March, 2023

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that the time has come for my last letter to you all. For thirty-six years, it has been a privilege to serve HVO’s mission and take part in so many stories of success and progress around the world. I am grateful to all of you who make up our community, who are each a part of creating the world I have always believed in—one with quality, accessible health care for all. Thank you for your support, your trust, your generosity, and your belief in our vision of a better world.
While I will be retired professionally, I intend to remain active in the community. I hope to see and hear from you in the future as I continue in my new role as an HVO supporter. 
Nancy A. Kelly, MHS
Executive Director Emeritus
Attending the AAOS meeting in Las Vegas? Join the Global Volunteerism for Orthopaedic Surgeons Instructional Course Lecture on Friday, March 10 from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM in room 3403.
The course will be moderated by Coleen Sabatini, MD with HVO volunteers Todd Kim, MD and Divya Singh, MD speaking. During the session, the speakers will address the impact of the education-based volunteer model, and discuss the nuts and bolts of volunteering overseas, including how to prepare for an assignment and how to overcome common challenges encountered when practicing in resource-scarce settings. Whether you are looking for guidance as you embark on your first international volunteer assignment, looking to connect with fellow international volunteers, or you are simply wondering whether international volunteer work is right for you, this session is an opportunity to engage with experts and learn more about global volunteerism!
Volunteering Opportunities
Dermatology, Cambodia is recruiting overseas volunteers with expertise in any topic for the spring of 2023. Interested volunteers should contact  Molly Moreau.
Nursing Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia is recruiting both overseas and virtual volunteers with expertise in any topic (except pediatrics). Interested volunteers should contact Lauren Franklin.
Oral Health, Tanzania is recruiting overseas volunteers with expertise in any topic. Interested volunteers should contact Lauren Franklin.
Oncology, Vietnam is recruiting an overseas volunteer with expertise in laparoscopic surgery to teach colorectal surgery as well as additional overseas volunteers with a background in radiation oncology, surgery, pathology, radiology, and palliative care. Virtual volunteers are needed to assist with topics related to gynecologic malignancies (i.e. cervical, ovarian and uterine). Interested volunteers should contact Lauren Franklin.
What We're Following
It runs one day a week and has one doctor – but this clinic in Uganda is one of three in rural Nakaseke making a huge difference in a country overwhelmed by mainly preventable conditions.

Only 13 human cases of Guinea worm disease were reported worldwide in 2022, pushing the disease closer to eradication, The Carter Center announced Tuesday. 

That already may be happening with mosquitoes carrying malaria, one of the world’s most devastating diseases and one that already kills more than 600,000 people a year. Evidence shows the insects are flapping their tiny wings to new locales in Africa, according to a new study.

We Want To Hear From You!
Are you an HVO volunteer with a story to tell? We are always looking for stories, big and small, to share on our social media and HVO blog. If you have something you would like shared, please contact Danielle Stonehirsch.
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