma Training in Indonesia 

After nearly four years of planning, Carolyn Heggen and Rhoda Keener led a Sister Care seminar January 28-30, 2019, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

The 89 women attending came from the islands of Java, northern and southern Sumatra, Bali, and Papua. They represented two of the three major Anabaptist groups in Indonesia, GKMI and GITJ, and four women came from local evangelical congregations. The women traveled by boat, plane, train, bus, and car-some for days-to get to the retreat center.
Read the entire article here.

For more information on Sister Care International, go to mwusa.org/ministries/sistercare
Win a Quilt at MennoCon '19! 

With four gorgeous quilts on display, the Mennonite Women USA booth will exude the joy of art and color this  year at the Mennonite Church USA convention in Kansas City. 

Be sure to visit the MW USA booth to purchase your raffle tickets to win one of four of these unique quilts created and generously donated for this event. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $20. Winners will be announced Friday, July 5. Watch future Grapevine issues for details! 

Art by Mennonite Women: A Poem

Our Mothering God 
by Kathy Bilderback
Our Mothering God, thank you for creating us women in your image.
Because you breathed your creation into our very beings,
we embrace your embedded life
into our thoughts, our wisdom, our plans, and our callings.
Over thousands of years, you have shouted our names - 
Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Deborah, Ruth, Rahab, Mary, Martha, Priscilla, Phoebe.
We have heard and served as 
matriarchs, judges, leaders, dancers, evangelists and preachers. 
The list of names and missional callings continue to grow within your kingdom.
You have named us and given us voice.
We have shouted out loud for an equal place at the table.
Thank you for hearing us.
Thank you for gathering us under your wings.
Thank you for bending your ear to listen to our whispers
so that we can find our voice.
Thank you, our creator God, for creating us in your holy image.
However, inequality and controlling patriarchy blur your image.
Yet we truly celebrate and pray that we may
Boldly claim your beauty in us.
Dance proudly in your festive spirit.
Speak truthfully in wisdom and grace.
In all, honor your image in us. AMEN

Kathy Bilderback has served on the board of Mennonite Women USA since 2011 and lives Boise, Idaho. As administrative pastor, Kathy provides leadership and guidance to Evergreen Heights Mennonite Church. Kathy and her husband, Scott, have two young adult sons. 

Mennonite Women USA Board Meeting

Who: Mennonite Women USA Board
What: Annual Meeting
When:  March 21 to 23, 2019
Where: Lindale Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Why: The board and Cyneatha Millsaps, executive director MW USA, will spend three days together discerning God's direction. Please be in prayer for these women and the holy work to which they are called.

Kathy Bilderback, Idaho 
Jeni Hiett Umble, Colorado 
Marie Harnish, Indiana
Tonya Detweiler, Indiana
Hyacinth Stevens, Connecticut
Yvonne Diaz , Texas
Shannon Unzicker, Illinois
Janet Kroeker, California
Quinn Kathrineberg, Tennessee 
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Anabaptist women's Bible Study Guide: Every Day Worship 

Discover the rhythm of worship. Every day, every week, every year, there are ways to worship God. Every Day Worship inspires women to be worshipful people, not just people who worship. Using the elements of a worship service, author Carol Penner guides women invites women to dive deep into Scripture and faith through worship experiences.

This women's Bible study, guide commissioned by Mennonite Women USA and Mennonite Women Canada, is excellent for personal study, women's groups, retreat settings, and individual study and inspiration. It  encourages women to worship every day.

Buy your copy of Every Day Worship by Carol Penner here!

IWF recipient Ofelia García Hernández graduates

Ofelia has been receiving scholarship money to study at Semilla in Guatemala. She sent the following update. 

I greet you trusting that you are greatly blessed by the Lord. 

With great joy I share that I have finally graduated in Theology and Pastoral Studies Degree on January 19 of this year. I was able to attend the graduation, along with other sisters and brothers of various levels. Please express my gratitude to each one of the women. 

In my case, I lived in Chihuahua, Mexico (north of the country) for most of my studies. While studying, I also tended the development of a church, as well as providing leadership for  Women Doing Theology in Latin America. With the help of others, Sister Care workshops were planned, approximately 25, with several facilitators. It was a lot harder to travel and be more constant in the experiential classes sharing with the group (courses in which you had to be present).

My husband and I conclude our work in February 2019 and starting in March we will be back in Mexico City. Waiting for the Lord to open new doors for the mission.

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