March 2019
Happy March!

March is certainly living up to its temperamental reputation, greeting us with a late season snowstorm!

In the coming weeks we celebrate the arrival of spring, a time of renewal,  a time to shake off the chill of winter, get energized and prepare for the rigors of outdoor activities.  The days are growing longer and the temperatures are creeping higher...Is your body ready?

If you're concerned you're not quite up to spring cleaning and outdoor fun, come in to our office for a visit.  We have an array of holistic therapies that can help your body heal  and get you ready to face the challenges the season brings.

March 10th marks the beginning of Daylight Savings -- time to adjust the clocks and spring ahead!  Ease the transition by going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night several days prior to the time change.   

Speaking of sleep, March is National Sleep Awareness Month.  A sound nightly sleep is essential for us to function each day at optimal performance, helping to repair, restore and rejuvenate the body and the brain.   For those who struggle to fall and remain asleep, neurofeedback training offers a non-drug means to normalize dysregulated brain-wave patterns  that often underlie sleep issues like insomnia.  Check out our articles below and call our office to learn how BrainCore therapy can help you achieve a better  slumber.  

Yours in Health,

Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
Painful Days Follow Sleepless Nights

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Sleep is the best medicine. It restores the body and reboots the brain. But in our faced-paced society, how many of us actually achieve the recommended solid 7-9 hours per night for adults? How often do you wake up feeling creaky, achy or foggy? If pain is the first thing that greets you each morning, it may be due to poor sleep.

Results of a new University of California sleep study underscore the importance of sleep as a natural analgesic for pain. Researchers found that a single night of sleep deprivation changed the brain's circuitry, increasing pain sensitivity. Brain images revealed an uptick in activity in pain perception regions as well as a drop in activity in areas of the brain that help to manage pain.

The study findings are timely. Chronic pain affects nearly 50 million Americans. Many turn to dangerous opioids to cope. Many become addicted. And many have inadvertently died from overdose.

Making sleep a priority can help enable the body's own natural ability to manage pain. For those struggling with insomnia and other sleep issues, neurofeedback brain-wave training can help promote quality sleep, thus helping to diminish chronic pain, improving both mental and physical well-being.  Check out Dr. Chiappino's video above for more information, then give our office a call. 631.265.1223.

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Teens, Sleep, Exercise & Screen Time: Few Are Leading Optimal Lifestyles

Does your teen get 10 hours of solid sleep each night? Does he/she get at least one hour of moderate to vigorous exercise each day? How about screen time?  Does your teen spend less than the recommended 2 hours a day for 14-18 year olds on digital devices?

If your answer is yes to all, your daughter or son is among only 5% of U.S. teens who meet Department of Health and Human Services guidelines in all three areas, according to  study data just published in JAMA Pediatrics.

The alarming study highlights the fact that very few teens are leading optimal lifestyles. Researchers call the results a "wake-up" call for the future health of the nation's teens. Past studies have shown that too little sleep or exercise, or too much screen time can increase the risk of chronic health problems such as obesity, anxiety and depression, poor academic achievement and risky behaviors like smoking and drinking.

Parents play an important role in setting appropriate boundaries as well as encouraging healthy activities such as sports and exercise. Encouraging a regular sleep schedule and routine, even for older teens, is critical to growth and development.

Some suggestions to improve shut-eye:
   1. Complete computer-based homework earlier in the afternoon/evening.  Save reading and other non-digital assignments for last, giving your child's brain a chance to unplug and unwind.  
   2. Turn off  TVs, tablets, games and other devices at least one hour before bedtime. Blue light emitted from these devices signals the brain to suppress melatonin production, preventing your teen from feeling sleepy.
   3. Make sure text notification alerts are silenced if the phone is used as an alarm clock, and cannot be shut off.  FOMO - fear of missing out - is a chief contributor to fragmented sleep. There are a number of apps available to block distracting websites and apps and to deter internet surfing at inappropriate times.
   4.  Taking a warm shower or bath can help soothe muscles and melt away the stress of the day.
   5. Diffuse essential oils in your teen's room, such as lavender or oil blends like Young Living's Peace and Calming to help enhance relaxation and restful sleep.

