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Change Can Be Good

Our family loves animals which I'm sure is not news those who know me, Kristy. However, this spring has brought a lot of sadness to my family as we recently lost both of our family pets within a couple of months. Shelby, our beloved little family dog had to be put down due to congestive heart failure in April. Over the 4th of July weekend, our family's cat, Tigger, passed away as well. Our house suddenly went from an active, joyful home to an empty, quiet dwelling. The fact that my family is packing everything and leaving our home of 23 years at the same time has made this change exceptionally hard for all of us.

But as a believer that good can come from all bad situations, I was really excited when I recently made a new friend (coincidentally our new neighbor) who told me she had a foster puppy up for adoption named Zoe. 

Zoe is a 12-week old Black Labrador & Australian Shepard mix - who we officially adopted on July 8th. Overnight, Zoe has filled our empty house - and empty hearts - with her boundless energy and love. We are all head over heels in love with this little puppy and are so grateful for the opportunity to have a puppy like her in our lives. Our daughters are at the right ages to take on the added responsibility of a little puppy and are thrilled with the challenge of feeding her, training her, and taking her out. 
Three months ago we would have never considered adding a puppy to our lives, especially as we are transitioning to a new house. The thought of getting a puppy was just too much work, too messy and too overwhelming. But the unexpected loss of our two pets, Shelby and Tigger, really showed us that we value having a family pet. We have gladly accepted the mess and the work because it's brought us the great reward of a loving, cuddly puppy.

We all know change can be very scary and very challenging to work through. All of us have had to face some sort of big change in our lives and often can feel overwhelmed by it. 

Many of our clients feel that way when it comes to marketing. They are often experts in their area of practice and are confident in their ability to help their clients based on their education and expertise. But when it comes to marketing, they panic! Facing your fears regarding marketing is definitely not the same as moving on from the loss of a family pet, but the bottom line is still the same: Change is hard.

However, change can bring great results if embraced. Setting goals and stretching yourself in your career is necessary if you want to move forward. You need to be willing to work at it and accept that things may not go perfectly along the way. We at PSM are here to help - all you need to do is ask. 

Consider opening yourself up to a new challenge today and expect wonderful things to happen as a result!

Terrie Wheeler & Kristy Gusick

Hot Off The Press!

R ead Terrie's most recent article in Attorney at Law
Magazine's July 2016 issue. Terrie's article is entitled, The Difference Between Sales & Marketing: Why Lawyers Need Both.

Without the ability to meet people, develop trust and confidence with them, ask the right questions, and convince them to sign your retainer agreement, you simply won't be successful in private practice. You need to learn basic marketing and sales skills. 
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A Reminder to Always Work Within Your Strengths!
By Kristy L. Gusick, Partner & Marketing Consultant

By Terrie S. Wheeler, Founder & President

By Terrie S. Wheeler, Founder & President

Meet The Team

The PSM Team Spotlight shines on our newest team member, Meg E. Haley, who will be joining PSM as a Copywriter.

Her client philosophy: "I seek the unique personality behind each brand I write for. People aren't loyal to a product, they're loyal to a brand. I build that relationship by humanizing a brand through storytelling."

Meg E. Haley has been an inspired storyteller since long before she could write! She has acquired different techniques over time:  from writing plays in college, to food and hospitality editorials while working towards her Master's, and cutting her professional teeth on brand-elevating ad campaigns for Dell, Inc. Now as a (mostly) full time copywriter, Meg enjoys developing a brand's unique voice. She believes clever word play is nothing without substance, but are two halves of a great whole.  Read her entire biography here.
Marketing Motivation!
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Review by:  Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC
What prevents each of us from not reaching our true potential? Generally speaking it's an overall lack of motivation to do what we know what's in our best interest. From eating right, to exercising, to implementing your marketing plan, habit plays a part in everything you do - successfully. 

Think about it. When you have succeeded in the past, you have likely received some early "motivation," like losing five pounds or not feeling winded walking up a long flight of stairs. The positive feelings you have when you see even a small result, can cause you to take it to the next level and do "it" again. 

In this book, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Charles Duhigg explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. The author provides many real-world examples of how YOU can create a new habit and achieve the success you desire in any part of your life. We even have an attorney client who read this book and lost 25 pounds, exercises regularly and feels better than she has in many years.  

To form a habit you must first understand the psychology of habit formation. I highly recommend this book! 

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