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Welcome to the Webprint newsletter for March. Each month we will look at the various products and services available from Webprint, worldwide stories and other interesting print facts.
Product Focus


The Webprint booklet has a finished size of 260mm high x 170mm wide making it a perfect size to fit in a handbag or briefcase, for use as point of sale, for insertion into newspapers or distribution door to door.
Visit our website  here for more details on our available formats or call us on 021 4670200 to discuss your print requirements. 

Why Print News Still Rules

Newspaper designers have created a universal grammar of headline size, typeface, place, letter spacing, white space, sections, photography, and illustration that gives readers subtle clues on what and how to read to satisfy their news needs.

Web pages can't convey this metadata because there's not enough room on the screen to display it all. Even if you have two monitors on your desk, you still don't have as much reading real estate that an open broadsheet newspaper offers. Computer fonts still lag behind their high-resolution newsprint cousins, and reading them drains mental energy.

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Myths & Facts

The Myth:  Digital is always the preferred means of communication

Fact: Often the most vulnerable members of society are those most dependent on traditional, postal, transactional mail. The move to an online-only society risks leaving older people, the disabled, rural dwellers and those on low incomes disenfranchised.

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