If, despite your best efforts, sleep is still a challenge, contact our office to discuss neurofeedback brain-wave training for your teen.   Rogue brain-patterns that often underlie insomnia can be retrained -- without drugs -- to help promote restorative sleep.

New Study Finds Acupuncture Effective for 
Menopause Symptom Relief

Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia and brain fog... the "change of life" can certainly impact every facet of a woman's life. 

For many years, menopause hormone replacement therapy (MHT) was the go-to approach to ease the symptoms of menopause. However, clinical trials in 2002 found that MHT actually increased the risk of stroke, blood clots, heart attack and breast cancer.

Danish researchers studying acupuncture for hot flashes 
 report that study participants experienced a significant reduction in menopause symptoms during a five week, 15-minute per week treatment regimen . In fact, after just three weeks, participants reported a decrease in hot flashes, and after six weeks, 80% reported that the acupuncture sessions had helped in reducing not only hot flashes, but night sweats, sleep disturbances, mood swings as well as skin and hair problems.

If the "changes" are impacting your health, your work performance or overall quality of life, give our office a call to find out how acupuncture can help improve your symptoms to help live your life to the fullest!

March Essential Oils Class Schedule
We have a busy month ahead learning about the many appli-cations of Young Living's essential oils line!   We are hosting 6 webinars and in-office workshops  for members as well newcomers.

Join us via the Zoom video conferencing app for our webinars.  The app is available for free download at    Our  in-office workshops will be held at the New Life Wellness Center office at 323 Middle Country Road in Smithtown.  We hope to see you!  Register early! 631.265.1223 for questions/more info.

March 4th 7:30 PM    
Sleepy, Cranky, Weepy 
& Creaky...Essential Oil 
Support For Winter
Winter can be a hard time of year to stay healthy and feel good.  Join us to learn about tools that can support you physically and emotionally to make the season easier to endure! Take home a warm-you-up essential oils rollerball!  Open to all.  $10 fee.  Limited seats.


March 18th 7:30PM
Beyond the Kit: 
DIY Spring Cleaning Tips &Tricks 

It's that time of year... Spring Cleaning!!! Ready to cut more toxins out of your life?! This Zoom-based class will feature Young Living's plant-based cleaning products and some of the tips & tricks for optimal efficiency. Learn how to identify hidden toxins and which Young Living  products you can easily switch to for a healthier lifestyle for your family!


March 25th 7:30PM
Young Living Essential Oils
Virtual Office Training

Do you need help navigating your Young Living website?  Want to learn how to set up Essential Rewards or how to change your order?  Do you know how to get your link so friends can order a kit from you?  Dawn & Maggie teach you all of this and more in this Zoom-based webinar.   Join us to learn the ins and outs of your virtual office!

March 11th 7:30PM
Premium Starter Kit 
101 Class via Zoom
for Members

Have questions about your new kit?  Join Dr. Keri Chiappino for this Zoom-based webinar to learn all about the many benefits of your new Young Living essential oils and NingXia Red, the superfood antioxidant drink that came with your starter kit.


March 20th 7:30PM
Young Living 
Leaders Chat
Register Now!

J oin other Young Living leaders in your team via this Zoom-based webinar and learn how to share the love, maximize our purpose and create abundance, one drop at a time with the Young Living essential oils product line.


March 28th 7:30PM
The Essentials of 
Emotional Healing

Join us for a fun-filled night learning about tools to support your emotional wellness!
You'll discover ways to promote overall emotional healing through Meditation, Essential Oils, Crystals, Aroma Freedom Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique. Please be prompt as we want to begin this path to emotional wellness at 7:30pm! Light oily-infused refreshments will be served and  you'll bring home some goodies! Space is limited! Register early!
Young Living members fee (Gratitude Droppers group) is $5  (Contact our office or visit our private Facebook group for promo code!)   Non-member fee is $10.

Not a Young Living club member yet? Call our office to learn how to enroll:  631.265.1223.
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