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Today's Investment in Tomorrow's Results

It can be really difficult to invest in marketing today for what feels like an unknown payoff in the future. Many professionals think that by being "out there' in the marketplace with a stellar reputation, clients will seek them out in droves. Consider for a moment a different approach, the "If you build it, they will come" mentality. Cue Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.   

The key here is building it; investing in your future knowing that if you develop the marketing infrastructure you need in your practice (strategic plan, website, social media, client communications, Contact Action Plan, marketing coaching....) clients WILL see the value you bring and will hire you. But first, you must invest time and money into building your marketing foundation. In doing so, your business WILL grow and prosper.  You just need to place a high value on the "building it" phase.

Another Example

We, the Wheelers, are paying today for something that will reap significant rewards in the future.  We are going solar and adding 48 solar panels to the top of our home with the knowledge that we are all but eliminating our reliance on the electric company.  Not only that, we can sell back excess electricity we produce to the utility company!  

While we are paying a rather significant sum upfront,  we know that over time, the rewards will start shining through. Even after factoring in the upfront price of our solar system, we will still save over $250,000 over the next 25 years. Of course, we are also being earth-friendly consumers by reducing our carbon footprint.  
Just like with our solar project, when you're really committed to growing your practice, it's necessary to make an investment now that you KNOW will pay off in the future. It doesn't make it any easier, but you move forward knowing that today's investment will reap significant rewards for you down the road.
We are always here to discuss how PSM can help you grow your practice, or, in general, to help you achieve a sunny outlook on your future prospects. If you build it, they will come.

In sunshine and health,

Terrie Wheeler & Kristy Gusick

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Every day you win cases, close deals and help clients solve the most difficult problems in their personal and professional lives. Why then, when faced with the best of intentions toward marketing, do you procrastinate, "back burner," avoid and assign low priority to the very activities that will ensure the continued success and growth of your practice?  
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