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To Our Friends and Clients,

It's finally that time of year. Tulips and daffodils are tentatively peeking out hoping it really is spring! We are finalizing our first few free on-demand Marketing Motivation Webinars and plan to do the big reveal in May, so stay tuned! 
Now that nice spring weather is finally here, it can be more challenging to remain committed to your marketing efforts. We can't tell you how often we hear how busy our clients are, which is great, but not at the expense of maintaining a growth mentality. 

So how do you manage to stay focused on growth when the golf course and other outdoor activities are calling to you? First, take the pressure off and set a realistic goal of weaving marketing through the fabric of your practice by doing one small thing each day to work on your practice (versus only working in your practice.) Successful business owners understand this concept and, even when things are crazy, they carve out the time needed to reach out to valuable contacts and to pursue the marketing activities that will drive new revenue into the firm. 

If you want a few ready-made ideas, you can view  20 Marketing Ideas you can Do - In Five Minutes or Less!  on the PSM Blog.
Thank you for taking time to review PSM's April update.  We wish you a happy and prosperous spring!
Terrie Wheeler & Kristy Gusick

In The News 

We are pleased to announce that PSM founder and partner Terrie S. Wheeler, has been appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court to serve as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee for the Minnesota Lawyers Board of Professional Responsibility. Terrie spent a number of years as an ethics investigator for the Hennepin County Fourth District Ethics Committee. Terrie becomes Vice Chair of the Board of Directors after serving on the Board and Executive committee for four years.  

"I am thrilled for the opportunity to serve as Vice Chair of the Lawyers Board. It is an honor and a wonderful capstone for the work I have done over the years in promoting ethical marketing strategies for attorneys," Terrie said.  

Terrie has delivered CLEs and presented to bar associations and law schools across the country on this topic. "Lawyers simply do not learn how to develop business in law school. I enjoy helping attorneys understand what private practice will really look like- and that it involves learning to ethically get out there and build relationships that turn into clients and referral sources," Terrie added.
Tips from the PSM Blog  

Marketing and technology go hand in hand - with marketing comes  email communications,  social media posting, website investments, and a plethora of other  internet-based services. Take some time to familiarize yourself with marketing technology by reading
these blog posts from our PSM Team: 

By Michelle R. Wheeler, Website Design

By Elissa Y. Schufman, Marketing Analytics 

How to Kickstart Your Firm's Facebook Page
By Lauren M. Schufman, Social Media
At The Podium

Kristy Gusick will be presenting as part of
Focus on Your Strengths: Outsource the Rest.

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When registering, you can use this register as a VIP using this Free VIP Code:  VIPGusick

Terrie Wheeler will be presenting a one-hour CLE for the  Minnesota State Bar Association entitled, Marketing Your Specialist Certification.

Midland Hills Country Club
April 26, 2016
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

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This event is for certified specialists only.
Meet The Team

PSM is pleased to announce the addition of two new team members. It is our pleasure to introduce you to:

Project Manager & Social Media Content Curator
Client Philosophy: "With each client and each creative challenge, I think 'How can I create excellence?'"

Communications Intern
Client Philosophy: "PSM has given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of the marketing field while allowing me to build personal relationships with my co-workers and the clients. I see each client's passion for their company and it brings me energy in my own work. "

  If your firm a good candidate  for outsourced marketing? 
Hot Off The Press!

R ead Terrie's most recent article in Attorney at Law Magazine's April 2016 issue. Terrie's article is entitled,  Content is King: Your Path to Increased Name Recognition and New Business Many of PSM's clients know they need to be doing more to share their knowledge and expertise.  

Terrie's article addresses how to determine your unique value, and provides a number of ways in which to share your content with those who care and want to receive it.  Finally, Terrie plays out a scenario on how one blog post can, through various steps, can turn into a new client.

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