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Keeping Marketing Top of Mind
Over the past few months, we've had some exciting updates here at PSM! We've welcomed three new team members, fostered relationships with new clients, and developed new marketing strategies for PSM. We've launched an Instagram account, delved deep into newsletters (we hope you're liking them!), and redesigned our webinar series.

While we're excited for these new marketing ventures for PSM, we know that from your perspective, pursuing new marketing tactics may seem extremely time-consuming - after all, PSM has an entire team devoted to marketing, and most firms have one person (sometimes you) who has "volunteered" to take on that extra work!

That's why we're here - to help you achieve your marketing and growth goals. If you feel the focus and structure of having a cost-effective marketing team working on your behalf sounds good, let's talk! We love the role we play with our clients. First we develop your strategic marketing roadmap, then work each day to implement your plan so you can focus on serving your clients and growing your practice.

Talk to you soon!

Terrie Wheeler & Kristy Gusick
Marketing in less than five minutes!

When you hit an email lull, take five minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee and read up on all sorts of marketing ideas you can do in five minutes or less as well as proactive ways in which you can thank your clients for doing business with you!  

By Terrie S. Wheeler

Be Thankful: 10 Ways to Thank Your Clients
By Kristy L. Gusick
Upcoming Presentations

Both Terrie and Kristy will be out and about giving presentations in the Twin Cities during the next few weeks - don't miss out!

March 24 - Terrie will be presenting a FREE CLE at the MSBA on "What Really Works: High Impact, Low Cost Strategies for Lawyers." 

Terrie will then be offering her coaching services free of charge at MSBA's Video Day, a new program designed to help refine elevator speeches and record them in 30 - 60 second videos. Register now.

April 26 - Kristy will be presenting as part of "Focus on Your Strengths: Outsource the Rest." For more info about registering, click here.
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What's Your (MBTI) Type?

We're big admirers of personality tests here at Professional Services Marketing.  They not only allow us to better understand our coworkers and develop a better work flow with them, but we gain a lot of insight about our own perspective on the world as well. 

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) gives you a four letter personality type, but the analysis doesn't just stop at categorizing you. Through their new website,, you learn all sorts of things about yourself - perhaps you've been classified as an introvert. Some might see that as being labeled anti-social, but in fact you can do all sorts of social things and draw energy from them (and yes, that includes public speaking!).

Consider taking the free online MBTI personality test from You'll be surprised by how accurate the results are when it comes to describing you and how you see relationships, careers, and the world around you.

Marketing News & Technology: Hootsuite

You may have heard of Hootsuite and all the time it can save, but if you're a first time user, the program's interface can be very confusing and oftentimes frustrating.

Our PSM Hootsuite expert, Trisha, has given us a short introductory explanation for how to use the platform. Be sure to read it if you're just starting out!

Highlight of the Month

The best thing about presenting? Reserved parking.

"I was honored to present at Mitchell Hamline this week - this parking spot was the cherry on top!" - Terrie S. Wheeler

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You are the CEO of Your Practice: Now Think Like an Entrepreneur,  By Terrie S. Wheeler

Whether you are a lawyer in a large law firm or the managing partner of a smaller firm, one thing is clear: there are lessons to be learned from the greatest entrepreneurial gurus of our time. 

From Michael E. Gerber's "The E-Myth Attorney" to Jim Collins' "Good to Great," lawyers who believe they are in charge of their own destiny are destined for greatness!

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