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Avian Housing
Although birds don't have to worry about school or transit districts there are considerations for where they will make their home. Some birds will nest on the ground under bushes like Doves and Juncos while other birds like Robins and Jays will nest in shrubs and trees.  Still others require a cavity either in a tree or nestbox. With the elimination of dead trees or snags natural cavities are not readily available in most areas of the Peninsula. Installing the appropriate nestbox will provide Avian Housing .   Read more at 
BIRD OF THE MONTH - Western Bluebird
The Bluebird is the smallest of the Thrush family. With an azure blue coat, rich red breast and soft, cheerful song they enthrall bird watchers.  These captivating
songbirds are tolerant of humans, take up residency in bird-houses and have little fear of people. Bluebirds saw a dramatic decline in population during the mid-twentieth century.   Habitat destruction due to farming and urban sprawl destroyed the dead trees in which woodpeckers nested. As secondary nesters, cavities excavated by woodpeckers were vital to the Bluebird's nesting and survival. Without them available their population continued to decline.
The recovery of the Bluebird however is a shining example of what can happen when ordinary people work together to save a species.  Concerned by the possibility that bluebirds could become extinct everywhere, individuals and groups started taking action to help all three bluebirds species recover. Hundreds of volunteers gave their time not only to learn more about bluebirds but to construct and install nest boxes and form official organizations. To promote bluebirds these organizations gave educational workshops, built nestboxes to donate, installed bluebird trails and monitored the boxes. Through monitoring of these boxes there has been an unprecedented volume of data accumulated to understand the bluebird behaviors, nesting habits and survival.
Bluebird nextboxes can be mounted on fence posts, trees or free standing poles five feet above the ground.  They should be placed facing away from the prevailing weather and have a predator guard. The male selects the location, the female constructs a cup shaped nest using dried grass, pine needles, plant stalks, roots and other small natural materials. Broods consist of 4-6 pale blue eggs which incubate for 13-14 days. Fledging happens in 22-23 days. Bluebirds are non-migrators in Northern California.  They feed on insects during Summer, fruit and berries in Winter.  They are especially attracted to live mealworms. 
Birder's Garden - Our Story
As a single mother wanting to work close to home and be available to my daughters, owning a retail store especially a backyard birding store was never on the ra 
dar. Wanting to work for myself limited the possibilities more.  Then in 1996 in the Wild Bird Center newsletter I found my answer - the local backyard birding store was for sale. With my education, experience and love for nature it was a perfect fit!  
The store was established as part of the Wild Bird Centers of America franchise when it was opened by Rich & Marsha Held in 1991. The store continued to be operated under the franchise name until 2006 when the franchise agreement expired. With little visible change except the name and color of the front awning the store has since continued to operate as an independent establishment.
The Birder's Garden is the Peninsula's destination store for backyard bird and wildlife lovers and has been for over 25 years. Specializing in everything needed for successful bird feeding, it fulfills the niche for backyard birding enthusiasts. We offer seed specially selected for the birds of the Bay Area, quality American made feeders, nesting boxes, bird baths, Erva hardware and optics. We also offer clothing, jewelry, books, kids and gift items. Our store is known for its trained staff offering accurate, expert advice and friendly service.
Located on the El Camino Real in San Carlos, we are a free standing building between California Bars, Stools and Dinettes and the Rustic House Restaurant.  There is parking in front of the store and behind the store in a parking lot accessible by the alley.
Feeding live mealworms is the best way to attract Bluebirds to your feeder.
You can store them in the refrigerator for several months while kept in brand cer
eal with a slice of fresh fruit.  Since the worms can crawl away when put out, place themin a slippery-sided mealworm feeder, plastic or glass dish from where they cannot escape. 
Birds are attracted to the movement of the live worms, so put them where your birds will see them.  Try offering mealworms in a spot near your moving water or birdbath where the birds will discover them when coming to drink or bathe.  Don't expose live mealworms to intense, direct sun or freezing temperatures which will kill them.  The best time to feed live mealworms is in Spring and Summer.  Mealworms are high in protein and fat so nesting birds love to take them back to feed their young.
Birding with Barb

March 9th - 9:00 am
Pescadero Marsh, Pescadero
Meet at the intersection of Water Lane & Pescadero Road just West of the town of Pescadero.
March 23rd  - 8:00 am
Edgewood Park, Redwood City
Meet at Intersection of Hillcrest Way & Sunset Way off Edgewood Road or from Jefferson Road
Heavy rain cancels.
Wear comfortable shoes, layered clothing.
Bring Bird Guide / Book, Water & Binoculars
Birders over 12 years of age only
Please RSVP to us in advance of the walk.

March Migratory Birds
Barn Swallows
Cliff Swallows
Wilson's Warbler
Warbling Vereo
Bullock's Oriole
Hooded Oriole
Black-throated Gray Warbler.

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