All too often, retirement planning success is measured purely by financial metrics: savings amounts (15 percent per year), income replacement ratios (75 percent of preretirement income), or withdrawal strategies (4 percent per year). And the most critical part of planning for retirement is forgotten: the plan itself.

Put another way: how can an employee know how much money they’re going to need in retirement if they don’t know what they’re saving for?

74% of 50-59-year-olds have made a serious effort to plan for financial aspects of retirement.¹

Only 35% of 50-59-year-olds have made a serious effort to prepare for the emotional aspects of retirement.¹

Visualize Retirement addresses the one planning need that many pre-retirees don’t even know they have: preparing for the non-financial side of retirement.

Three key areas that studies and actual retiree responses, indicate are key drivers of happiness in retirement are: