A Social Ventures Foundation Publication | 14 March 2018
The Social Ventures Foundation is a non-profit, nonsectarian organization focused on identifying, promoting and investing in businesses and startups that have products, services, and job programs that sustainability lift the livelihoods of the poor.
 World News
The Social Ventures Foundation announces a new initiative in partnership with Drishtee. The program will identify and develop needed technological machinery. The new program will generate many new jobs for India's poor.
This World Atlas data set shows that the 25 lowest GDP per capita scores come primarily from African countries. Despite years of NGO and charitable presence, the continent holds much untapped development potential. Perhaps the key is now self-managed social enterprise. The other articles this week may have the answer.
When thinking about global poverty, our minds go always to Africa. The article above demonstrates why. This BBC article about Welsh poverty, however, reminds us that the problem remains omnipresent.
 Startup Innovation News
For many recovering addicts, returning veterans, and ex-convicts, reintegration often stops at the question "what now?" MaineWorks answers that question by facilitating employment connections in the Portland, ME area.
The entire African continent is chock full of young adults passionate about helping lift their communities out of poverty. In West Africa, Dare to Innovate gives the support entrepreneurs need to see their idea reach scale and achieve great impact in their communities.
Prospoly has created a cooperative of entrepreneurs working in underserved communities to jump start the huge development potential startups have to lift the lives of the poor.
This week's first featured person demonstrates how sustainable business practices can come from interesting sources. 81 year old priest, Padre Angel, owner of the Robin Hood in Madrid, asks wealthy customers to pay extra so that his homeless customers can eat the same high-quality foods. Read this 2017 NPR article on his mission.
Burnelle Cotlon of New Orleans Lower Ninth made national headlines when he built the first market in his area since hurricane Katrina in 2015. These days, thanks to a visit with Ellen Degeneres his market now includes a laundromat, and he continues to make home deliveries for the elderly and disadvantaged.
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