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Welcome to the Webprint newsletter for March. Each month we will look at the various products and services available from Webprint, worldwide stories and other interesting print facts.
Product Focus


The Webprint booklet has a finished size of 260mm high x 170mm wide making it a perfect size to fit in a handbag or briefcase, for use as point of sale, for insertion into newspapers or distribution door to door.

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For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers. Here's What I Learned

"Not only had I spent less time with the story than if I had followed along as it unfolded online, I was better informed, too. Because I had avoided the innocent mistakes - and the more malicious misdirection.... my first experience of the news was an accurate account of the actual events of the day."

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Myths & Facts

The Myth: Print and Paper is a wasteful product
The Fact: Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world
The European recycling rate for paper reached 72% in 2014 - that amounts to 2 tonnes of paper being recycled every second!
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